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Mexican court indicts 26 Zetas in San Fernando mass-graves case

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 |

(AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)

Ildefonso Ortiz
The Monitor

Mexican authorities on Wednesday announced the indictment of 26 Zetas in connection with the murder of 193 bus passengers who were buried in clandestine mass graves earlier this year in San Fernando, Tamps.

The men and women were indicted by a Mexican federal judge in Villa Aldama, Vera., at the request of the Organized Crime Division — known as the SIEDO — of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

The group is accused of engaging in organized criminal activity, crimes against pubic health and kidnapping, according to the SIEDO. The suspects were turned over to the SIEDO in April — shortly after their arrest by the Mexican military — after being tied to the disappearance of bus passengers passing through San Fernando, some 80 miles south of Brownsville.

In early April, Mexican authorities announced the finding of a number of mass graves in the rural areas around the city of San Fernando. As the days went by, the number of bodies rose; the PGR’s count now sits at 193. Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, known as the PGR, has taken custody of 120 of those bodies and moved them to Mexico City for forensic testing.

According to a separate release from the PGR, authorities have identified 20 of the bodies sent to Mexico City. Those bodies have been returned to their families.

Mexican authorities have arrested more than 80 members of the Zetas who are blamed for the massacre.

The Zetas allegedly hijacked the buses as a way to identify and capture suspected Gulf Cartel members who may have been traveling incognito, according to PGR documents.

In August, Mexican authorities announced a similar find in San Fernando after a firefight there. Mexican marines had found a warehouse containing 72 bodies of Mexican and Central American migrants who had been kidnapped as they tried to make their way to the United States.


1. Armando Cesar Morales Uzcanga, “El Loco”

2. Edgar Sosa Solís

3. Eleodoro Robles Sánchez

4. Elfego Cruz Martínez

5. Elpidio Reyes Sáenz

6. Erick Rubén Zetina Hernández, “El Cuacho”

7. Gilberto Rivera Hernández, “Beto”

8. Jesús Ramos Pérez

9. Joel Reséndiz Moreno

10. Jonny Torres Andrade

11. José Luis Aguilar Vélez

12. José Manuel Ávila Lugo

13. José Mauro Oñate Rodríguez

14. Juan Pablo Carrera Escalante, “El Chaparras”

15. Julio César Lugo Chaca, “Sami”

16. Julio Guadalupe Jaramillo Vela

17. Júpiter Almer Cano Guerra

18. Lázaro Flores Peñaloza

19. Mario Alberto Romero Hernández

20. Martín García Badillo

21. Óscar Jaramillo Sosa

22. Remigio Mireles Camarillo

23. Rogelio de la Portilla Heredia

24. Samuel Moreno Saavedra

25. Santos Maldonado Reyes

26. Sergio Córdova Martínez, “El Diablo”

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8 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Where are the names of the indicted women and El Kilo?

Anonymous said...

All these guys are low on the totem poll I think # 18 Óscar Jaramillo Sosa was Z15000. All kidding aside, how about getting el mero mero Z-1, el Lazca as well as Z-40, Z-42 , Z-50 ( el Talibán) and all the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

I think Martín Omar Estrada Luna, alias El Comandante Kilo is behind bars somewhere in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

The really sad thing about this is that these idiots mentioned above did the things they did for as little as $100.00 a month. That's just sad!

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is with the Zeta's they do shit like this because they enjoy it. I truly hope the government and the Gulf Cartel as well as La Familia wipe out these pieces of shit!!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:46

What a about CDS?

Anonymous said...

These peice's of shit are as low as you can go on the radar,and by that I mean all these scum bags had been with the Zetas for mabey 4 to 6
mos. before the incident. All of them together
mabey and I mean(Mabey)have an I.Q. of 4 and I'm
givin them 3 points. So were are the "Shot" Caller's ? The Big Guys who tell them what and
when to do this type of B.S.? Their still out there; paying off the right people so they stay off the Radar. The Mexican Govt. must think
that everybody is a Complete Idiot; when I lived
down there back in the 70's the cops openly tortured everyone who they even thought; was guilty to solve a crime! Nowadays it's the cops who are commiting 1/2 the rapes,robberies and
especially murders all for a few bucks. It's
the only place I know where a life is worth
NADA ! Ooops; except place's like the Congo. Stop and think for a moment; would you call a
Cop in Mexico?? Not me!

Anonymous said...


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