Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Rival gunmen clash in Nayarit: 28 deaths reported

Thursday, May 26, 2011 |

The Nayarit State Attorney General’s office issued an official statement Wednesday evening describing the shootout between rival groups of gunmen in the municipality of Ruiz that resulted in the deaths of 28 men and the arrest of 4 wounded men.

Two of the survivors were reported to be citizens of Guatemala. :


Tepic Nayarit; a 25 de Mayo 2011.

The State Investigative Agency (AEI) has released the following preliminary data on the events that occurred today in the town of Ruiz, Nayarit, on Federal Highway 15 at a crossroads in the municipal seat.

After the report received by a citizen complaint stating that a group of armed persons on board 3 vehicles moments before had abducted a male resident in the village of Peñas, Municipality of Tuxpan, Nayarit, who then fled south on the Federal Highway, members of the various law enforcement agencies immediately went to that northern area north of the state.

Subsequently a confrontation was reported at the crossroads of Ruiz, among several armed men on board different vehicles including those who were involved in the events in the village of Peñas.

Military officials, Marines, Federal Preventive Police, the State Preventive Police, State Investigative Agency and the Ruiz Municipal Police arrived at the scene, finding the place abandoned with 10 vehicles, 28 male persons dead and 4 injured, also multiple heavy caliber weapons.

Staff of Forensic Services and criminal investigators from the PGJE accompanied prosecutors and investigative agents of the Homicide Division at the scene to begin the removal of bodies and initiate investigations.

The A.E.I. will continue releasing information in accordance with the progress of investigations.

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31 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

This stupid narcos dress like army so it's difficult to be certain who really died there.If they were drug gunmen-it is good news-(to all good mexican people this certainly won't be loss.It will be profit-less narco scumbags=less dangeres people=less work for the army=less money spent on courts, jeil times for this scumbags=less money spent from mexican tax-payer).Drug scumbags give good punishment to themselves so it is definetly good news.This is also message to other narco scumbags:IF YOU PLAY-YOU HAVE TO PAY.

Greetings from Poland.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's nuts. I'm telling you Mexico is out of control. These drug cartels are no more then guerrila factions destroying Mexico..dressed military style, armed to the teeth, and have absolutely no fear of the government. Your lookimg at 28 dead in a many were involved all together originally?

Anonymous said...

Possible scenario.
Los Zetas entered in Sinaloa teritory to abducted a male resident in the village of Peñas, Municipality of Tuxpan, Nayarit , probably a member of Sinaloa ,and someone give warning to Sinaloa and to the police so they clashed on open space. When the police arrived it was to late or they whanted to be late :) and their only job was to collect the dead bodies. I feel sorry for the citizens of Mexico . Тheir situation is more bad than one in Afganistan or Irak.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good shots on the windshield, were they ambushed and by whom?

'lito'brito said...

yeah they are looking more and more like an army of some sort...

and not a fucking word from the controlled USA mass media..

now if this was Israel...but we are blacked out about Mexico ..and Palestine

wonder why?

really why... when we have such a porous border with Mexico...and there are well armed narco armys killing each other and everybody else by the multiples of ten

why does it not make the US news

do i care about Libya..NO

do i care about Mexico ..YES

if for no other reason than contiguous proximity ..


el Spacieo said...

Mexican Army wearing tan boots and narco wearing black boots

Anonymous said...

If the american news media had these photos on the tv, Americans would then question corp/government policy of integrating the US and Mexico.

Anonymous said...

so are we looking at dead zs, or dead sinaloas, hope it is dead z

Anonymous said...

I believe that the News blackout in the States is because the Democrats do not want any issues about Mexicans on the radar that could cloud the upcoming Pres election. Latinos who can vote in the US are increasingly voting Dem. Oboma has kissed up in every possible way to court that voter base. Nobody in Washington cares about anything but their political status i.e.RE-Election maintaining power.

Santiago-Del Rio said...

Good method of birth control.

Anonymous said...

anyone else find it weird that a few of those bodies have on the USMC camis (pics 2-5)? i wonder where they got them or who supplied them with the uniforms.

Anonymous said...

I read it about in the US media before it appeared here. Here's one AP story

Anonymous said...

None of the photos include dead soldiers, these are all cartel members, its way to easy to buy USMC or any other American camo gear (including the new multicam) here in the U.S.

I'm glad Mexico makes and designs its own camo, so far in all my research I am yet to see a cartel member wearing Mexican Army digital or Mex. Marine digis.

-Military Historian. ;)

Matanzas said...

@ brito:

US taxpayers pay $ to Israel
Israel transfers $ to AIPAC in DC
AIPAC pays $ to US Congressmen
Congressmen pay attention to Israel & making sure US taxpayers continue to feed the system...

Poor little brown people south of the border don't have a lobby working for them on the hill.
So the hill doesn't give a damn to whatever happens south of the border. Who would care of Indians mezticos anyway? Didn't we get rid of these people here? Send them Custer. And the lazy media talks about whatever blurp comes from the hill. Keeps the taxpayer feeling involved.
End of the story.

Have a drink, lay on the couch and enjoy the bloody show. Better than reality TV.

BTW, have you seen the standing ovation for Bibi in the congress? They celebrated the master who is feeding them. Good dogs, indeed. Very good dogs.

Anonymous said...

According to BDN, the cartel Sinaloa was ambushed by Leyva Beltrans, thats mainly who is fighting in Nayarit...all the sicarios in camo are Sinaloans...

"lito brito said...

@ matanzas

that was exactly the answer i was fishing for bro...once again we are on the same page the same book

yeap... AIPAC can do a lot with that 3 billion a year extracted from our tax dollars

no i missed bibi's triumph y they licked his ass clean..both partys

i was just reading that the golan heights water is divided like this 85% to unrael...15% to the "arabs"

hey have you seen the Ben Garrison cartoon concerning the global elite bankers...i bet it is the last he gets published

the talking heads know who signs their checks...sort of a version of plata o plomo..i am sure they are reminded of what happened to Rick Sanchez

i know in my bones what is going on in Mexico..i still don't excuse the greedy sicarios y DTO's...the corrupt politicos...y policia...

but they are just being used to take control by terrorizing the people..when the time come ..they will all be killed...or put in line...but in the mean time much murder of innocents

have you noticed how how soriana , heb, walmart, famsa ,etc . have been offering 10% discuento por usage tarjetas credito o dinero electronica..getting gente ready to do the debt/credit economy...and the violence is impacting the grass roots level cash economy...

the world bank and IMF screws are standing by...with money to loan

just heard that dirty raping bastard Dominic Strauss Kahn..has been released on bond and has moved into a $60,000 a month apt ..$60,000 a month...waiting for his day in court

these IMF screws are the real enemy..they are the ones behind the vile deeds being done in Mexico.. the "drug war" ...a classic example of one half of the poor being paid to wage war on the other half of the poor ...for the benefit of the wealthy

i pray for Mexico...but not to their god

Anonymous said...

The pic of the guy in the truck...hmmm he died with his hand on the trigger, as usual looks staged, but good riddance though.

Anonymous said...

Texcoco Mex said.

Well done, 28 less people to worry about. Que viva Mexico y que viva Felipe Calderon.

Anonymous said...

A am 95% sure these guys are ZETAS,because of the military style gear,and many of them were from Guatemala.El Chapo Guzmans' men welcomed them as tourists vey very well.

Matanzas said...

i just found this vid on M3, originally from BDN. It's foocking surrealistic:
You could imagine it happens in AfPak, in the lawless tribal regions. If these thugs can run a convoy of 43 armored trucks in the middle of the town, with people cheering them from their chairs on the sidewalks, it tells you clearly WHO is in charge. We can expect more fights for the plazas control in the country and plenty of narcofosas in the future.
This IS a civil war pinche calderon. You are in a pathological denial. Makes me remember the other village's idiot we had.

Anonymous said...

bola de pendejos se matan entre ellos mientras los jefes a toda madre escondidos como ratas.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why Mexico won't designate the cartels as terrorist organizations (TO)? Their actions define exactly what TOs do. They attempt to influence government policy and public opinion through fear, violence, and bloodshed. If Mexico accomplished this, the tables would turn. Stricter laws would apply to these animals. The corrupt judicial system in Mexico would be under international monitoring and scrutiny.
But it will never happen. Too many politicians and political party presidents would lose all the financial gains. Too many judges could not get big paychecks for granting all the "amparos" and releases for "lack of evidence.

God, please protect Mexico. All Mexican politicians just want to see it die.

Anonymous said...

They should get a big Garbage truck and dump all that trash in it and bury it some where , Thats what they look like is Trash,Junk ,

'lito'brito said...

looks like "civil" or uncivil war or some kind of fukn war..if this was a battle in afgannystan or any where else on earth it would be all over the news

28 dead men armed to the teeth wearing uniforms..looks like an army to me ..

there were only about 50 some soldiers killed in the battle of fallujah

i mean godamn this shit is way beyond gangs of crooks...fightin over a little money...if there are 28 dead many were involved?.. hundreds?...

we better start paying attention to these culeros...they have the nerve and the cocaina to shoot it out toe to toe...

i am impressed

Anonymous said...

@Lito Brito
"there were only about 50 some soldiers killed in the battle of fallujah"

You moron, Fallujah had those 95 Marines killed while the enemy suffered causalities in the thousands..big difference than what is happening here. You cannot compare that to this. This was a planned ambush by gunmen...a good one at that.

J said...

I don't know who is surprised, the Beltran Leyva's did the same thing to Sinaloa gunmen last year in Sonora, right around this time, June or July. I think they just get caught off gaurd by the Beltrans, who can still gather up a little strength, if I remember correctly, the Sinaloans came back and evened the score a little but in Sonora. So, it's Sinaloa and Beltran/Leyva/Zeta fighting for Nayarit? Beltrans the ones skinning the bodies?

I see a lot of these cars are armored, or at least windows have been bulletproofed as the bullets didn't pierce the glass, or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

@ J Yes, a lot of the narco trucks are armored. Where there are Beltranes there are Zetas backing them up, you might as well say the Beltranes more or less integrated into the Zetas under the faction of Z-40. I wonder how did these guys get ambushed like that? How many are Beltranes or Sinalaoa gunmen?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Once again lito brito, your facts are flat out wrong. When you get on one of your anti-American rants, you seem to throw out the evidence contradicting you.

How many US media outlets have to report on this for you to acknowledge that there is some press? I have seen this story on at least 2 national, 1 international and my local affiliate (same with the 29 dead in Durango).

Granted, the full scope of what is going on in Mexico is underreported, but part of that is the regional nature of America. People in Minnesota or New York or Vermont are far more concerned about local bikers gangs than what happens way down on the Mexican border. Short-sighted of them, but that is the way it works.

But along the border, there is tons more press on the crime in Mexico and the impact on the US.

You should spend a few seconds researching rather than spouting off. You often have some good insights, but sometimes overlook the facts in favor of your agenda

Anonymous said...

Remember that the Zetas are NOT the only ones with "halcones" or lookouts, in their organization.The Sinaloans and CDG have them too,guys with cell phones and walkie talkies reporting all the suspicious vehicles and activities.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the H1N1 flu virus?

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