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'Knights Templar' present first victim in Michoacan

Thursday, March 17, 2011 |

One week after vowing to protect Michoacan from extortions, thieves, kidnappers, and rival cartels, the Knights Templar their first victim.

This morning authorities in Laguinilla, Michoacan were alerted to an unidentified man hanging from a bridge over the Pátzcuaro-Morelia highway. The victim had a handwritten message around his neck neck which read:



Last week banners signed by the previously unheard of Knights Templar were found in Morelia and Apatzingán. The messages were very similar to those used by La Familia Michoacana, which announced its alleged breakup in January.

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12 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know the twinkle toe fucking god fairies are going to make a cartel and start killing...... Will this ever end?!

Matanzas said...

Well, what did you think? Because LFM capos decide to shut down their business, their foot soldiers would go gently back to pop and mom?

They are kids who don't know anything else to make money, get respect on the street and a blowjob from their girlfriend. They are back where they belong, the street. And later hanging from under bridges.

However, I find this "Templar" thing funny in some twisted way: themselves are kidnappers, extortionists, killers, etc but they want to look like heroes and they pick a name they probably heard about in some bad cartoon in the Sunday paper. The hanging dude is probably 18 at a max. They are kids. Bloody murderer kids. Blame the parents and Calderon for not giving them another opportunity. When a society does not take care of its youth, it ceased existing.

Anonymous said...

The "Knights Templar" were soldiers of the "Catholic Crusaders" in the middle ages. See link:

Anonymous said...

These guys are idiots man...Everyone should stop calling them " Cartels" They are not Cartels , they are Serial Killers That do coke and drink a bunch of beer before they go find someone to kill , thats all folks !!!!

Sahid Marquez said...

@Matanzas, you sure he is 18? He looks at least 28 dude or older lol.

Anonymous said...

por mamon se le llevo la chingatha que chinge su madre

Anonymous said...

Well, at least he was lucky, he wasn't dismembered or beheaded...probably beaten though. Who really knows what his crimes were.. but it just doesn't seem smart to get involved in the Drug Cartel business.

Anonymous said...

They should stop building bridges in Mexico.

Matanzas said...

18, 28 or between, for me he still was a young dude with an alternate future. Sahid, you must a young guy yourself, I feel it in your comments. Don't you have more choice in life than the dude hanging under the bridge?

Anonymous said...

next the knights of zodiac cartel jiu jiu jiu

Anonymous said...

Live by the sword.....die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

Lagunillas michoacan this is my hometown

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