Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Mexican Government Says Cartels Weakened

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 |

The government’s security strategy has succeeded in weakening Mexico’s drug cartels, including the Pacific cartel, whose members accounted for 24 percent of the drug arrests made in the country this year, the Security Cabinet said.

Record drug seizures and other blows have weakened the criminal organizations, the body, which is made up of several Cabinet secretaries and the Attorney General’s Office, said.

“From the start of the current administration until the present date, 24 percent of all those arrested for crimes against the public health (drug trafficking) and linked to a criminal organization were members of the Pacific cartel,” the Security Cabinet said, referring to a gang that critics allege has received preferential treatment from officials.

Mexican officials sometimes refer to the Sinaloa drug cartel, which is led by drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, as the Pacific cartel.

The federal government will fight all criminal organizations that threaten Mexico’s security and the health of its citizens, the Security Cabinet said.

The security operation in northeastern Mexico, where the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels have been engaged in a turf war this year, has resulted in a drop in the crime rate, while the operations of the La Familia Michoacana cartel have been reduced in the southern state of Michoacan.

The blows against the Sinaloa cartel “have been equally intense and systematic,” resulting in constant arrests of members that “reduced the capabilities of that criminal organization,” the Security Cabinet said.

Five high-level Sinaloa cartel members – Jesus Reynaldo Zambada, Vicente Zambada Niebla, Eduardo Teodoro Garcia Simental, Manuel Fernandez Valencia and Jose Manuel Garcia Simental – were arrested this year, the government said.

Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, considered one of the three most powerful drug traffickers in Mexico, was killed in a clash with army troops on July 29 in Guadalajara.

The 56-year-old Coronel allegedly ran the Sinaloa organization’s cocaine trafficking operations in the Pacific coast states of Jalisco, Colima, Nayarit and Michoacan.

The security forces, moreover, arrested 19 cartel members, including Dimas Diaz Ramos, David Garcia and Olga Cristina Lerma, involved in the financial side of the business.

Drug seizures, especially marijuana seizures, affected the operations of the Sinaloa and Beltran Leyva cartels, the Security Cabinet said.

The government plans to continue its all-out assault on Mexico’s cartels despite criticism from different groups, the Security Cabinet said.

Mexico’s most powerful drug trafficking organizations, according to experts, are the Sinaloa, Tijuana, Gulf, Juarez and Beltran Leyva cartels, and La Familia Michoacana.

The Sinaloa organization is the oldest cartel in Mexico and is led by Guzman, who was arrested in Guatemala in 1993 and pulled off a Hollywood-style jailbreak when he escaped from the Puente Grande maximum-security prison in the western state of Jalisco on Jan. 19, 2001.

Guzman, considered extremely violent, is one of the most-wanted criminals in Mexico and the United States, where the DEA has offered a reward of $5 million for him.

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24 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Any idea why we never hear of any operations against Tijuana? With just the California and Washington markets above there's no doubt there's plenty of movement going on.

SahidMarquez said...

I think the most powerful cartels in order are:
Sinaloa Cartel
Los Zetas
Beltran Leyva
Juarez Cartel
La Familia

Anonymous said...

And what about ZEtas?

Anonymous said...

I think the Gulf Cartel is still very powerful, I disagree where you have the Zetas at.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say it goes like;

Sinaloa Cartel
Gulf Cartel
Beltran Leyva
La Familia
Los Zetas ( la familia both about same )
Juarez Cartel

Anonymous said...

Tijuana has seen a spike in murders, but they seem to be lower level local territorial disputes. After capturing El Teo, Raydel Lopez and El Chichillin the town seems much better. Huge seizures, discovering tunnels and the success of General Mujica and (former) Chief Leyzoala are what make headlines these days.

When bodies were hung from bridges again (briefly during a high-profile trade show) the perps were caught—and they talked—leading to even more arrests. It seems that they all talk when they get caught which is a good thing.

The one area they seem to ignore is east of Ensenada the clandestine airstrips seem to be operating without harassment from officials. I wonder why the Army doesn't concentrate on busting these operations?

Anonymous said...

Look for the Mexican PAN government to continually pump out bullshit about how it's supposedly winning 'the war'. They are fooling nobody in Mexico who will turn out this gang of thugs for the other gang of thugs next rigged anyway, presidential election.

Where this crap does go over well is in the US, where a dulled and dumbed down general public has bought that the US and Colombia government have supposedly won the war for good in Colombia. They have much bought, too, that there will supposedly be an economic upturn coming there way tomorrow, that the US is now a monster winner in the Middle East, and that the whole world worships and adores 'America' at their feet!


J said...

Tijuana, the faction under Ingeniero is very low key, and off the radar, they have been for a while now, at least since the Teo war in 2008, rarely do any of their upper level guys get arrested or killed. They are still operating though, in July a federal investigation arrested like 40 people in connection with CAF and Ingeniero in San Diego.

The hangings and killing thru October and early November was a 'mini war' between a CAF operative/cell leader and a Sinaloa cell leader, but I believe the war was kept between the two. I would like a story on the cartels, as far as power/money from top to bottom. I don't think Beltran Leyva's belong anywhere near the top though, they seem to be in shambles.

Anonymous said...

What's with the homer Simpson on the packages? What does it say under him?

Anonymous said...

The Real order:

Sinaloa Cartel / Beltran Leyva
Gulf Cartel
Juarez Cartel
La Familia
Los Zetas ( la familia both about same )

Anonymous said...

stupid mexican gov, is tryng so hard to make it seem that their not showing loyalty to a certain cartel, when its so obvious, when non of there top level bosses have gone down, and there so talk about. with music, news, books and even doing interviews and the only ones you see going down are low level bosses or mostly their enemies or their acquaintances for other cartels, maybe cleaning the routes or plazas for them. who knows, but it smells fishy.

Ovemex said...

@anon 2:15 pm

The packages say (with Homero Simpson) "Voy de mojarra y que Wey???

loosly translated to: I'm crossing illegally (mojarra, like wetback), what's it to you!

'lito 'brito said...

yeap...this whole fukn thing is all about the next election...

Anonymous said...

Earnest, I would like to know exactly where your sentiments lie. For once be frank about it. It is clear that you dislike and distrust the American government.You seem to see our government and way of life as imperialist warmongers seeking world dominance. You harbor a deep resentment for anything AMERICAN.

So make yourself clear. What government around the world would you most sympathize with? You have many different kinds to chose from: socialist states, semi-democracies, totalitarian dictatorships all over south america; and those eastern Russia and those European countries who have not found their way to capitalist/democratic politics yet threw off communism. Then there's the middle east: Palistinians, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the radical Islamic forces in Somalia and Indonesia.

So tell us what you think. When you know a man's politics, you begin to understand his soul. Since you bear your soul so much in this blog, I truly want to know what you think.I'm sure other readers do also. Please enlighten us.

--teacher in search for the truth

Anonymous said...

There's another thing I want to understand from this particular blog. We have talked alot about high profile arrests. I want to hear a bout trials and convictions. Successful convictions for all those mentioned who have been arrested. Without justice in the form of evidence, trials and convictions--these arrests are meaningless and I suspect for show.

Why spend time arresting someone if he just goes free a few months later? The Mexican legal system is TOP PRIORITY if IMPUNITY is to be challenged and defeated. These trials should be swift, air nationally, so the people see the criminals led away in chains. Capital punishment, life sentences, maximum security and isolation 23 hrs per day should be the outcomes of many of the high ranking capos and their subordinates.

Where are the government's plans for this key component of national safety???

Anonymous said...

Well, you came up with a pretty fair summation of how I do feel, Anonymous.

'Earnest, I would like to know exactly where your sentiments lie. For once be frank about it. It is clear that you dislike and distrust the American government.You seem to see our government and way of life as imperialist warmongers seeking world dominance. You harbor a deep resentment for anything AMERICAN.'

No, I don't hate Americans really at all, though I am kinda of disdainful of the values of so many who seem to want to want to defend American imperialist minded dollar culture so much. Just what are all these folk defending so defensively?

Weighing each other's value in dollars by what they 'earn' at others expense.. mainly? Are they defending the pretense of it all? Whatever they think that they are defending, they certainly get super defensive at the slightest suggestion that US World is anything less than super delicious perfect, don't they? Why are they defending this death culture that is chewing up the planet's very ecology by the second? Why do they love it so?

'So make yourself clear. What government around the world would you most sympathize with?'

There really is no PERFECT national government out there, but the US government is the total antithesis of anything good that might ever we would be able to make in the future. What is clear, is that we have a suicidal world BIG BUsiness run society that is destroying world civilization, and not creating something beautiful for the future and our kids. They'll kill kill kill anything that tries for better.


'lito 'brito said...

there is no plan...they live like kings in prison or just let them escape..after being shaken down

the PAN is just kicking some ass so they know who to support in the next election

if calderonz is successful PAN will rule for the next 50 years

if not PRI will take it back

PAN is just asserting themselves as top dog..and taking a lot of money from the narcos...

calderonz was the USA pick for pres...but not the narcos...calderonz won ..the narcos lost ...tuff shit for them...but the war is only directed at the weakest ones...sort of thinning the herd ...all you need is two cartels ...why two? to be played against the other ..keeps both in line...seems like chapo and the Z are the favs

PRI is contra the drug war..and pro narcos...the narcos tap the vein of the USA ...and PRI gets a cut

PAN is after that action...if the narcos submit and agree to pay PAN it will all settle down and be business as usual...along about election time

the last thing the big USA narcos want is legalization/regulation, and all the blood being spilled in Mexico sort of scares people away from that and reinforces the police in the USA

everybody gets a piece of the pie...the police get a bigger budget ..the narcos get the money..the politicians get to be elected for being tough on crime..the public is good and is a good deal for everybody...

except the guy who wants to grow his on...he is the real target...cant have that competition ya know

that is my opinion about it anyway

'lito 'brito said...

@ anonymous

you wont get a straight answer from ernie...but take it from me ..he is a good patriotic American,,,and a real good 'ol S.H.I.T (short hero in training)...

he is just a disillusioned ex CIA/DEA agent

besides Buela slaps him around a lot, cause he has a crush on her and she is just mean to him

everybody has to hate
something...personally i hate the international banking cartel(s)

but that is another story

chuckling to myself

Anonymous said...

I think Ernest is an idealist, but one without a plan. Coupled with his need to be heard, that makes him a loose cannon. His rants are lengthy and a bit arrogant, allowing me to believe he is less educated than he thinks. (A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! He could learn much from Buela.) His disdain for monetary achievement and the timing of his posts tells me he is either a monk or an underpaid semi-professional.
On the other hand, I could be completely mistaken.

ajulio said...

the sinaloa cartel may be the most powerful of the cartels but what kind of life does el chapo really live? i've read that he's a paranoid man who does'nt trust anyone and who's always moving from place to place in hiding. he knows that one day he'll probably be murdered or incarcerated. what kind of life is that? i certainly wouldnt want to live in his shoes.

i've been told by many who live in juarez that he already controls most of the juarez plaza and he will probably take over tijuana too. this is all about the next election. el chapo better like the next president. or the next president better like el chapo or else the shit will really blow up.

Anonymous said...

Ernest1, just answer the question. If you HAD to pick a government u liked best, which would it be? Quit dodging.

Buela said...

@ dec 28 9:21

JAJAJA...Brito hit the nail on the head when he called E1 "polly want a cracker???" He can not think beyond his left over lefties rants.

I asked him to offer one solution that would help Mx out of the enslavement of violence it is in....just one..
I pushed...I pulled...I begged...I demanded...and finally in the failed attempt to shut La Hussy up (that be me) he said...there are no easy answers!!!
HUH?? I said, how about ANY answer? ...again no. I think the reader that says E1 is not as educated as he would like to think or have us think is spot on!
He is programmed to say certain things...over, and over, and over again. One song Sam, the wizrd of oz, So I lost hope of having a few good discussions with our lil facist friend.
I stop reading his rants...if one goes back a couple of months his undue bombastic rhetoric is inchanged, if you read one there is no need to read another.
I do read most he writes about me...and always wonder the same thing...why? why is he blog-stalking me? Why do I fascinate and intrique him? Why o why??? Is it my hussiness he secretly desires? a man torn?

I think i know...I think he wants to BE ME..he wants to be happy, fulfilled, appreciative, patriotic, and hopeful...everything he is not....that is why he wants me to be a man....must be it..

I say to him...E1 your love is showing...because if you hated what I am and what I say, and it pained you so,,,well I always put my true and real name Buela Chivis, or Buela on each comment so just pass it by amigo... right at the top where "normal" folks enter their name...not E1! his name is at the bottom..Today I was reading a rant and I thought "jeeze this person is a insane as E1...but at the end there was the name....Ernest 1

But my family did get a huge kick out of the Hussy declaration. When my sister coud finally stop laughing she just said "in your dreams"

Anonymous said...

The problem with most of you conjecturing about me is that you guys simply don't have the imagination to see any other solution to any problems with drug trafficking and other problems the world has, other than allowing the US government to just continue to over militarize the entire world as it is currently doing. It's big industry what DC does! So you all come out ib force and 'demand' that I show any alternative solutions of my own other than 'cracking down' with police and troops in Mexico and elsewhere?

YES, the real solutions are out there but you guys ALL ant a Magic Bullet from me or STFU!, which you seemingly believe that US governmental FORCE is.


Anonymous said...

umm i dont think so its much worse now.

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