Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Border Patrol agent killed near Nogales, AZ

A manhunt is under way for a suspect in last night's deadly shooting of a Border Patrol agent northwest of Nogales.

Authorities say they have arrested four suspects and are searching for another after Agent Brian A. Terry, 40, was shot and killed late Tuesday in the Peck Canyon area.

Ranchers along Ruby Road say they were advised by Border Patrol that the suspect may be headed in their direction as he tries to make his way toward the U.S.-Mexico border. The Nogales International witnessed a steady stream of Border Parol and Arizona Department of Public Safety vehicles patrolling the area between Interstate 19 and Pena Blanca Lake.

Sheriff Antonio Estrada said his office received a call for assistance shortly after 11 p.m. last night.

"Border Patrol called our dispatch, reporting shots fired and requesting emergency medical services to meet with them at Peck Canyon and Circulo Sombrero," Estrada said.

The shooting happened near Forest Service Road 4197, he said. A statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Terry was shot and killed after encountering a group of suspects in the area.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the Terry family for their tragic loss," CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin said in the statement. "Our commitment to Agent Terry and his family is that we will do everything possible to bring to justice those responsible for this despicable act."

Estrada said Terry had been working with BORSTAR, the Border Patrol's search, trauma and rescue team.

Since 1919, 111 Border Patrol agents have died on duty, according to The Officer Down Memorial Page Inc., which tracks law-enforcement deaths.

In July of last year, Border Patrol Agent Robert Wimer Rosas, 30, was shot and killed in southeast San Diego County, Calif. He was the last agent to be shot and killed in the line of duty, though two other agents have been killed in automobile accidents while on duty in two separate incidents in 2010. One of the agents was 32-year-old Michael Gallagher, who was killed in September of this year when a drunken driver struck his car near Casa Grande. The other was agent Mark Van Doren, 40, who was killed in Texas in May.

The Nogales Border Patrol Station in the Tucson sector is the largest Border Patrol station in the country, according to the agency's website.

Agents are responsible for patrolling 1,100 square miles of terrain as well as 32 miles of the international border.

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  1. no suspect description???

  2. Man! This is B.S! When the hell are we gonna get serious about border security. Im OMD (of Mexican Descent) but it pisses me off that they make a fool of our Government, they (Sinaloa Cartel) run Arizona, they have invested millions of dollars in controlling the Arizona border, looks like their investment has been paying off and they will defend it at all cost. Even killing american agents. While our "President" stands still and lets it happen. I think Chapo must of paid of the white house. I just dont understand why we let them make a fool of our government. There is no other explanation.

  3. My prayers to the BP Agent and his family.. the sad part is that the US media will blame illegal immigrants for this instead of drug traffickers who are the only bold ones to shot and kill an American Federal Agent. As the Mexican conflict gets only larger and larger by the minute, there is nothing but serious repurcussions growing for Mexican Americans in the US and Residents living here legally..

  4. My thoughts and prayers for the family of this Agent. Such a tragedy.

    My thoughts and prayers for all the families of innocent lives lost in this war...on both sides of the fence.

  5. How come you stopped reporting on Juarez? Did you not hear about the doctor who was kidnapped and killed no mas por para?

  6. that sucks poor guy , hope his family , my prayes go to them , from a mexicanamerican , living in mexico

  7. yes i agry with you 1025am , its sad but true , im mexican american living in mexico city , i could not stand the pressadisom, so i decided to take a job at macdonals mexico city as on vp and im loving it ,

  8. One word to the cartels: WAR

  9. Those idiots think this is Mexico. You can't get away with that bullshit in the US. If you murder someone you WILL be investigated and caught not like in Mexico where everyone is too afraid to persue these assholes.

  10. por eso debemos militarisar toda la frontera tenemos soldados para mandar a otros paises y desatendemos el nuestro

  11. 2 bad, if part of the job u die nimodo!

  12. Anyone hear any more news on Annel Violeta Noriega Ríos “La Chula”? I saw an article on but it's gone now?!!?

  13. Hey 12:19 the only way anybody gets caught is by snitching not by investigating so shut up!!!!

  14. Sucks to be Terry tonight! But the wingnuts are already jumping on this and making it political!

  15. You might be mad that an American died, you might be mad that a federal agent died but if you think you are getting justice by catching the low level mules escorting these loads you have another thing coming.
    Wake up and smell the coffee! As they used to say in Nam "we will make babies faster than you kill them" The cartels have so many uneducated young mules to choose from they will never run out.
    Take the fight to the leaders bank accounts, their ranches, their estates, their wives and children even. Above all kill every hydra head of every leader and ultimately the capo's themselves.

  16. Guess he was shot by one of those guns, that the Washington Post reported yesterday. Now you gringos know what we go through each and everyday here in Mexico...not trying to offend anyone but its true. Americans act like this narco war is not happening or they don't care bz the violence isn't happening on your side yet...but eventually it will. The same way some Mexican cities thought that they were immune from the problem, it suddenly blew up in their faces...and sadly I see the United States heading the same path...all of you can talk and say well law enforcement is better and this and that but its only a matter of time. If you travel to any American city on the border region you can sense the tension already being there.....its time to wake up gringos!! Both countries have a direct responsibility in this issue..either being the US supplying cartels with guns and money or Mexico supplying the drugs...

  17. He's dead either way. The cartels do not support this kind of thing at all...

  18. 'lito 'britoDecember 15, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    and just why do we have troops i afghhanistan...ooohhh...i forgot..... to protect us...

    i guess we don't need any protection from some of the most dangerous criminals on earth though...

    excuse me mr . president ...wake up...wake up mr president......hey can any one help me wake the president up...we have a situation on our border with Mexico..

  19. 'lito 'britoDecember 15, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    and does anyone want to question the secure the borders link now...

  20. I'll be happy to question the "secure border" link.

    Everybody is whining about "securing the border", but their ideas are reckless fantasies of uber stupidos. Mine fields? Sniper nests? Crocodiles in the Rio Bravo? Yeah right! Shooting innocent men women and children on the oft chance that you might kill one bad guy.

    Real intelligence on display amongst the "secure the border" crowd.

    How about we take a look at US drug policy? Supply and Demand, you know? Economics 101?..

    Why don't we do more to stop the weapons heading south which enables to a large extent the cartels?

  21. Wow! What an incredibly ignorant group of comments. Did no one actually READ the article? Do you look to other sources before you make uninformed comments?

    First, where does the notion of drug traffickers or mules come from? Not from anything that is in any reporting.

    This poor officer was shot by "bandits who prey on illegals" according to BP and tons of other sources. The BP also decline to state the nationality of the individuals arrested.

    Stop using this tragedy as a political platform!!! Focus on the FACTS only!!! You should only comment on what is known, not your own political agenda.

    Let this poor man rest in peace...

  22. For those on the US side: Included in the Omnibus bill pending is a huge land grab by the Feds that hasn't been highly reported. Here's an excerpt from the article I saw today:

    -- The creation of massive new national monument boundaries and wilderness areas along the southern border opposed by ranchers, farmers, local officials and citizens.

    One New Mexico activist, Marita Noon, said the federal plans to usurp nearly a half-million acres in her state would result in an "illegal immigrant superhighway" off-limits to border security enforcement. Security analyst Dana Joel Gattuso pointed to a recent General Accounting Office report on how environmental permitting rules and land-use regulations have hampered policing efforts at all but three stations along the border.

    I guess it must be a new job creator to make more signs telling people they can't go into the park because it's too dangerous! (remember AZ?)

    What a bunch of crap! Just a fraction of what's included in the bill to satisfy to "greenies". This was the part that applied to this topic.

  23. it could of been worse,
    i mean 6 pieces and a head in a cooler worse.

  24. I find it ironic and sad that the BP agent was going after BANDITS who actually targeted those coming to the US illegally. What a mess! Here's a little more info.

  25. Anon wrote, "This poor officer was shot by "bandits who prey on illegals" according to BP and tons of other sources. The BP also decline to state the nationality of the individuals arrested."

    DO you actually know how this all works? Obviously not, "bandits" do not hang out in the desert to rob people who have very little, if anything. "Bandits" in this case were likely smugglers.

  26. Would any of us be discussing this the same way if it had been the Border Patrol murdering one undocumented worker making his or her crossing? It's just like when a cop gets murdered we're all supposed to be weeping and when the cops tazer down and murder multiple folk over and over again, we are all supposed to just ignore...


  27. It is all about to come to ahead. Meaning US troops will be on that border and will go over that border to get rid of these criminals.

  28. "Why don't we do more to stop the weapons heading south which enables to a large extent the cartels?"

    And what do you propose? I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas.

  29. ANOM.5:46 Maybe they are thinking about a no mans land.Only one reason to enter and that is serious harm or death.It might work.

  30. PS.They didn't say what nationality they were ,but take a educated guess.If it wasn't your first than it could be arab terrorist so you see how important it is to stop all border traffic.If the mexicans would stay home ,we would have a whole lot easier time protecting the states from another 9/11 situation.My personal PLEA,Please stay home and make the CBP's job a whole lot nicer.BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. THANK YOU

  31. I doubt any cartel had anything DIRECTLY to do with this, not in their interest, and is not encouraged or promoted, violence towards US law enforcement

  32. Obama better get off his socialist ideological ass and get our borders beefed up instead of turning our country over to foreigners who want to kill us and those who want to pollute our country with drugs. What the fuck you waiting for.

  33. You reveal your idiocy by claiming that Barack Obama is a socialist.
    Its hilarious.

  34. The situation in Mexico is out of control because they have a weak central government. Be careful what you wish for.

  35. All Plan Colombia did was restructure the Suppliers. nothing more

  36. Most of you have no clue as to what is going on here. The reason why they are blaming it on "Bandits" is because they know if this is blamed on the true Culprits (Smugglers) then it would attract national attention and reinforce the fact that the border is not secured. The area where this happened is controlled by a Cartel. It was a group of Sicarios protecting their Merchandise. Read this post:

    what a coincidence, law enforcement was warned about this a few months ago, and here it is. Its actually happening. This shooting took place in the exact same drug corridor the article above is referring to. Cmon folks. Lets not be in denial. The arizona border does not belong to us anymore. And with this weak liberal attitude central government we have, were just gonna keeping loosing ground to the Cartels. Wake up America! We are being made fools of and are being overrun by Mexican Cartels!

  37. 'lito 'britoDecember 16, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    we had better take notice of things like this...these "bandits " are just that ..bandits/criminals who are moving across the border....if they can do their dirt and get back across the border they will get away with whatever they do

    ...these guys need stopped cold overwhelming pussy footing around ...these are planned armed incursions onto American soil and should not be tolerated for one second...

    the gob de Mexico needs to play a part in stopping it as well...

    but when it crosses the border it is our responsibility ...and the sooner we recognize it the better...

    can somebody call the white house and get someone there to wake the president up...or get him off the play station....we have a situation on our southern border...

  38. It's an uneven battle, sad to say but as long as US provides guns and drug buyers/users, Mexico will supply drugs...our border patrol is taking the odd end of the stick by trying to secure our borders...this agent was from the East Coast trying to make a difference.

    The Mexican military is a disgrace! Really they need US training to handle thugs??? If they can’t handle thugs, how are they called a military???
    The US needs to start aligning troops on the border, letting Mexico and their thugs know that they could invade/clean up on any given moment like they do in middle east!!!
    Mexico is being over flowed with drugs from the south of Mexico because there clown military is mostly in the north…

  39. To some of you Barack Obama is a 'socialist' on a 'play station' and I guess Dick Cheney was a Christian saint and Dubya a witty conservative intellectual, too? Far out!

    And I was just thinking that only us hippy Left Winger types use LSD to produce delusional behaviors and ideas... but I guess not? No need to stick and hang around so much on Telegraph in Bezerkleyyy so much. I'll hang around in Preston Hollow of Dallas instead!


  40. What's with these cutesy alphabet soups La Migra is coming up with to name themselves anyway? ICE and now BORSTAR? Is that pronounced Born Star, Barn Star,or Bore Stars?


  41. I feel even worse because this BP agent served as a good cop and served his country in War during the same time as me. And like I said previously with Napolitano down there today the time is about to come to have our military on that border.And these flee bags that were stealing from immigrants and these want to be soldiers cartel punks carrying around fire power will soon be gone. You cannot replace a trained US Marine sniper like this Brian Terry was before he moved on to the BP special unit. But Marines remember and after nearly 10 years of training and fighting town to town against real terrorist we will end these people in a ugly way.

  42. Those "cutsey" names that the US government and civilian agencies use are called acronyms. These are words that are formed from the first or first few letters of several words. Some examples are: BORSTAR,formed from the words
    Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue. This unit responds to emergency and rescue situations. ICE, formed from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. BSI,formed from Border Safety Initiative. This unit is designed to reduce injuries and fatalities.

  43. 'lito 'britoDecember 17, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    the death of this soldier proves that our southern border is more dangerous than the middle east...

    could someone give the president a little tap on the shoulder..i think he may have fallen off

  44. 'lito 'britoDecember 17, 2010 at 10:20 AM


    this is to in form Ernest 1 of a call to service duty by the government of the United States of America

    Due to his knowledge and experience in Mexico and Central and South America his service is urgently needed and legally required by by the US government agency known as BORSTAR (Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue)

    he is herewith ordered to report and present his person to the USKACTD (United States Kick Ass Command, Texas Division), located in Falcon Park Texas no later than 12/20/2010... where at that time he will be enlisted in defense of his country with the rank of sub commander

    he will at that time begin receiving training in primary combat skills and general military training in the field

    sub comander E 1 is being enlisted and trained to replace a US border patrol agent who was recently slain by armed foreign nationals who made an incursion onto American soil

    failure to report on the designated date will result in denial of rights to mouth off and may include temporary exile to the country of his choice

    what all patriotic Americans know is that ....

    when one falls ...another will replace him

    right?... subcommander ERNESTO UNO maximus

  45. 'lito 'britoDecember 17, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    awww come on you got to admit that one for ernest was was a good one...

  46. Wow! I've now been drafted into a BORSTAR unit of ICE Southern 'Kick Ass' Command (USKACTD)! As a new proud member of SHIT (Southern Heroes Infighting Terror) I know that my mammy will be waving yellow ribbons and Confederate flags and American flags from the house and placing a proud bumbersticker saying My Son Is A Proud USA SHIT on the back of her car. My family will be the envy of the entire neighborhood! Whoopee!


  47. 'lito 'britoDecember 17, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    ernest have made mother proud ...finally you have made it to the rank of SHIT

    ....congrats and oohrahh!!....

    .may i invite you to become a SHIT "HEAD"...

    ( H.E.A.D )...( heroes in another diminsion)..sort of an elite unit...and a real honor to be invited to join...

    ... if you could bring your own gun and stuff when you report ...

    this is all being funded by donations because our president is not aware that we are being invaded from the south...and he is busy with his X box ..and whatever other diversions his controllers have him paying attention to...

    so we are sort of own our own here ...

    some of us are planning to hijack a shipment of guns headed south into Mexico.... so we can be armed equal to our foes

    if you are interested.... this is a special duty, volunteer only, mission...

    so let me know if you want to be a real shit head...and be in the company of real shitheads the world over

    when one falls... another takes his place

  48. Ernest1
    Instead of talking out of your ass as usual and being an armchair commando/expert, get off this fucking blog and do something about this shit. Do, don't just fucking say.

  49. Brito, I think I'll stay out of joining up with the SHITHEADS.

    'so let me know if you want to be a real shit head...and be in the company of real shitheads the world over'

    There's more than enough of these folk running in packs already in the US without me needing to be part of their social set, too. And they can't tolerate people different much from themselves at all.


  50. 'lito 'britoDecember 18, 2010 at 9:29 AM

    awww ernie ..lookatcha..ya big 'ol softhearted American lug...

    see how ya are ..always tryin' to help the less fortunate

    a credit to all patriotic Americans everywhere

    so now dontcha see ernie... if we don't p'reserve the USA where will people run to ?

  51. Many elderly US citizens are running off to Mexico!

    'so now dontcha see ernie... if we don't p'reserve the USA where will people run to ?'

    It would be nice to see some decent street food (not Burger Kings, Taco Hells, etc.), life (real people) actually socializing in the plazas, and architecture unlike that ugly treeless, ex Soviet style seen in so many US suburban communities. Viva the flight South! That is if the US government doesn't get even more of a bloodbath going down that way... more than it already has... A big IF?????


  52. 'lito 'britoDecember 18, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    yeah like Mexico before all hell broke loose

    ...yeah you don't hear about much going on in Chapala...little America...lots of gringos there ..well more like California..nasty water and all

    everbody i know is wanting OUT of mexico..

  53. @'lito 'brito

    Actually Ernest1 is correct despite the violence that happens on the border....many retired gringos are moving to Mexico in the waves...its like illegal immigration moving south be honest im even thinking of moving down there when I retire if its still cheap...

  54. I'm amazed at all of the uninformed commenters on this page! The cartels had nothing to do with the murder of this Agent. Yes these bandits do come to the United States illegally and prey on illegal immigrants coming to the Unites States. Many of these people bring there life savings with them so they are not all "poor" little immigrants. Theses people are targeted and are very vulnerable to these maggots or bandits who do this nonsense. If the Mexican government could shake the deeply rooted corruption we wouldn't have to hear about this stuff every day of the week. But of course Mexico is still a third world country, at best, due to lack of government responsibility. I live in a border city and while the thought of the possibility of this narco violence really spilling over is scary, it will never happen. The United States however is not tolerant of this behavior and will not tolerate it. Bottom line, the cartels know not to screw around because it will dramatically affect their profits if they start pulling that business over here. just my two cents....

  55. This is the wild wild west all over again. First my condolences to the border agents family.Where was his backup? No partner? So now for a little conjecture. Has anyone considered the possibility that there are opportunists hunting in the region, looking for mules with cargo that can be sold for large sums of money? No border agent in their right mind will allow smuglers to get close enough to shoot them, not without backup, but they might allow Americans to approach. There have been many hints on BB that the cartels are not going to allow these bushwhackings to continue which is an indication that mules are being hunted by more than just Border Patrol.. Maybe the border patrol agent encountered a bushwhacker after the bushwhacking!


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