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Interrogation of a Presumed Zeta Collaborator

Friday, July 9, 2010 |

Graphic content, discretion is advised.

The person in the video being interrogated is Jesus Navarro Arroyo, 65 years old,  who resides in Matamoros Coahuila, a town not far from Torreon. He is the owner of a restaurant called "Los Alfredos", he gave his assurances that he has no connection with the Zetas.

He had been beaten and his left ear had been cut off. He was later executed. They tied him to a pole with barbed wire in full daylight right in the middle of the town, Gómez Palacio and was shot several times with high caliber weapons like AR-15.

Mr. Navarro Arroyo had been abducted since last Saturday and was a beloved retired teacher.

Key information from video:

What do the Preventive Police in Matamoros dedicate themselves?

In protecting the Zetas and abducting people.

The people he names as involved with the Zetas in Matamoros.

- Mr. Rosales "El Gato" .- Former Police Commander in Matamoros.
- "Villalobos"
- "Beto Piña" man in charge of the gas station (in front of the CFE, and main plaza in Matamoros)
- Mr. Muñoz "El Mono" .- in charge of the gas stations near the entrance to Matamoros, lives in Saltillo Coahuila.
- "The Monchis" Eng .- The cousin of Muñoz. has a workshop and lives in Matamoros.
- Attorney Resales .- he was part of the police in Matamoros.
He assures that everyone Matamoros knows.

Places that he named as being involved with the Zetas.

- Bar Club 12 (In front of Bancomer, in downtown Matamoros)
- Mechanic shop "Los Arabes" in Matamoros (At the end of the Gas Station in Matamoros)
- The bars; "Las enramadas," "Forastero," "Cru2."

The videos were recorded on July 4, 2010 at around 7pm.

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15 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's messed up. All narcos are going straight to hell. The devil is waiting for you when you die you bastards.

Anonymous said...

poor old guy ..probably had no choice but to work for the he pays the top price ....fukn sad situation for people like him caught in the middle...the z has gotta go

Anonymous said...

It looks like they made him say what they wanted him to say. At one point he looks at one of them to ask what to say, and many times he has no clue what he is saying. No one deserves what he got, RIP sir!

Anonymous said...

Remember the Zetas did not do this, whoever did it, did it for two reasons:

1, trying to make the Zetas look bad or identify Zetas.

2. Make their sick despicable act look noble.

Many innocent people are getting caught up in the middle of their sick deeds, they need to be found and really punished, not just giving them 5 years for mass killings. Why can't they be caught? They actually recorded the act, there has to be some evidence there, for crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

hard to believe the CDG would do this, it goes against their public PR campaign to look decent to the people of their state, in my opinion CDG has been playing this pretty smart, this is a thoughtless move.

Anonymous said...

I just hate watching this! Please Lord make it all end soon, I pray!

Anonymous said...

dios es dormir...and lets satan walk the earth

Anonymous said...

he was found executed, his body was found tied to a phone pole, 45 .223 caliber (AR-15) and 14 9milimeters bullet cases where found around him

Anonymous said...

What kind of bullshit is this, the guy could be anyones father. The guys a squirrel trying to save a nut for winter and these so called tough ass holes torture and kill him in that fashion. He was just playing by their rules and it seems minding his own business. Thoughtless and uneducated wanna be Sopranos....

Anonymous said...

Este señor no tiene nada que ver con nada mas que con su restaurante...y la mierda que interroga lo sabe. ¿Apoco si llega alguen a tu changarro a comprarte una bolsa de papas ya te tachan de "colaborador?"

No hay que se pueda decir...este señor recibio un cruel fin a una vida de trabajo y familia. Que descansen en paz el y su familia.

Tampoco puedo maldecir a la madre de la mierda que interroga, pero si se merece ella que le recuerden del producio su vientre. Ella que decida si es maldicion o no.

Anonymous said...

@ *8;42... AS IF, the Zetas need any help "Looking bad", LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Savages! Absolute savages! I hope they all
go to hell and Satan takes a dump on their
heads as they pass through those
fiery gates.

Anonymous said...

Mexican animals to allow and behave like this on a daily basis?Lets be real.Every country has death,serial killers,spree killers,but this?This is on a whole different level,filming an old guy like this after having tortured him,fuckin animals.

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