Saturday, December 5, 2009

Padilla's Gang Leaders in Custody

Albuquerque, NM - Police said they arrested two gang leaders during a South Valley raid. The alleged leader of the South Valley Los Padillas gang, Jerry Padilla Jr, 42, and his 25-year-old son are being held without bond until a preliminary hearing Monday in federal court.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Daniel Schnieder ordered Padilla Jr. and Jerry Padilla III to be held in a federal holding facility over the weekend while they work out arrangements for legal representation.

The elder Padilla is charged with three counts of distributing cocaine, and his son is charged with one count.

The federal charges stem from alleged undercover drug purchases made last spring, according to criminal complaints filed in federal court.

Federal search warrants served by the FBI, Albuquerque police and New Mexico State Police on the South Valley locations remain sealed. Police said they arrested two gang leaders during a South Valley raid. FBI agents are calling the raid a disruption on a huge criminal enterprise.

FBI special agent Darrin Jones said, "As far as size goes and the number of members it wasn't a particularly large group in that regard - although I will say the volume in drugs and money that they were trafficking is substantial."

Simultaneous early morning raids targeted adjacent homes at 7201 Isleta Boulevard SW and around the corner at 2121 Celeste Road SW. Raiders from the FBI Safe Street Task Force arrived at the homes bearing search warrants and brought with them a backhoe. The FBI reported illegal drugs and more than $440,000 in cash were found buried in both locations on the South Valley properties. According to the FBI, both properties were occupied and there could be more arrests in the near future.

Amanda Brown, a neighbor, was startled when she woke up to helicopters flying above her home. She went outside and saw a SWAT team surrounding the vacant Los Padillas Paint and Body shop and the property next to that.

The FBI isn't finished with the notorious South Valley "Los Padillas" gang— the investigation continues after the arrests of two accused gang leaders. The FBI says more arrests are possible as agents and local cops continue to break up the family-run gang, and its criminal network.

Police say the gang has operated in the South Valley and beyond for many years, smuggling heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

"It has taken us longer with this particular group because of their notorious reputation for violence and intimidation - perhaps a little harder to get the sources of intelligence we needed to bring this group in," Jones said.

The FBI investigation is part of the Safe Streets Task Force that includes state and local cops. The probe started more than a year ago, and continues to go on.
Padilla Jr. was sentenced to 16 years in federal prison in 1994 for heading the Padilla drug organization, according to federal court records.

Several family members, including younger brother Jeffrey, have been described by law enforcement as heading Los Padillas, a street gang known for intimidation and violence in controlling narcotics distribution networks.

Jeffrey is serving state prison sentences for two homicides, but Jerry Padilla III doesn't appear to have had any major problems with the law. Criminal court records checks show this is his first felony charge in New Mexico.

The latest charges stem from a series of undercover drug purchases from Padilla Jr. made by a "confidential human source" in the presence of an Albuquerque police detective on March 6 and 11 of this year.

During a third drug transaction March 19, Padilla Jr. told the "source" to go to his son's house to buy the cocaine where Padilla III handed over a package with 131 grams of cocaine.

Each count carries a potential 20 year sentence.

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  1. Thanks for posting my photo of Jeffrey Padilla. I'll never forget when he politely asked me not to shoot this photo of him because he had not had the opportunity to shave. I knew if I didn't get it then I probably wouldn't get it at all. You do what you got to do under the constraints of time itself.

  2. Thank you for letting us know the picture is yours so you get the credit you deserve. You are obsolutely right, glad you were there and took it.


  4. Funny how there is nothing in this about James Padilla. He raped two of his blood related nieces when they were babies. And he, just as all the padillas have, will get what's coming to him. You are proud you got a picture of Jeff? You must have a sad boring life.

  5. The padilla men in that family should all be in prison locked away for society's saf

    1. They just need to be put down expecially james padilla (king james) the child raper!

  6. death penalty for all gang leaders 2014

  7. Well the main members of Los Padilla's are very close to the political parties of Albuquerque..Los Padilla's main family members throw parities where you will see Art Delacruz and other politician's ..There all best buds at casino fights you will see them all talking r sitting together. Ask Art Delacruz how many times he has joined these parties at the big house off Isleta and Gun Club? Why you think one of the Padilla brothers have his record company named "Political Records" ...Someone should look into it and weed out the knotty Politian's.

  8. I grew up with them as a little kid. I went to middle school with Jerry Jr. They were always good to me and my family. This is so sad.

    1. I think y'all need to start concentrating on all the people women,men out there killing all these kids yes drugs are bad but I'd rather have that out there then the baby killers. So get some life's people

  9. I can't believe there has not been a story or any investigation on these politicians and spokes men that associate them selves with these known murders, drug dealers ,and gang members..It reminds me of the Manny Arogon and Jerry Sr. Scandle., a politician and drug dealer involved in bad business together..but it's true, they are all friends on FB, they exchange calls, attend parties together. Very close and acquainted at special events. That's why Jeff would say on his FB before being released "let's get political". Be prepared Albuquerque, because if no one will do something about the parties voted by Albuquerques citizens that we are suppose to trust, pretty soon the known Los Padilla family will be the ones to run Albuquerque. Michael Padilla, Art De Lacruz those are just a few dirty politicians and there is more.

  10. The padilla boys are just a bunch of punks that like raping little kids and women i say they all need to burn in hell!

  11. My daughter has a little girl from one of them....boy what I know now ..I wouldn't of let that happen......He refuses to return her back to us ....

    1. Your daughter is aware that there is something called district court where a judge will determine child custody and visitation matters and order him to turn the child over to her is he/she finds that custody in the mother is best for the child?

    2. Unfortantly my daughter has other heart is broke i think my grand daughter is being hurt with that family ...i called cyfd no help, i dont know where she is or whats going on with her ...i am seeking grand parents rights for visitation ....i dont know what to do ...

  12. Ive never met a gangster from los padillas I ever liked and ive been in the valley all my life.Seems like they permote evil and unclassy ways to live for our next generation of children.I say bring back capital punishment to any one found selling drugs to our young ones and put all these low lifes away for good!!!

  13. The Padilla family can't be judged by a few people that maid a few bad choices over the years just like every other South valley family that grew up in the struggle. Los Padilla is maid up of people from all walks of life and some had it really bad from childhood and have over come the bad cards they were given in life by just living thru the carnage that the hood had to offer. Some lived it some think they lived it!!!

  14. all those men deserve a life sentance


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