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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

RR | Chapter 4 "Meet Location"

"Mica" for 
Chapter 1 - "The Backstory of RR Meeting El Apá"
Chapter 2 - "The Meeting with El Apá"
Chapter 3 - "Meet El Gera"

RR | Chapter 4 "Meet Location."

The CJNG Ranches
In Jalisco and southern Zacatecas, ranches are everywhere throughout the mountainous jungle of the region. Cartel Jalisco New Generation uses these ranches mainly for personal hideouts, group safe houses, training camps, and to produce cartel propaganda videos.

The cartel uses whatever ranches they want and have taken ranches from citizens by intimidation.

On the afternoon of August 9, 2022, El Doble R and El Gera met at a CJNG "safe ranch." The ranch is on the border of Ixtlahuacán del Río and Cuquío in Jalisco.

El Doble R has ties to Ixtlahuacán del Rio. He is said to have personal property in the area he frequently visits. The second and third-ranked members of Gourpo Elite also have ties to the area. Ixtlahuacán del Rio is definitely under the control of RR and Groupo Elite.

Cuquío is the nearest bordering municipality. In the rural areas of Cuquío and Ixtlahuacán del Rio is mountainous terrain. In these remote areas, a web of interconnecting trail paths allows one to travel incognito. 

The green-shaped box is the area in Ixtlahuacán del Rio. where I believe the ranch for the meeting took place.

A section inside the green-shaped box illustrates The terrain and some trails.

This concludes the RR project. Did you learn anything? How messed up is the situation for those living in the areas we covered? Are "El RR" and "El Gera" 99%? Share your thoughts on both or anything related in a previous chapter. 

I will follow up with a separate post on his new ranch, but I am taking a vacation away from Ixtlauacán del Rio. Share your thoughts on a good subject for my next deep-dive project. The current idea is for a newly updated Chapitos Kidnapping 2.0 project.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thank you for all the R.R posts I enjoyed everyone and learned from each post. Looking forward to whatever you post next.

  2. Really makes you wonder how the gov can’t seem to pinpoint these narco fiefdoms, eh?

    Solid work btw Mica — if the gov was made up of people like you, things wouldn’t be such a mess…

  3. Very well done piece!It does give an example of the micro machinations that are a part of this lifestyle.The narcos are from there and only a mass arrest all at once with a well planned aftermath will ever work.And yes I know it isnt possible just my 2 cents worth.And just to say it outloud thanks for this website guys,I came here years ago and came there a synopsys of wtf happened here?if it is a sore subject ignore me.As far as the comment section there is some great brains on here(some not so much)but all knowledge is good knowledge

  4. Can you do a piece about CDN, they seem the be the weakest cartel and always lose in shoot outs yet they still control Nuevo Laredo, what’s stopping CDG from just taking it they have more people and territories

    1. Don’t confuse quietness for weakness… Are you living Nuevo Laredo yourself and know firsthand?

    2. @6.13- The only reason people think they always lose in shootouts is because there have been a handful of heavily publicised attacks by the military cos of the high level of presence in NL, where a handful of kids got annihalated. Plus CDG are not a unified group like they were- they can barely keep a grip on their own factions, let alone take over a territory that another group has political protection for.

  5. CJNG has been kicking the shit out of CU in michoacan lla les tumbaron varias plazas nomas en una semana

    1. They have lol the military just always fucked up cjng again everytime

    2. 7:08 that was because the CJNG was killing "Guardias comunitarios" aka CU, thats what all the news outlets would say, but it seems they have caught up to the CU lies or CU just runed out of money for those cheap propagandas, now its a one on one fight

  6. Great coverage Mica!

  7. I was in this area and around Teúl, Jerez and a few other towns back in 2010. Did a few hikes on dirt paths crossing ranches in the middle of nowhere. Wasn't super sketchy but it wasn't great either. Z came into the town I was staying in a few months after I left.

    Driving through Jerez a few times from Puerto Vallarta to MTY and back, definitely a bad vibe and saw a few gang members on the streets. Kept my head low and pressed on.


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