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Monday, February 20, 2023

RR | Chapter 3 "Meet El Gera"

Mica for Chapter 1 Chapter 2

RR | Chapter 3 "Meet El Gera"
Gerardo González Ramírez, El Apá, is known for the meeting with RR and as the plaza boss for CJNG between the limits of Jalisco with Zacatecas. This chapter is all about the narco known as El Gera.

Gerardo González Ramírez
Plaza Boss
El Gera is said to own the plaza on the border of Jalisco and Zacatecas for CJNG.  He has a reward of almost US $25,000 for anyone who provides more information on the whereabouts of El Gera and his accomplices since he works directly with the leader of the Jalisco Cartel, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho.

My research has him mainly in Zacatecas and the municipalities of Apulco, Nochistlán, Tlachichila, Nangue, and Jalpa. In Jalisco, the municipalities Yahualica de González Gallo and Teocaltiche.

El Gera keeps a firm grip on his plaza, with patrols that include 50 caliber machine guns and assault rifles as they drive through Zacatecas neighborhoods in newer-model and armored vehicles. He generally travels through streets in the municipalities of Apulco, Nochistlan, and Tlachichila in Zacatecas.  Many of these areas don't have local police, forcing hundreds of citizens to leave their homes out of fear.

Cameras in Apulco, Zacatecas
Federal government sources reported that after the attack and the kidnapping of four workers captured on video by a security camera, an order was given to bring order to the area and capture those involved in the attack and their leaders. Most of them have been captured thanks to the video surveillance cameras installed by the municipality of Apulco. However, sicarios are a dime a dozen, and there is never a void.

In addition to the shooting with the military, these subjects are considered responsible for attacks against the civilian population, workers from the Apulco city council, and elements of the National Guard.

Federal government sources reported that after the attack and the kidnapping of four workers captured on video by a security camera, an order was given to bring order to the area and capture those involved in the attack and their leaders. Most of them have been captured thanks to the video surveillance cameras installed by the municipality of Apulco.

Gun Fights
Members of CJNG respect El Gera for his many gunfights with enemies and the government. Here is one of his most notable fights.

The attack began after a National Guard vehicle was on patrol on the highway leading from Yahualica to Mexticacán. The convoy was intercepted by the sicarios of El Gera traveling in several armored vehicles.

According to the authorities, the shooting lasted about half an hour and left three officers injured, who were taken to a medical center by helicopter.

El Apa's Beast was damaged and abandoned.

The Unknowns & Rumors
There is a lot of loose information about Gerardo González Ramírez. I found more unknowns than answers while researching El Gera.

For example, I found a narcocorrido dedicated to El Gera.

In the song, there are a lot of potential clues that I have highlighted amongst the typical propaganda. I debated posting the lyrics, but they may make sense to you.

Thanks to @sol for translating.

Our initial successes were against various enemies

On December 22nd, 2017, Cole and Shorty fell

Let it be made clear that they left this world fighting 

I am El Güerito and I have a good team under my command

We are the Panteras, and we're always ready. Everyone knows how we operate
I'm known as El Gera, I've spent some time within the fire

And now the town of Nochistlán belongs to the four letters cartel

Whenever I'm driving in my Ford Raptor, my partner El 13 accompanies me
His Fn Scar rifle is equipped with a grenade launcher

El Benji is armed with his Norinco rifle, always alert and bloodthirsty 
He's constantly on the lookout, he watches my back

And without hesitation 
The RPD light machine-gun is the one who makes it thunder

Three skulls to the right, you will see
Well placed within my arsenal is my little AK-47, a lethal weapon

I have Barret rifles to fire with, high explosive, and fragmentation grenades

I am from the armed criminal cell "Bola Negra del Billiard/8 Ball Billiard"

We are the Panthers on the alert for the town of Nochistlán

We send a big greeting to all the guys working with El Tres 

Those who belong to the New Era

We have two armored Super Duty trucks to deflect bullet impacts.

I'm patrolling the area, and in the back are my boys

I pray to San Judas and also to Santa Muerte

For always being aware of my actions

As time went by, we won Tlachichila back from them.

We blocked the exit to a ranch for our enemies 

Comrade 20 and Comrade 4 are equipped with only long rifles

They're absolute suicide soldiers

I'll be a native of Guerrero until my death. My loyalty is to the gentlemen

What we have an abundance of is iron and gunpowder in the magazines.

El Pollo, another member of the trusty team

Changuito is on radio communications

Last but not least
To the fallen who showed their loyalty:
Comrade Pana, Nanitas, Gama, Morral
Dientes and Ojitos fought to the end

In order to relax
I'll smoke a good blunt and go on patrol

I belong to the armed criminal cell "Bola Negra del Billar/8 Ball Billiard"

I'm El Gera, also known as El Güero

Rise to Power
None of this is verifiable, but apparently, the Plaza was previously owned by Meco and then El Jairo, who was killed in a confrontation, and it was left to El Gera. 

The alleged kidnapping and murders that El Gera is wanted for line up with rumors from my research. El Gera is known for filling up sicario training camps. He forces hundreds through kidnapping into CJNG training camps.

El Gera is at the level where he does not have the lucrative fuel theft income like El Doble R. There are many labs and marijuana facilities in the area where he probably generates most of his income. And like any Jefe, he squeezes everything out of his plaza, hence the amount of violence.

Thanks for reading, and look out for Chapter 4 this week, followed by an updated Chapitos kidnapping post.

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    1. If R3 is a big potato, than RR is a medium potato, so yeah he can play small potato with your Mr. Potato-Head.

  2. Grupo Flechas .pura gente del Sombrero .
    La Mayiza Special Air Service Operators are deep in Jalisco and Michioacan on search and destroy missions and hunting enemy High Value Targets.
    They were trained by an ex SAS colonel from E Squadron .
    Antrax Special Activities Center Ground Branch SOG operators are also in the area providing support

    1. 6:03 you will never be at the level of Don Sicario 006

  3. Mica, good read. Thank you for your research and devotion of your time. Know that it IS appreciated🐑

  4. Gera literally reminds me of a Dragonball fusion of both Ramon and Benjamin Arrellano…

    RaBen the Super Saiyan Narco!

    1. I seen him as a young Z40 who’s just coming up.

    2. He’s a young Mencho …. Z40 is young Vicente Zambada

    3. I just realize how fucked up we all are, by projecting an ultra-dangerous narco in the face of some random plaza boss.

      If I start seeing 40 or Chapo’s face on people’s faces — such as the owner from my favorite taco stand — I may just have to take a break…

      ..which I can just see Lazca now, asking if I wanna try today’s Chicharrones Guisados … Dammit!

  5. There are a lot of missing people from the surrounding ranchos of Teocaltiche. Of the 20 posters of missing people in the Plaza of Teocaltiche 19 of them are males between the ages of 15-50. There are for sure rumors of forced recruitment. Don Mario’s people had control of the areas mentioned for a long while. He died before CJNG existed. His people only control Teocaltiche, Villa Hidalgo, and Encarnación de Díaz. There is only one fore sure loser here and it’s the citizens. They can no longer travel freely, with confidence, or free of fear. I heard it mentioned here that Gera is F1’s cousin. Is that true?

    1. I did a rough browse and count, which led me to finding 21 military bases throughout Jalisco…

      With the mass kidnappings of innocents so rampant in the state, it disturbs to think how the local military is either too inept — or too corrupt — for even addressing state and local security…

      In my other comment; a past veteran here shared how they used geolocation in multiple CJNG videos, only to find some being recorded within a few kilometers of these bases….



      Last week AMLO met with Luis Cresencio Sandoval and Enrique Alfaro Ramirez and approved for 50 military barracks throughout Jalisco. This action taken by the government will definitely diminish a lot of the crime and violence the citizens of Jalisco are having to endure. There is more to "Abrazos No Balazos" than what meets the eye.

    3. It's possible but lets keep in mind that González and Ramírez are two of the most common last names in México

    4. @1:24 — LOL.. as if the 20+ barracks currently around the state already “diminishing a lot crime”

      Imagine the potentially fucked up truth, that these barracks will be used predominately by CJNG…

    5. If there are already 20+ barracks then an additional 50 wouldn't hurt. Its better than not having any. Now as far as them being taken over by CJNG goes, it's possible, but I see it as highly unlikely considering the amount of high profile operations that have taken place within the last year and a half. More military stations makes logistical sense. Response times for these high profile incidents will increase as there should be availability of more resources and communication improvemens. In my opinion and from what has been going on, it appears as though these high ranking cartel characters have their days numbered. Again, for the past few months, SEDENA has been really impressing me with the success of their operations.

    6. I have not heard the F1 rumor. Thanks for the info 👍

    7. Most of the missing people in Teocaltiche are sicarios of Mario González Jr. and Ramón González, sons of Don Mario who took control of his organization after his death. The problem here is that these narcos have a powerful social base in Teocaltiche because half of the town works for them and when the other cartel comes and kills the hitmen, the families of the hitmen riot, protest and play the victim.
      Mario González Jr. and Ramón Gonzalez maintain a strong war with El Apa and they hate each other because they took Nochistlan and Tlachichila from them, in the past these places were part of their territory and now they want it back.
      What the song says is true, there is news that confirms it, on December 22, 2017 El Apa took Nochistlan from Mario González Jr. and Ramón Gonzalez, then in 2019 he took Tlachichila from them, leaving 15 sicarios dead by blocking the road in his withdrawal, one of the dead was Don Eve, an old friend and partner of Don Mario and top head in the town.
      It would be very interesting if Mica also made a note about them, these brothers have a lot of power in Aguascalientes and Teocaltiche, they are old narco characters who cannot be left out of history.

  6. Thanks Mica for your dedication!
    Waiting for the updated Chapitos kidnapping post.

    1. It will be the most comprehensive post about the kidnapping, I promise 😂

  7. El Neanderthal 😂

  8. Dude looks like shrek

  9. this BB story shows drone footage of El Apa's personal entourage fueling up at a gas station:

  10. Population completely cowed by them

  11. Los Panteras/Comando De La Bola Negra - Gente Del 08

  12. I love your research. You are the best… but do you know what passive/ active voice are?
    I think it would help your writing tremendously to learn the difference. Really hard to read. But seriously a fan.


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