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Friday, June 15, 2012

“Vigorous” Background Checks, Nor “Open Secret” Kept Zetas From Horse Racing Business

Borderland Beat

At The "Zetas' Stable", Hiding in plain sight

Vigorous” Background Checks, Nor “Open Secret” Kept Zetas From Horse Racing Business.  Stable workers now disclose the stables were referred to as "Zetas' Stable" and Mexican nationals would show up with duffel bags filled with cash. 
Yet, no one called authorities.  This was not Mexico, there are no reasons, no excuses not to have tipped an agency or police. 
Racetrack officials say horse owners are subjected to “vigorous” background checks before being issued a license. It appears Jose Trevino Morales, whose brother is head of the infamous Los Zetas cartel in Mexico, slipped through the cracks. He wasn’t the only one, either.  

One of those arrested with Trevino is his wife.  It was just two weeks ago they joined family and friends at a Luxury  Dallas hotel for the wedding of their daughter Alexandra.  They are being held on NO BAIL, for fear of flight or intimidation.  Her attorney is fighting for her release, "she knew nothing of the operation, and she has 3 children and 300 horses to tend to"  Guess he has not read the list the feds intends on confiscating, that should lighten her load.

Last year, a sorrel filly named Separate Fire swept the Ed Burke Futurity at Los Alamitos
"We're down-to-the-ground people," he humbly told Track Magazine after the race in July. "This is a great moment, one we are going to enjoy for a long time. But I think you have to take it as it comes and don't let it change your life."

Read more here:
Paz, Chivis

A Remington Park racetrack official says horse owners are subjected to “vigorous” background checks before being issued a license in Oklahoma

It appears Jose Trevino Morales, whose brother is a leader of an infamous drug cartel in Mexico, slipped through the cracks.
Jose Trevino, his wife and 13 others were indicted May 30 by a federal grand jury in Texas, although court documents weren’t unsealed until Tuesday. He is accused of using a quarter horse breeding and racing operation to launder $20 million in drug money, starting in 2008.
A ranch in Lexington, called Zule Farms, had become the center of the breeding and racing operation, court records show.
Four other men who were indicted last month along with Jose Trevino also are licensed by the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission.
Two of the men are described as owners, one as a registered agent and one as a trainer. Except for one, all had been licensed in other states, including Texas, Louisiana, California and New Mexico.
One of Trevino's Homes, This One in Texas
Lisa Hanson, the racing commission’s license supervisor, said all applicants are required to fill out paperwork that asks for a Social Security number, date of birth and other pertinent information. She said fingerprints, which are sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI to check for criminal history, are also taken from those seeking a license.
“We don’t fingerprint minors, or if they’re disabled or anything, but we do fingerprints,” Hanson said, adding that she wasn’t sure what the law enforcement agencies do with the documents and other items once they receive them.
Court records describe Jose Trevino as the older brother of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, second-in-command of Los Zetas, an organization well-known for heinous, murderous acts in Mexico’s borderland wars. The four men with state-issued licenses face the same serious charges as Jose Trevino and are linked to the same drug trafficking organization.
Scott Wells, general manager of Remington Park, said Oklahoma racetracks rely on the racing commission to vet owners, jockeys and trainers.
“Remington Park functions as a host facility and by law all racing participants including owners, trainers and jockeys must undergo vigorous background checks and be licensed by Oklahoma and Texas racing commissions to race at our facility,” Wells said. “This is a matter for state and federal officials and we have and will continue to cooperate in any way we can.”
Kym Koch Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Chickasaw Nation, said no horses owned by the Trevino family were seized at racetracks owned by the tribe, including Remington Park and Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas.
“Not that I’m aware of,” she said. “But our quarter horse racing season ended Memorial Day.”
Daryl Fields, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in San Antonio, said Jose Trevino and his wife, Zulema, remain in the custody of the U.S. Marshal’s Service. He said they’re expected to be taken to Texas for detention hearing, “but I don’t expect anything to happen for some time.”

The couple’s Lexington ranch was raided Tuesday. Agents raided a racetrack in New Mexico on the same day and made five additional arrests in Austin, Texas; Los Angeles; and Ruidoso, N.M.
Jose Trevino’s brothers, including Miguel Trevino and Oscar Omar Trevino Morales, were not arrested and are believed to be in Mexico. Oscar Trevino is described as a cartel leader, as well.
Sources near the Ruidoso Downs Race Track and Casino said the cartel’s link to Jose Trevino’s horse racing operation was an open secret.
Stable workers, who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity, said Jose Trevino’s stables were called the “Zetas’ stables,” and that they had seen Mexican citizens show up in New Mexico with duffel bags full of cash to buy horses.
The Trevino family has been living for years in the U.S., essentially hiding in plain sight. The family lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area before buying the farm in Lexington.
                                                            Adolphus Hotel in Dallas
The Trevinos’ daughter, Alexandra, was married recently at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. A hotel employee said the facility is among the swankiest in the city. “I don’t know how much a wedding costs, but it’s not cheap,” the employee said.

               Honeymooning in Spain, this foto in Rota Spain (click any foto to enlarge)

Trevino's Daughter Alexandra

See all the photos of the bride and groom at this link
The Trevino family forged relationships with industry professionals, including one of the most successful trainers in the business, Paul Jones.
Nancy Yearsley, president of a Kentucky-based company that insures race horses, attended Alexandra Trevino’s wedding, according to her company’s Facebook page.
“Nancy Yearsley was one of the guests at Alexandra and Luis Garcia’s wedding which was held at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas last Saturday,” a June 5 post read. “Alexandra is the daughter of Jose and Zulema Trevino, owners of Zule
Media reports also suggest the wedding was covered by Track Magazine, which follows the horse racing industry.
Paul Jones, who is a highly successful quarter horse trainer, often worked for Jose Trevino. The two are featured in photographs together on racing websites, usually with large trophies in hand.
Neighbors in Lexington described Jose Trevino and his ranch employees as good people, but many were suspicious because of the size of the ranch and the scope of its operations.
Authorities said the upkeep, just for the 425 horses, would be roughly $200,000 per month.
Clifford Massengale, a neighbor and retired military officer, said he noticed the extravagance.
“It would take a multimillionaire just to support an operation like that,” he said.

Thanks to reader "Chapo" for the wedding channel website link

Source: NEWSOK


  1. What's with the pic, Chiv? Looks like an updated pic of "Wimpy" to me, the first AQHA TB.

  2. The cartels have been buying businesses and homes in the US for years, hiding in plain site as Washington is busy with all of their criminal activities... Its pathetic what is and has been taking place in the US for decades now...

  3. Lazcano in front of u

  4. would it be possible to know the exact address of the putoZ ranch and houses in the Lexington Ky area...inquiring minds want to know

  5. The feds could have shut this operation down years ago. They chose to let the fool zetas dump $50 million into this operation, all the while gathering information. The feds couldn`t believe trevino could be so stupid!
    Very embarassing for the zetas!
    Zetas are very stupid to let this happen!
    A carwasher would be smarter than this!

  6. Dude, u must be stupid. Read the damn article again..and google some key words...the location is all there


  7. @8:15


    Who is this guy in black jacket in pics and video that people are saying is Lazca, any body know who this guy really is?

  8. "Yet no one called authorities."

    We don't know that. This implies that people up in New Mexico were all apathetic. Remember tarde o temprano, the feds DID arrest, unlike some of the ongoing corruption in plain sight that we see in some other countries [ahem].
    Maybe people were tipping and the feds were watching them in plain site until the pig got big enough to make chicharrones.

    I love the line that someone said here recently about when you follow the drugs you'll find junkies and drug dealers but when you follow the money there's no telling where it'll take you....and sometimes it takes time.

  9. I feel sorry for their daughter, and the groom. Now they can update their wedding site with FBI photos and court docs. It looks like he's in the service. How embarassing.

  10. Trevino never fell through a crack, he was allowed to walk into a trap.
    Good thugs but not savvy narco traffickers!!!!
    The box is getting smaller!!!

  11. Arrest them all. Anyone and everyone in that industry deserves a shake-down. Get it done. Don't stop in Texas and Oklahoma, go after operations further north. You want to kill Mexico's way of life? We'll take of you on this side and send you to a life in prison.

  12. Are people really surprised?
    Who is better than who in this situation?
    The supposed law abiding,moral guardians,and business men who all knew there was something dodgy about all these guys,but chose not to say anything.This kind of shit go's on every day,so please don't get uppity about"Mexican Zetas",personally i think all the US business doing deals with them are just as bad.Granted they not killing anyone,but they are washing their money for them.The sight of shitloads of cash shut up everyone from cleaner to president.
    Looks really worried if it is.I don't think it is him.

  13. I don't think that is Lazcano in the black suit,it could be,but who knows.

  14. Lazcano is not gonna be happy with this. Heads will roll, literally.

  15. @4:56am

    Sure, you can google...but in the indictment it has addresses and other details in the list they are attempting to confiscate...
    link to my original article at bottom and in that article i have the link to the complete article....paz, chivis

  16. The guy in blacksuit is Carlos nayen, also captured in LA

  17. That guy in the black jacket might be Lazcano... He has same features as he's military picture, except he looks older here...

  18. its funny how americans dont want to except that they have dirty hands to. those who kept quiet are just as guilty of all the innocents being killed here in mexico. people who except their money and drugs are just as guilty to.they should be charged with aiding a wanted criminal.and as for the charges against them yall trying to put your head up in the air so proudly, they will wipe thiers asses with those documents if they have millions for stupids horses im sure a judge can be paid fora very reduced sentence.great job america you should of told mexico where he was he be dead right now but your greedy ass wants to milk the dying the cow for all its milk.


  19. "If you pay attention to the pictures z40 is right fucking there pinches pendejos"
    Well which one then,smart ass,what,has dude put on 30 stone or some shit?
    Which one is it?Someone said 40 and Lazca were there,but i cant get on him,so help a cabrone out.
    Dude in pink shirtman?

  20. Which dude is supposed to be Trevino Morales,40?
    I can't get on dude,i be lookin,but i aint findin?


  22. fuckin,,-tyrone-power,
    Cheel out mun,toke a beet.
    Don't get hysterical man,i think the fuckers who washed all that money are just as bad.I,m white,and its all them phony bitch ass white business men been doin this shit fot ever.Ye man,"lets arrest them,they only Mexican bad guys"fuck that shit,what about these phony fuckers dealing with them.At least with Trevino Morales you know where you stand to some extent.These fuckers would sell your ass as soon as you pulled your pants down.I don't see none of the US businessmen and horse dealers being arrested?Oh thats right they didn't know?

  23. Here you go...I cropped and resized those in the photo...Paz, Chivis

  24. Why didnt the gringos call the cops???? simply becuase they were making tons of money of the stupid mexicans overpaying for the horsesssssss

    bullshit walksss but money talks here and in Mexicoooo

  25. Chivis, There's a picture of Alexandra & Luis in here

    Alexandra is the daughter of Trevino Morales

  26. That's right tyrone. Everyone is just as guilty as everyone else. Nobody is to blame because everyone is guilty. So why would anyone want to blame anyone...yadayadayada.

    What stupidass backdoor way of thinking. Like the lady that told me, OJ didn't do it but he knows who did. RIGHT

  27. It goes w/ out being said Zetas used to be the muscle, they've never really been known for they're smarts not the sharpest tools in the shed, gained power killing people. They always get access to educated people but end up killing them, or to TERCO to listen. Too many Indians not enough chiefs!!!!!

  28. "Too many Indians not enough chiefs"
    Nah man,Lazcano is the chief,with his main man Morales.Do these look like dudes you would fuck with?Read up on Lazcano,its funny,people sayin he sits back and takes all the money,while the peons get murked.Lazcano was supposed to be runnin around with Guzman,murkin fuckers all over in firfights an shit,blowin gas tanks up cause he couldn't get to the face inside?This was all when he was a lowly "sicario".They all start somewhere,Morales as a gopher,look at him now.You don't get to where they are through just luck.Know what i mean.

    1. Dude half of your comment made no sense lol

  29. I wonder where the USMC training and his connections will take young Luis?

  30. The vato in pink looks more like z-40 than the one in the black suit.

  31. When the feds carry out a large scale investigation like this one, there is a lot of document searches, auditing, tracing, etc. The records will literally fill several rooms, and all of it has to be examined to make sure there is no wiggle room for the bad guys. That's why it takes time. Only when the investigators believe they have an airtight case, and when they have traced all the assets subject to forfeiture, will the prosecutors make arrests. It makes no sense to strike too early because there may not be enough evidence, and the more money the bad guys put into their enterprise the more there is to seize. Believe me, it hurts the organization a lot more to hit it when they have been going strong for some time. Then, you arrest everybody in sight because a lot of them will turn.

  32. Hey the hell did you find that foto?

    Seriously, Gracias, I am puttig it up. I know people are going to get on my butt for this, but seeing the foto made me think of the children, really sad. Not sad as in the impoverished, displaced, and uneducated children, but sad in its own way.

    SO she married a serviceman...the irony never stops. BTW did you check the registry at Macy's? not one gift purchased, I am guessing all money envelopes...Paz, Chivis

  33. THAT groom is a private first class in the marine corps. He is wearing his dress blue uniform

  34. Mole in the room...fair warning. Watch what you say, guys. Sometimes, moles get titles. News is the media canning up the truth.If you have access, watch the live feeds.

  35. also takes time to make sure that no u.s congressmen are caught up in the money trail, and that the money doesnt lead back to the feds who were buying off the z's lol. Or are they just doing straight trades now?guns for coke?no need for cash........

  36. <--- theres a propa pic of the hubby without his fancy kit

  37. Damn i hate not being able to edit,Yep chivis I guess none of the wedding guests had legit credit cards cause nobodys got them any of the gifts they want?perhaps trevinos got his eye on a macy's truck and they just gonna jack all her gifts.....Or he was gonna get her a 'Pony' but i guess the feds are taxing all of them.. Annnnd for the honeymooners we've got wiretaps, Drone surveillance, feds posing as hotel staff and if things go really well a DEA night-time raid.

  38. Man, his daughter better go into hiding cause her stick figure husband looks like he couldn't protect her from a food fight....also he should be discharged immediately, you KNOW he's not try to make and honest go at it....Also horse racing has had blood on it's face forever, horse and human...

  39. Hola Baggy...i had the link to all the photos last night and its poof gone today... I will put backup. ...Paz, Chivis

  40. Chivis, I got the photo from the BB forum, Misael post it the address.

  41. Semper fi, vato. Wonder what his CO thinks of him now? Just gonna act like nothing changed? We're in love and we're going to get an apt. Haha this kid is between a rock and a hard place he better get himself assigned to the North Pole.

  42. June 16, 2012 1:50 PM .
    Give the kid a break,hes in the armed forces and you want him kicked out cause he marrying this girl?Jealous motherfucker,what it got to do with him or her?

    1. Jealous of what? Marrying some little pig just cause her dad has $$$ from killing people and ruining an amazing country?? You think this kid didn't know??? How the fuck do you know that he didn't joined the Marines just to learn more about good old American tactics for his new "family"?? You don't, so assume the worst joto, cause that what these fuckers are....

  43. Would ya just look at cartel mini me standing up on the sign he looks so cute with his families blood money boots on.....throw that little fuck in the clink with the rest of them!!

  44. Why am i not surprized.

  45. Luis Garcia thought he was gonna marry into some money!!!! Hahahaha

  46. I smell jealousy in here.And a lot of nasty shit.

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