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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Esteban Ruiz Carballido, Colosio's Relative Accused Of Defrauding, Was Kidnapped, Tortured And Released

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Warning: sensitive images. A member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party gained some relevance on social networks when he was repeatedly pointed out as a scammer.

Esteban Ruiz Carballido, alleged nephew of Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, was kidnapped

Esteban Ruiz Carballido, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) who sought positions of public representation in Baja California, was kidnapped, tortured and released by a group of armed men, who allegedly abducted him for being linked to cases of fraud.

Through social networks, on Monday, April 4, the images that account for the situation in which Ruiz Carballido, son of Esteban Ruiz Colosio (died February 11, 2011), a relative of Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, a former presidential candidate for the PRI who was murdered during a public rally in the neighborhood of Lomas Taurinas, in the municipality of Tijuana, Baja California, went viral.

In a fragment of a few seconds, circulated by journalist Antonio Nieto, the PRI member can be seen sitting in an armchair while a subject with his face covered wraps his mouth with adhesive tape. Also, during the images you can see two other men in the room, one of them carries a long gun. It should be noted that, according to the information posted on social networks, the former mayoral candidate of the Benito Juárez neighborhood used to ask for money from different people to start a business, but once he received the payment, he disappeared.

Warning: Graphic Video

Esteban Ruiz Carballido, who is a relative of Luis Donaldo Colosio, was kidnapped and tortured by armed men.

Ruiz Carballido's political performance has been manifested in Mexico City. He collaborated in PRI youth, ran for (and lost) as a federal deputy and collaborated with Yuyu Tamayo, who sought the neighborhood of Benito Juárez in the national capital in the 2021 elections. Which were won by the National Action Party (PAN). In the latter process, he served as general campaign coordinator.

Regarding the accusations of fraud, some social media users disseminated publications and images of the alleged modus operandi of the politician, in which he presents himself as Colosio's nephew to inspire confidence and insists that a certain sum of money be deposited to him to start an enterprise.

Once the victim makes the deposit, Ruiz Carballido doesn’t carry out the lucrative activities that had been agreed upon. He also doesn’t return the sum of money entrusted to him. Subsequently, in the event that someone tries to legally sue him, he  resorts to methods of intimidation to stop the criminal proceedings.

Esteban Ruiz Carballido is accused of fraud by neighbors of the Benito Juárez district in Mexico City 

"It’s really incredible that someone who calls himself a politician. And who wants to compete for the Benito Juárez neighborhood. Doesn’t have the slightest education in taking a phone call and who has everyone ignorantly begging. I don't call to borrow, I call to collect. How do you say 'if you require something because of the pandemic, call me' on your social networks? ABSOLUTE FARCE. Excuses like always," are some of the publications in which the politician operates.

Another publication indicates: "I have come to warn you that this fraudster is saying that today 'his money arrives', to 'pay' those who were scammed. Be careful because surely that 'money' will come from some fraud, don't be surprised, it's called ESTEBAN RUIZ CARBALLIDO and he owes exactly 3 million pesos."

Thus, one of the initial versions that came to light was that the kidnapping occurred by virtue of a settling of accounts. However, this version has not been confirmed either by the capital authorities or by the victim himself. 

It’s also unknown if the criminal proceedings corresponding to the investigation regarding the abduction have already been initiated.

Antonio Nieto



  1. And that was the day he fucked with the wrong Mexicans. Bwahaha!

  2. At the rate that politicians and their relatives are dropping this guy is lucky ass hell.

  3. On ta el video de los tablazos en las nalgas???
    These guys that get released alive do not get away with shit, the least they get is they get raped, with a cucumber, no vaseline, but their investors deserve what they get por pendejos.
    People's money is not safe in their own banks, in their own pockets on in their mattresses, and they want entrust it to some unknown "businessman", to bitcoin, that every day loses a few million dollars in bitcoins to unknown hackers? Really?

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  4. What was this idiot thinking that they were not going to catch up with him? Some people will do anything for a quick buck or a peso.


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