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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Rifles Stolen From Security Checkpoint, Police Car Appear In Latest Narco Communication Video

By "Narcomappingmx" for Borderland Beat

Video circulating around social media today. For complete translation see Sol Prendido's post.

Three stolen FX-05 Xiuhcoatl rifles and a Guanajuato State Police vehicle have appeared in a recent cartel communication video, wielded by masked gunmen hurling expletive filled insults at a rival cartel.

On October 9, 3 FX-05 Xiuhcoatl rifles were stolen from the 12th Región Military in Irapuato. According to Proceso, the soldiers assigned to the post left the rifles unattended around 5 A.M, when they were stolen.

The rifles have now resurfaced in a video released by a cell of the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima today. Easily spotted because of their distinct form, the rifles are proudly brandished as spoils of war by their captors.

The video shows 6 heavily armed cartel members wearing tactical gear and wielding the stolen rifles standing in front of a Guanajuato State Police vehicle, also stolen. TV Guanajuato Canal 8 reported today that several police vehicles have been stolen the past several days in Celaya. None have been found seen or found yet, except for in the video released by cartel members.

According to security analyst David Saucedo, this same vehicle has been used by this criminal cell to stage roadblocks and escort vehicles loaded with contraband gasoline.

Effectively, the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima wages war on its rivals armed with government weapons and police vehicles.

With a narcocorrido playing in the background, the lead gunman addresses the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, with whom the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima has been engaged in conflict with for several years, a turf war which has propelled Guanajuato to the top of the list of Mexico’s most violent states.

He addresses ‘RR’, a CJNG officer who appears in several of CJNG’s own narco communications, accusing the CJNG of killing innocent people, specifically the two transit police officers who were murdered in Celaya on November 2nd. 

“You come to settle in the state” He says in a mocking voice, “No one believes you bitches.”

“Here in Guanajuato we will continue fighting you. We are the real ones of Guanajuato. Until the end, bitches" he says as the video ends with the gangsters opening fire into the air with a mix of automatic and semiautomatic gunfire.

A SEDENA agent holds the FX-05 Xiuhcoatl. Image from @SEDENAmx twitter account.

The FX-05 Xiuhcoatl is a rifle developed by the Mexican Military and SEDENA as a homegrown and built alternative to sourcing weapons in large contracts from foreign firearms makers. All parts are created and assembled in Mexico. 

The rifle is exclusively used by Mexico's security forces.

Sources: WhatsApp correspondence with David Saucedo, Proceso, Valor por Tamaulipas, TV Guanajuato Canal 8.


  1. The neverending war for money.
    Civilized societies are being tested & tried.

  2. They just burned themselves bad..
    Military and police keep capturing cdsr plaza bosses on a regular..
    Tey aint to smart if they think they even have a chance..

    1. Yes, but still, CDSR has held out for much longer than we thought. Remember back last year when Marro was caught, some thought that would be the end of it.

  3. Unattended rifles mis webos. It looks like someone was willing to let them walk. Inside job for sure. I sure how those rifles kill many CJNG criminals. We will get those rifles back. Mayo Zambada is working on it.

    1. Of course you horse. They pay a big bribe, I am sure weapons will disappear and since a team of Mexican lawyers along with American lawyers, are trying to help Obrador win in a lawsuit upon the gun manufacturer. Obrador wants this issue hidden.

    2. Certainly a very suspicious excuse. I can't imagine it will hold up in an investigation. Almost certainly some sort of bribe or threat was involved.

    3. 2:06 el burro que mandaron Amarte,
      nomàs lo querian mandar pá la luna,
      pero era burro, de 5 patas.

  4. David Saucedo's help was huge. He is an excellent researcher and analyst based in Mexico. You can follow him on twitter @David_Saucedo_

  5. Americans arent going to sit well with Mexico manufacturing its own weapons to kill the unarmed populace ! The deal has always been to kill the unarmed populace with weapons made in the good ol USA by hard working americans (who recently migrated no less) Things are going to get wierd now .

  6. Most details about the FX-05 are classified as Top Secret, as this is supposed to be a distinctive indigenously-produced weapon for use by Mexico's elite forces. This is to prevent anti-government and criminal organizations from mocking-up copies to aid in infiltrating secure areas, impersonating military personnel, or appearing to have legitimate support for their cause and its actions. It also helps to prevent hostile or enemy forces from learning the abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the new weapon series.


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