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Allied with Sinaloa Cartel: Leader of Guatemalan Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   TY GUS   DOJ Press Release

A leader of a Guatemalan drug trafficking organization was sentenced today to 23 years in prison for his participation in an international drug trafficking conspiracy, announced Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Special Agent in Charge Wendy Woolcock of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Operations Division.

Waldemar Lorenzana-Lima was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly in the District of Columbia following an Aug. 18, 2014, guilty plea to his participation in an international drug trafficking conspiracy.  The court also ordered Lorenzana-Lima to forfeit $50,949,000.

As Lorenzana-Lima admitted in connection with his guilty plea, from March 1996 to November 2007, Lorenzana-Lima was a member of a drug trafficking organization that would receive, inventory, and store large quantities of cocaine from Colombia at Lorenzana-Lima’s properties in Guatemala, for eventual importation into Mexico and the United States.  The court concluded at sentencing that Lorenzana-Lima’s conduct qualified him as an “organizer or leader” of the drug trafficking organization within the meaning of the applicable sentencing guidelines.

Capture a leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel in BC

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ROSARITO BEACH- After a singular operation that involved federal and entity forces, Fabián “N” was captured, who is  considered  a lieutenant of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel that José Antonio “N” leads nationally , alias "El Marro".

The capture was the effect of a joint task against crime carried out by the National Guard, State Security and Investigation Guard, the Mexican Army, and the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Investigation.

The El Marro band is dedicated to drug trafficking and huachicol that has its center of operation  in the state of Guanajuato, and has allied itself with the Gulf Cartel.

Fabián N. alias “la Vieja” is one of three brothers who are from the group and are  closest to the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

Tamaulipas AG Offers Reward for CDG Matamoros Plaza Boss

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   VXT

Matamoros, Tamps.- The Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas offers two million pesos as a reward for information derived in the capture of Evaristo Cruz, aka "El Vaquero".

"El Vaquero" is wanted by the state authorities for being alleged head of the plaza in the municipality of Matamoros for the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

According to the authorities, the man is claimed by the judicial authority, signaled for generating a climate of violence significantly affecting peace and public safety in the entity, specifically in that municipality.

Juárez, Chihuahua: Nuevo Cartel de Juarez Activate a Rat Trap

NOTE: No Graphic Images in Video

A dying man with a gun shot wound in his head along with his hands severed was found lying on the ground this morning.

The discovery was made by neighbors in Ignacio Zaragoza and Paraguay streets in the Colonia Romero neighborhood.

The severely beaten man had his hands cut off and had been shot in one eye.

This happened to him for being a thief, explained a manta left next to the individual ..

Manta reads as follows:
"This will happen to all car thieves, vehicle battery thieves and junkyards who buy them," warned the manta signed by the Juarez Cartel.

Friday, February 28, 2020

CORONAVIRUS Psychosis--- 2 cases of the virus in Mexico

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
First cases of CORONAVIRUS confirmed in Mexico
The Ministry of Health confirmed the first two cases of coronavirus in Mexico

The first is a 35-year-old man who returned from Italy, has mild symptoms and is very low risk, said Assistant Secretary Hugo López Gatell. Confirmation was determined after two positive tests. He is in isolation at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) in Mexico City.  Also in isolation, his wife, sister, and 2 children, all who just returned to Mexico from Bergamo, Italy where he was infected.

Video is Culiacan Costo:

Perris cemetery triple slaying suspect arrested in Wyoming with 15 lbs of marijuana

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Desert Sun

A twice-deported Mexican national suspected of killing three men execution-style at a Perris cemetery was arrested Thursday, more than 1,000 miles away, with 15 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle....

Jose Luis Torres Garcia, 33, was taken into custody Thursday morning in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he is now awaiting extradition back to Riverside County, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Jose Luis Torres Garcia, 33, a twice-deported Mexican national suspected of killing three men execution-style at a Perris cemetery was arrested Thursday in Wyoming with 15 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

Sheriff’s officials said that law enforcement officers in Cheyenne spotted the fugitive in a silver 2007 GMC Yukon, pulled him over and detained him without incident. After confirming Garcia’s identity, police took him into custody and jailed him at the Laramie County Detention Center.

How Opioids Were Used as Weapons During the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat From the archives

Many countries classify powerful opioids as chemical weapons

In October 2002, after Chechen rebels stormed a Moscow theater and trapped more than 800 people for 57 hours, it seemed like it couldn’t get much worse. Then Russian troops released a mysterious gas into the theater. The gas was intended to incapacitate the rebels—which it did—-but it also ended up killing more than 120 of the hostages.

That gas contained carfentanil, an opioid 10,000 times more powerful than morphine and 100 times more powerful than fentanyl. Fentanyl has received increased media attention in recent years because of the U.S. opioid crisis, but carfentanil has also been seeping into the American drug market and causing overdose deaths. So yes, carfentanil is a drug that Americans are overdosing on—and it’s also a weapon banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

As the then-unknown gas filled the theater, hostages and rebels alike passed out or died immediately. Russian officers dragged everyone out and packed both living and dead hostages onto the same buses and cars, says David Satter, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia’s Road to Terror and Dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

DOJ Press Release and Indictment of Jessica Oseguera Daughter of CJNG Leader "El Mencho"

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Dual U.S.-Mexican Citizen Arrested For Violations Of The Kingpin Act--Next hearing is on Monday March 2
Jessica is charged with interests in property with five business entities I have circled in red

Dual U.S.-Mexican Citizen Arrested For Violations Of The Kingpin Act 
Defendant Alleged to Have Prohibited Financial Transactions Related to Drug Cartel
A dual U.S.-Mexican citizen had her initial appearance in federal court in the District of Columbia Wednesday on charges related to her alleged involvement in five business entities designated by the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) as providing material support to the international narcotics trafficking activities of the Mexican narcotics trafficking organization known as the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG).

Mexico City, CDMX: Campaign on Drug Production and it’s Effects Has Been Launched

The federal government launched a campaign to combat the consumption of synthetic drugs, as part of the strategy to pacify the country.

After counting all the well-being programs of his Administration, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his Government addresses the causes of insecurity, guiding and giving options to young people, without "silence pacts" or hiding reality.

"In the case of drug use," he said, "we need to stop the increase in consumption because if this doesn’t succeed, it will be difficult or it will be more complicated to guarantee peace and tranquility." One hundred of those who lose their lives daily, of those killed in clashes, are shown to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but mainly drugs. "In his morning press conference, López Obrador presented a video that will begin to spread as part of this new campaign, aimed at informing about "the truth of the world of drugs".

"We can now say that there is awareness for young people, because there are options for them to work, so that they can be trained, so they can study, so they can be happy without drugs, because it’s time to show, even with all the crudeness, how drugs harm them and what drugs are made of, "he said.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

El Mencho's daughter arrested in United States confirms family attorney

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

 Jessica Johana Oseguera, the daughter of El Mencho leader of CJNG, was arrested today in the U.S.

Jessica is listed on the U.S. Treasury Department as owner of shadow companies linked to money laundering for the cartel her father leads. El Universal is reporting she was arrested in connection with her brothers, “Menchito” hearing today in DC.

Victor Beltran, the family attorney confirms, she was arrested during the Washington DC hearing of her brother, Ruben Oseguera Gonzales.

There was an arrest warrant issued on February 16th in the U.S. against Jessica and her mother for money laundering.

This is a charge,  she had previously been acquitted for in Mexico by an amparo in 2018.

Beltran is accusing both Mexico and U.S. for “a plot of lies against my client”.

The attorney further stated that his client, Jessica, owned no businesses in the United States, inferring that because of that, she should not be charged with money laundering or be arrested.

Fierce gun battles in Culiacan-Videos

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

What happened in Culiacán, Sinaloa? Update below
After the shooting recorded on Wednesday afternoon in Culiacán, police corporations made the discovery of five lifeless bodies, which show signs of violence and bullet impacts.    

Supposedly the clash was “Los Chapitos” after the people of “El Ruso”.  Ruso is being protected by Mayo who has refused to hand Ruso over to Chapo’s sons.

Shootings in different sectors of the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa  in addition to circulating caravans with armed men in residential areas. 

A rare glimpse of Juan García Abrego: from vehicle thief to drug lord

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Note: Borderland Beat contributor "MX" recovered a November 1978 federal indictment issued against Juan García Abrego, the former leader of the Gulf Cartel. This indictment details García Abrego’s activities as a small-time vehicle thief before his rise to fame. The indictment was retrieved from print archives of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas in Brownsville in February 2020 and was not available online.

From the late 1980s until his arrest in 1996, the name of the legendary drug kingpin Juan García Abrego instilled fear. As the first foreigner on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, García Abrego attracted international attention for his drug crimes and was branded by authorities as the source of violence in northern Mexico and South Texas. However, little is known of his early life when he was a car thief trying to make a name for himself in Brownsville in the 1970s. In this report, Borderland Beat will share a rare glimpse of how García Abrego came of age. 

Mexican Legislators Reject the Death Penalty

The coordinator for the deputies of the Morena political party, Mario Delgado, backed away from the proposal of legislators belonging to his bureaucratic assembly, known as "kiwis", on applying the death penalty in three crimes: rape when the aggressor murders his victim, cases of femicide as well as malicious homicides against minors.

The initiative, presented this Tuesday by the PVEM (Ecologist Green Party of Mexico) bench, is also signed by the deputies who "lent" the Verde Ecologista to Morena so that this fraction achieved the absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies: Francisco Elizondo Garrido, Nayeli Arlen Fernández Cruz, Alfredo Antonio Gordillo Moreno, Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña and Érika Mariana Rosas Uribe.

In the Chamber of Deputies, these legislators are called "kiwis", because they are "brown" on the outside and "green" on the inside.

Delgado affirmed that in his fraction the right of initiative of all the deputies and the parliamentary groups is respected.

Celaya, Guanajuato: Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima Interrogate CJNG Members

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Let’s see you fucking pig what’s your name?
Martinez: ....Martinez.
Sicario: What about that bitch next to you?
Martinez: Jesus Flores.
Sicario: Jesús Flores? Where are you assholes from?
Martinez: We’re from Celaya, Guanajuato.

Sicario: Where are you from?
Martinez: From Celaya, Guanajuato.
Sicario: Which cartel do you work for?
Martinez: We work for the Jalisco Cartel.

Sicario: Which group do you belong to?
Martinez: We belong to the Elite Group.
Sicario: The Elite Group huh? Well, take a look at this shit that they have. What was your job there for this Elite Group?
Martinez: My job was to hold strategic points.
Sicario: To hold strategic points here in Celaya?

Martinez: Yes, here in Celaya.
Sicario: So then you worked for these sons of bitches?
Martinez: Yes.
Sicario: Who’s in charge there?
Martinez: David Zárate.
Sicario: David Zárate? Where all have you all done your bullshit?


Chihuahua, Chihuahua: Business As Usual Within the Underworld

A humble car washer was executed by the underworld.

The man was riddled with gunfire outside his home on Calle Samaniego 4002 in the Bellavista neighborhood, south of the city.

The gunmen shot to kill. He was shot twice in the face and died instantly.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

Chihuahua, Chihuahua: Raid in Search of Sicarios Who Attacked Police

Federal Agents, Ministerial Policemen and State Forces searched the Hotel San Carlos on Avenida Carlos Pacheco and Calle Nicolás Bravo in search of mercenaries from Ciudad Juárez.

The search was carried out after the shooting at the Oficina de Vialidad where an agent was shot.

The hotel is located in the Roma Sur neighborhood, which was besieged by dozens of officers.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CJNG in Canada: B.C.-detained man charged in Mexico cocaine conspiracy ordered extradited to U.S.

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  TY BB Follower  Source
Last April 16, Jose Barba-Ruiz was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency at Vancouver International Airport after arriving on a flight from Mexico. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO
Chivis Note:   
Roberto Castellanos Meza aka “El Beto bonques", is a main CJNG operator in  Nayarit

A Mexican man suspected of links to a “significant cocaine broker” and charged in a major drug conspiracy has been ordered committed for extradition to the United States.

On April 16, 2019, Jose Barba-Ruiz, also known as “Picoso,” was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency at Vancouver International Airport after arriving on a flight from Mexico.

RCMP arrested him after receiving information from the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration that he was wanted in the U.S. on drug conspiracy charges.

Loses Last Hope for Amparo: Zetas founder, El Hummer'; will be extradited to the United States

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat; TY GUS  Zocalo

'El Hummer': the alleged intellectual author of the murder of singer Valentín Elizalde.  His extradition represents highest level member of Los Zetas to be extradited.....

Mexico City.- Jaime González Durán, "El Hummer", one of the founders of the Los Zetas criminal group , will be extradited to the United States.

A federal court put an end to González Durán’s legal battle to avoid its delivery to US justice, by once and for all denying it the amparo against the order to be extradited and will tried for drug trafficking in the United States.

The Tenth Criminal Collegiate Court in Mexico City concluded that all the arguments presented by the alleged criminal leader against his extradition were unfounded and inoperative, says the amparo ruling under review.

"The claimed act in which the Secretary of Foreign Affairs granted the extradition of the complainant is a sovereign act, the discretionary power of the Federal Executive, which in no way is exercised arbitrarily, but is conditioned on the compliance with the procedure the constitutional, legal and conventional requirements, "reads the ruling.

"Therefore, if as stated in this resolution, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE) complied with the formalities of the procedure and also founded and duly motivated the claimed act, it is evident that the Executive was in a position to access the formal request to extradite the revisionist to the requesting country.”

Mystery over cemetery slayings sparks fear and rumors in California town

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Source:::LA Times  TY BBB Follower

On a brisk Sunday evening, four men shared food and drinks before stumbling the next morning into a humble little cemetery dotted with leafless trees.

They came to pay their respects to an old friend, Uver Hernandez Castañeda.

Only one of the men would walk out of Perris Valley Cemetery.

Near the grave of Hernandez Castañeda lay the bodies of three of the men. The fourth, Jose Luis Torres Garcia, has become the subject of a manhunt.

Detectives say the 33-year-old Torres Garcia killed Jaime Covarrubias Espindola, 50; Jose Maria Aguilar-Espejel, 38; and Rodrigo Aguilar-Espejel, 28.

Jose Luis Torres Garcia, 33, is suspected of killing three men in a cemetery.

Culiacán, Sinaloa: Armed, Son of "El JT" Arrested in Restaurant

He was captured armed along with a minor who was also armed.

Agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP) captured Baltazar “T”, son of drug trafficker Javier Torres Félix, alias “El JT” on Monday morning.

The unofficial information indicates that the son of the capo was arrested armed inside a restaurant of the Desarrollo Urbano Tres Ríos, of this state capital.

SCOTUS Rules: Family of Teen Killed in Cross-Border Shooting Can’t Sue Border Patrol Agent

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

In 2010 15 year old Serio Adrian Hernandez Guereca was shot and killed by CBP agent Jesus Mesa.  Agent Mesa says he was responding to a call that there was an illegal border crossing occurring.  

Mesa shot Hernandez from the U.S. side of the border into Mexico, as Hernandez was playing a game that included running into the U.S. territory.

Hernandez’ parents want to sue for the death of their child, but   The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that agent Mesa cannot be litigated against for the shooting.

The conservative majority SCOTUS overruled the liberal minority in a 5-4 decision.

The case “Hernandez v. Mesa”, was heard by the Court in 2017 before being sent back to a federal appeals court.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Inland Empire California: The man who was buried at grave site where three men were found slain

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Previous post relating to this story

Killed in Michoacan in December

A number of you BB followers wrote in commenting about the man buried at the cemetery site where three men were slain this week. 

He was Uver Hernández Castañeda, age 36 when he was murdered in Michoacán this past December.  Below is an article about the killing, from El Debate.

Morelia, Michoacán.- Uver planned to see his entire family in Michoacán this Christmas and with that dream he traveled from the United States to his homeland, but he did not expect that his plans would be cruelly cut by thugs who left him dead 70 kilometers from his destination: Turicato.

December 18th. With an overflowing happiness, he was already traveling through Michoacán lands in that truck that he purchased in his country in the north.

The last trail of Uver Hernández Castañeda, 36, was across the Turicato-Tacámbaro road.

Celaya, Guanajuato: Human Remains Found in Colonia Rosalinda

Human remains were located inside at least half a dozen black plastic bags in a vacant lot in the Rosalinda neighborhood.

The finding happened after 10:00 a.m. on Monday, on Ceresos street, at the corner of Velazquez.

After the citizen report to the 9-1-1 emergency line, elements of the Municipal Police moved to the site and confirmed the finding.

LA LÍNEA on patrol in Cd Madera Chihuahua (video)

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY BB Blog Follower   Source 

Madera, also known as Ciudad Madera, is a town and seat of the municipality of Madera in the mountains of the northwestern Mexican state of Chihuahua.

In this video La Linea is on patrol in the city of Madera over the weekend.

Axton, Virginia: Four Cartel Members Charged With Selling Drugs

Four members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) have been indicted on federal money laundering charges.

United States Attorney Thomas Cullen and Jesse Fong, the Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, announced Monday the grand jury returned an indictment charging Alejandro Escarcega-Avila, Francisco Alvarez-Rosales, Meliton Alvarez-Rosales, and Noe Salvador Becerra-Gonzalez with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Escarcega-Avila is also charged with one count of illegal reentry of a previously removed alien and one count of illegal possession of a firearm by an illegal alien.

Bloody weekend in Zacatecas as CDS and CDG clash

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Seven bodies found on a bridge in Rio Grande Zacatecas that leads to the community of Loreto.  Five bodies found on the bridge and two others close by.  There is  a narco banner left hanging on the railing.

Cuernavaca, Morelos: Two Bagged Bodies Are Left in The Tulipanes Neighborhood

On Friday afternoon, two bodies inside black plastic bags were found abandoned in the Tulipanes neighborhood, municipality of Cuernavaca.

It was between the streets Tulipán Cubano and Tulipán Bélgica in the aforementioned neighborhood, the two bodies were bagged and were reported shortly after three in the afternoon.

According to witnesses, unknown men aboard two vehicles abandoned the human remains, fired several shots in the air and escaped.

At the crime scene next to the bodies a cardboard message was located with threats against alleged criminal groups.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Chihuahua: A 15-year-old among those who attacked Governor's bodyguards

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  material from    El Heraldo Chihuahua

A 15-year-old is one of those arrested as allegedly responsible for the attack against the bodyguards of Governor Javier Corral Jurad. The teen was secured after a chase which ended on  Escorsa Street behind the facilities of Avenida 1,  where another person was also arrested.

An assault was registered against elements of the State Security Commission assigned to the State Governor’s residence.

From this aggression, two elements were shot, who nevertheless managed to repel the aggression by injuring one of the attackers.

After a chase, a patrol of the Road Division managed to stop the stolen vehicle with the aggressors on board, one of them attempted to flee on foot.

The three alleged aggressors report being from Ciudad Juárez.

Riverside County California Sheriff: 3 men were slain at Perris cemetery; possible cartel connection investigated

Chivis Martinez   Borderland Beat   TY GUS  Source

The three men found dead in a Perris cemetery Monday morning were killed near the grave of a man who was slain in Mexico, and investigators are trying to determine whether there is a connection, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

Detectives were looking into whether the location of the homicides was meant to send a message and whether a cartel or a gang was involved.

“Three people killed at the same time, that was a message for something, whether it was for someone else or whether it was to them, three people being killed in a cemetery is not the norm,” Bianco said.

Reports out of Mexico say the man was slain in December. A grave marker with that man’s name at Perris Valley Cemetery says he died in December. His gravesite was elaborately decorated Tuesday with a crucifix, hearts, flowers, balloons and solar lights. Bianco would not confirm whether the man named on the grave is the person killed in Mexico. Detectives from Riverside County have been in contact with Mexican authorities, the sheriff said.

NFL Offensive Lineman Greg Robinson Found with 157 Pounds of Weed in Vehicle

Robinson and a second suspect face up to 20 years in prison.

Former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Greg Robinson was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso, Texas, after he was found with 157 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle at a checkpoint.

Robinson, according to a federal complaint, was charged by the Department of Justice Wednesday with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Also arrested and charged was another former NFL player, Jaquan Tyreke Bray, 26, who played for three seasons with the Indianapolis Colts from 2015-2017.

The pair approached the Sierra Blanca checkpoint station, where a U.S. Border Patrol canine unit alerted authorities to their vehicle, the DOJ said in a statement Wednesday. Agents then asked Bray to park the vehicle in the inspection area for further investigation.

A subsequent inspection by agents, according to the complaint, revealed 157 pounds of marijuana inside several large duffle bags in the back of the vehicle.

FILE - In this Dec. 15, 2019, file photo, Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Greg Robinson smiles during an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Ariz. Robinson was being held Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020, in a Texas jail on a...
Rick Scuteri/AP

Robinson allegedly rented the vehicle in Los Angeles Sunday and arranged for a third person to drive the three of them to Louisiana, the complaint said. The DOJ said the third person was an Uber driver Robinson met in 2018.

When the trio reached El Paso and was getting inspected, authorities said Robinson asked the Uber driver to take the fall for the marijuana and that he'd pay him later. The driver purportedly refused and told Robinson he wouldn't have agreed to drive them had he known they were transporting drugs.

Both suspects are being held without bond pending an initial appearance before a U.S. magistrate judge. If convicted, Robinson and Bray face up to 20 years in prison.

After playing with the team for the past two seasons, a Browns team source told ESPN the organization previously told Robinson that it would not re-sign him for the 2020 season. Robinson was selected with the second pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams. He also previously played for the Detroit Lions.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

DEA Agent Accused of Conspiring With Cartel

A once-standout U.S. federal narcotics agent known for spending lavishly on luxury cars and Tiffany jewelry has been arrested on charges of conspiring to launder money with the same Colombian drug cartel he was supposed to be fighting.

Jose Irizarry and his wife were arrested Friday at their home near San Juan, Puerto Rico, as part of a 19-count federal indictment that accused the 46-year-old Irizarry of “secretly using his position and his special access to information” to divert millions in drug proceeds from control of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“It’s a black eye for the DEA to have one of its own engaged in such a high level of corruption,” said Mike Vigil, the DEA’s former Chief of International Operations. “He jeopardized investigations. He jeopardized other agents and he jeopardized informants.”

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tirso Martinez Sanchez: Another sweet deal cut for ratting on El Chapo.....May be out in 1 year

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

He operated Chapo’s Mexico to NYC “Cocaine Train”

Yet another sweetheart deal given to a former Sinaloa Cartel operator was handed down on Thursday.  Another sweetheart deal, which in all probability, wasn’t needed to achieve the goal of putting away “El Chapo” for his natural life.

Tirso Martinez Sanchez, “El Futbolista” , who testified against his former boss in the trial of El Chapo, could have received a life sentence had he not sang like a canary.

Brooklyn federal Judge Brian Cogan sentenced him to a nine year sentence, with six years’ time served in US and Mexican prisons.

He could get out in one year.

Tamaulipas, Mexico: CJNG Interrogate and Execute a Drug Distributor for Cartel del Noreste

I wasn't told but I am assuming this is graphic

Video translation is as follows:
Sicario #1: Go ahead.
Sicario #2: Get on your fucking knees fool.  
Sicario #1: Get on your knees. 
Sicario #2: Get on your knees. 
Drug Distributor: No bro. Just kill me right here like this. 
Sicario #1: No,no. Get on your fucking knees fool. 
Sicario #2: Get on your knees. 
Sicario #1: Who do you work for?
Drug Distributor: I worked for...well, like I said before I didn’t work for anyone bro. 

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Criminal Explosion in Juarez!

The narco-war against the state government is very serious.

An intense shooting between police and criminals was recorded this afternoon in Los Kilometers to the south-west of the city.

State agents were attacked in the Kilometer 29 neighborhood. Furthermore, the criminals barricaded themselves in a house on Calle Crisóforo Caballero.

Police reinforcements immediately arrived. And the shooting lasted more than half an hour, while neighbors hid scared by the hail of gunfire.

Friday, February 21, 2020

El Menchito is Extradited to The U.S.

The Mexican government handed over Rubén Oseguera González to the United States, El Menchito, identified as number two of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, federal officials said. The authorities consulted indicated that the extradition was carried out during the day, leaving El Menchito available to US agents.

Last September, a Collegiate Court refused to grant an amparo to Rubén Oseguera, with whom he sought not to be handed over to be tried by the Federal Court of the District of Columbia, in Washington.

Extradited to the U.S.: CJNG Background and indictment of El Menchito, the son of El Mencho leader of CJNG

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
First Court hearing held on Friday
Mexican agents hand over Menchito to U.S. agents
Menchito's first court appearance was held today; he entered a “Not Guilty” plea on all counts, and requested a court appointed attorney, additional hearing and scheduling information below.

According to federal authorities, Menchito, Ruben Oseguera Gonzales, a U.S. citizen, the son of El Mencho, was released from the Federal Criminal Court of Hermosillo, Sonora, and was transported by air to the U.S. 

Early  September, the Second Collegiate Court in Criminal and Labor Matters of Oaxaca denied the amparo protection which Oseguera González intended to prevent his transfer to the United States. 

Below is the background and indictment of El Menchito. more than five years, Menchito was imprisoned in the Federal Penalties of the Altiplano, Oaxaca and Hermosillo. 

The government of Mexico has not issued a violence alert for any outbreak that may occur in “protest” of the extradition.
Leaving Hermosillo with U.S. Agents
Enters “Not Guilty” Plea today,  in first court proceedings:
Proceedings held before Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey: Initial Appearance on Arrest Warrant/Arraignment as to RUBEN OSEGUERA-GONZALEZ (1) Count 1,1s,2,2s held on 2/21/2020.
Not Guilty Plea entered by RUBEN OSEGUERA-GONZALEZ (1) as to all counts. 
Oral Motion to Appoint Counsel held today. For  RUBEN OSEGUERA-GONZALEZ  Heard and Granted.

Oral Motion by the Government for Temporary Detention (3 Day Hold) Heard and Granted.

Detention Hearing set for 2/26/2020 at 01:45 PM in Courtroom 6 
Status Hearing set for 2/28/2020 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 22A before Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell.

Bond Status of Defendant: Defendant Held without Bond.