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Drone footage of the Abuelo vs Mencho battle yesterday in Tepalcatepec, Michoacan

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus and USA22X

Policía Comunitaria Tepalcatepec

“The united people will never be defeated.  El Abuelo is not a person, El Abuelo is a people, El Abuelo is the idea that it is possible to live without cartels.”

 Video recorded after the confrontation with the Jalisco cartel below.

In the video, footage recorded by a drone, dozens of trucks and community members  gathered at the entrance of the town, moments after the shooting that yesterday left 9 dead and 11 injured. The CJNG convoy consisted of 6 trucks.

American teen "Juanito Pistolas" was killed but with his head intact

By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 

 "I am a criminal and so I am going to die, I am a zeta until death," so says one of the songs dedicated to Jaunito.

Juanito Pistoles

A ghastly image of a dead assassin with his head blown off  made the rounds, as did  subsequent reports that it was “Juanito Pistoles”.  This set off a debate here at Borderland Beat, suicide or gun blast?  At least that part of the debate is settled, the person sitting upright, weapon at attention, missing his head, was not "Juanito".

However, he was killed in the fray that day of August 27th, in the war torn Tamaulipas city of Nuevo Laredo, but with his head intact.

This past Tuesday, in the middle of the day, there was a flurry of radio communication being transmitted between CDN assassins, warning; “Do not advance to Los Aguacates!”

Chihuahua: NCDJ Leaves Narcomanta with Three Slaughtered Women

Armadillo Borderland Beat From Twitter 
 In the city of Madera, Chihuahua, the Nuevo Cartel de Juarez allegedly left a narcomanta accompanied by three women, who all seem to have their throats slit,, saying;

"Here's your informant whores, send us more.

And you PIGS are next:

Francisco Arvizu (El Jaguar), Jose Alfredo Nunez Cardenas (platanito), La Cebra, El Venado, El Grande, Juan Arno Bustillos Carpintero (Yoni), Alfredo (Texas), Charolito, Jose Avilez, Marco Diaz, Chekes, Martin Enzinas, Arturo Aviles, Antonio Villa (Toni Villa) Guadalupe Murillo



Tijuana: FGR Secures Nine Tons Of Marijuana

Armadillo Borderland Beat From Proceso
 Personnel of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) secured more than nine tons of marijuana in a building in the Pinos Agüero neighborhood of Tijuana, Baja California.

In a statement, the agency explained that elements of the State Preventive Police noticed that drug packages were stored inside the residence and notified federal authorities.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The sounds of war in Tepalcatepec Michoacan

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

People of the municipality of Tepalcatepec in Michoacán reported through social networks several gun battles among organized crime groups.

The shootings occurred with high-power weapons and the use of fragmentation grenades was also detected.

Multiple videos were posted by residents of the city on social media, which represent the intense fighting including the sounds of grenades.

Michoacan: The spirit of Mad Max lives in Mexico

Tepalcatepec, Michoacán - It seems the era of Mad Max has officially arrived upon the Mexican Republic for some time now. What Hollywood produces as mindless entertainment for the world has now become an actual reality for the the citizens of Michoacán. Armed civilians have taken to making crude armor plated war machines for their battle against rivals. Whatever it takes to win those battles are being used and employed in the ongoing narco war for supremacy between opposing groups. 

Video translation is as follows:

Mexico missing: Guadalajara, the city where 'you can feel the fear'

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus from BBC

The only hint that anything is wrong in La Estancia, a leafy suburb of the Mexican city of Guadalajara, are the dozens of "for sale" signs posted outside the houses.

People started leaving in May, when police found a decomposed body in a home on a quiet side street.

Last month, a kidnap victim escaped and directed police to another address on the same road. Inside, they found a corpse and three severed heads.

So far this year, more than 15 murder and burial sites - some holding dozens of dead bodies - have been found within homes in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco state.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Criminals install fake checkpoint to rob motorists in Tamaulipas

The armed group forced motorists to pull over so that they could review their belongings and strip them of their personal possessions.

At least eight suspected criminals installed a fake checkpoint to rob all motorists and tractor trailer drivers that were traveling along the highway in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The armed group pulled over a four-door truck and forced motorists of the Tamaulipas highway to review their belongings and deprived them of money, jewelry and everything that was of value.

El Menchito "Aquitted" of Organized Crime ordered released

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Material from elimparcial, Vanguardia

However he will remain in prison for now

The son of the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), won another battle in court.

Rubén Oseguera González, alias “El Menchito”, was acquitted Wednesday by the eighth judge of the District of Federal Criminal Proceedings of the state of Jalisco, José Reynoso.

The prosecutor ordered the immediate release of the son of "El Mencho", leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The son of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes is imprisoned at the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso) number 15 with headquarters in Villa Comaltitlán, Chiapas. He still has to fight other crimes.

The Attorney General's Office can appeal the judge's decision, however, until yesterday afternoon he had no knowledge of this decision.

Reportedly, El Hummer is set to be extradited in the coming days

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Journalist Raul Flores of Imagen is reporting that in the next few days, the Mexican government will extradite Jaime González Durán aka "El Hummer" to the United States.  Although he was arrested 11 years ago, it was not until 2015 that the United States Government initiated.his extradition and the process began.

González was one of the founders and  main leaders of Los Zetas. He will be tried in the District Court of Columbia for conspiracy, distribution and importation of cocaine.

Reforma is reporting that uan Mateo Brieba de Castro, Sixth District Judge in Criminal Amparo of Mexico City, also dismissed or dismissed the ex-military's Amparo claim, after concluding that the extradition process complies with all legal formalities and there is no violation of his fundamental rights. 

CJNG claims they will soon act in Uruapan, Michoacan

Uruapan, Michoacan - On Thursday morning, they were mantas located in different parts of the municipality of Uruapan, with a narco message, signed by the CJNG.

One of them was located in the Plaza de Zumpimito, the second in Manuel Pérez Coronado at the height of the Facultad de Agrobiologia outside Vicente Guerrero Elementary School, and the third in San José de la Mina.

Several narco mantas were left by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) in different parts of this city of Uruapan, in which they send a message of threat to their rivals: The Caballeros Templarios and Los Viagras. They also point to an alleged involvement of the late Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, Victor Manuel Maldonado, with these antagonistic groups of his.

Coatzacoalcos Ver: Description of decap video in the territorial war of CJNG and Zetas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Video:Extremely graphic decapitation video of the  owner of the attacked bar in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz 

Chivis Note: The violence of this plaza region is the most violent in the state of Veracruz. This area has long been a stronghold of Los Zetas. The recent violence is the result of the territorial war between the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) and Los Zetas, two of the main drug trafficking groups operating in the state and CJNG’s attempt to power grab the drug plaza away from Zetas.  Zetas have been in the region for 15 years and have police and local government on the payroll.  The fact that CJNG has been pointed to for this massacre could well be that it is a diversion tactic taking the heat off Zetas as Loca said in his recorded message.

It is my opinion that it was also Zetas not CJNG who were responsible for the Good Friday massacre in Minatitlán, Veracruz.  A Trans bar owner named “La Becky” was one of 14 killed at the Los Potros restaurant. Among the dead was Santiago Hernández - a 1 year old boy who was repeatedly shot by the gunmen while his parents tried to shield him.

Ricardo Romero Villegas aka La Loca speaks out in his defense

Somewhere in Mexico - Video translation is as follows: 

"Good morning well I just want you to know that I was asleep. And when I woke up I found out that the authorities are looking for me for a homicide that took place, for an attack that happened last night at the Caballo Blanco. And well, I want you all to know that it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Video: Coyuca de Catalán GRO: Classes Canceled in at Least 10 Schools Due to Violence

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y Counterweight y Infobae
Criminal groups have been spreading videos with threats to their rivals, this has already caused some schools to suspend classes in Coyuca de Catalán, in Guerrero.

Due to the high rates of violence and organized crime in Guerrero , 37 schools remain closed, so approximately 1,000 basic students in the municipalities of Coyuca de Catalán and Zirándaro have not started the 2019-2020 school year.

In this regard, Juan Mondragón Torres, Delegate of Educational Services of the Secretary of Education Guerrero (SEG) in the region of Tierra Caliente, explained that of the 37 schools affected by organized crime, 27 are located in Coyuca and 10 in Zirándaro.   VIDEO next page:

Guanajuato Sinks into Violence

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Eluniversal
Despite the arrival of the National Guard to the state and the security operations, organized crime remains in the streets generating ever more deaths, says Specialist.

Neither with the operation of the Timón "coup" nor with the arrival of federal forces and the official strategy of the fight against huachicoleo, has stopped the violence in Guanajuato; Organized crime remains in the streets and the presence of the National Guard in the state has not made a difference.

Public security specialists report that the entity was placed on the cusp for violence and homicides at the hands of criminal groups that commit crimes without taking into account the presence of the National Guard. Nothing frightens them.

Nuevo Laredo: His head was annihilated by a gun blast, now identified as teen sicario Juanito Pistolas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus TY BB follower for the video

In Sol’s post of yesterday Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas: Tropa del Infierno returned straight to hell, there is a ghoulish image of an alleged sicario sitting with a weapon with his head completely annihilated, apparently from elements of CAIET.

CAIET claims that they were under attack and therefore their gunfire was retaliatory.

Seven members of Tropa del Infierno were killed in the confrontation.

The image of the person whose head was blown off his shoulders has been identified as Juan Pistolas,
a 17 year old sicario. Juanito is said to have joined the narco ranks since he was 12, and by 13 already had a corrido recorded in his honor.

Children who feel they have no options, often impoverished, uneducated, aspire becoming a famous sicario.  They obviously are aware their life may be short, but perhaps conclude that a the narco life, especially that of a sicario, will provide them with a life of excitement, money and all they see in the glorification of joining a cartel.

Warning! Graphic image below No further text...

Veracruz: CJNG accused of bar attack that killed 26 and injured 12

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

- The Government of Veracruz identified one of those allegedly responsible for the attack on a bar in Coatzacoalcos that so far has left a balance of 26 dead.

On his Twitter account, Governor Cuitláhuac García said that one of the material perpetrators of the
attack on the White Horse bar had been arrested last month, but was released by the state prosecutor's office two days later.

"The indications about the deplorable crime in the Coatzacoalcos bar,  point out that one of the material authors is Ricardo 'N' alias 'La Loca'  was stopped in July of this year and was released in less than 48hrs (sic) by the FGE," the state president wrote.

According to official sources, another 12 people are hospitalized for burns, after the attackers set fire to the property.

Los Mexicles: the faction of the Sinaloa Cartel accused of killing 3 innocent girls, and Mexicales fight back denying responsibility

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from infobae and El Diario Gus! 👏

A command killed three girls in Ciudad Juarez: they shot more than 100 times and and ended their lives with a coup de grace...

his weekend a tragedy made headlines in the national media:  about the killing of  three young girls in Ciudad Juarez . The minors were shot by a group of hit men who fired more than 100 times and ended up giving them the "coup de grace" (a shot in the head).

The first investigations have indicated as responsible for the attack as Los Mexicles, a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel . It is one of the most violent and armed cells of the criminal group. Reports indicate that they were formed as a gang of vehicle thieves, and assault on trade and extortion. It was formed by gang members deported from the United States to Mexico who initially settled in the northern part of the country.

SSP (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública) arrests men and turns them over to criminal group

Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz - A video that began to circulate on social networks indicates that the young men were handed over to criminal groups. Family members had already reported their disappearance.

Two young people who were kidnapped last Saturday night are still missing. But a video started making the rounds online where both are handcuffed and heavily armed men murder them.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas: Tropa del Infierno returned straight to hell

Personnel from the Special Operations Group of the Center for Analysis, Information and Studies of Tamaulipas (CAIET) repelled this afternoon an aggression against them made by several armed subjects in the vicinity of the Nuevo Laredo

Seven aggressors died in the firefight, all of which were carrying high-powered rifles.

Initial reports indicate that CAIET police officers were on patrol when a RAM truck, with Texas plates, the subjects began shooting at them.

The attackers wore military-type uniforms with badges and tactical equipment. They belong to the group that in previous days had attacked state police while they were setting up a checkpoint. And also shot at them in a hotel in Nuevo Laredo.


El Mayo: A kid sends a message in his favor

Drug pushers just don’t seem to have any qualms about placing their children into harms way. No thought whatsoever is given in regards to a child’s safety. And the kids they just don’t know any better. They’re going to mimic what their adult parents or peers around them are doing. 

Tamaulipas: Mexico's Playa Bagdad mixes sun, sand and drug trafficking

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY "Tu Fren" from AP News

One man who was fishing with friends at the mouth of the Rio Grande, recalled seeing a would-be border crosser who cartel gunmen brought back from the river between the two countries at gunpoint.They pointed guns at him and brought him back,” he said.  “If you want to cross, it is with them.”

LAYA BAGDAD, Mexico (AP) — At the very eastern end of the U.S.-Mexico border there’s a long strip of sand where the Rio Grande meets the sea. It is called Playa Bagdad — or ‘Bagdad Beach.’

Unlike the Tijuana-Imperial Beach border on the western end, here there are no steel pilings marching out to sea to stop migrants from swimming, wading or paddling across to the United States.

In Playa Bagdad, which is spelled ‘Playa Baghdad’ by the Drug Enforcement Agency, it’s apparently unnecessary: This is a beach for drugs and crime, not migrants.

Juarez: “Los Mexicles” kill 3 little girls with uncle, father abducted

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Radio Formula  eldiariojuarez

Three girls of 14, 13 and 4 years of age were killed yesterday at a ranch in the Riberas del Bravo neighborhood, in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

The victims were identified as Lindsay, Sherlyn and Arleth Sánchez Gordillo, who were with their parents when a group of armed men entered the place and opened fire on the family.

The multiple homicide occurred during the first hours of last Sunday leaving left four people dead and two police officers injured in a crash recorded during the chase of the aggressors.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Sonora: An armed commando kills six, video

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus from Sonora Presente

Empalme, Sonora.- Sunday afternoon was stained red after an armed attack was perpetrated against several people near the town of José María Morelos in the municipality of Empalme.

At least six people were shot in a violent shooting while traveling on the Providencia-Ortiz highway after a horse race ended.

The victims were traveling in several vehicles; one of them was pulling a horse trailer, so it is believed that they would have participated in the competition held in the mentioned town.

Several videos of the event began to circulate through the network, in some you can see how a person hugs one of the victims, both lying on the pavement of the road, a strong image impacted more than one.

Canada: Cross-border drug bust near Princeton involved helicopter chase

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Ciro from Vancouver Sun 

Reading like a script for a Hollywood blockbuster, court documents filed in Penticton recount a high-stakes game of cat and mouse that involved nearly 200 kilograms of methamphetamine and played out in the skies over the Similkameen Valley in June.  Details of the incident are spelled out in paperwork filed by police in order to obtain multiple search warrants for a property near Chilliwack, where a helicopter at the centre of the chase is alleged to have eventually landed with an RCMP plane on its tail.

Sonora: Vamos'pa la guerra listos pa'l topon-- "let's go to war"

Sonora, Mexico - The images that say more than a thousand words, again contradict the easy discourse with which it is intended to govern. In fact there is a Mexican narco insurgency. And it’s being driven through the streets, roads and highways with total impunity. While parading firepower, armed aboard luxurious trucks, some with weaponized turrets capable of penetrating armor. 

El R5 uses young kid to send Mencho video message

And so it goes that as we’re moving along that endless conveyor belt of social media. We come across yet another one of those oddities that just defies all logic. In a normal world children are taught mannerisms and sent to school. But in the world of drug pushers they’re being taught the complete opposite. A video has just surfaced of a very young child sending El Mencho a profanity laced message while pulling the charging handle on a rifle. Apparently in the world of narcos it’s ok to exploit children for their criminalistic ways. The individual suspected of having manipulated the child for this broadcast is Jesus Gregorio Villanueva aka El R5. 

Video translation is as follows:

Look here Mencho motherfucker. We’re gonna take away your shit just so you can see who R5 the grand dick is. Eh papi. I can have you killed fucker. Those guys that you employ can suck my dick. Everyone from Jalisco can go fuck them selves. You know we’re all about that fight. Holy fuck. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Cancun: Former Canadian Consulate found murdered with message

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus from Noticaribe 

The former honorary consul of Canada, Daniel Lavoie, was found lifeless inside his apartment, on Pecarí Street, in Supermanzana 20 , his body has traces of violence and was wrapped in a sheet, as well as a message written in a notebook that says: "This happened when you rape children.”

Preliminarily it was indicated that the body of the former consul of Canada, 62 years old, was found by one of his friends who came to see him at noon this Sunday, because he did not have communication with him and when he arrived he did not answer his calls, which is why he opened the apartment with a copy of the key.

"El Perrillas" Arrested, Tláhuac Cartel in Mexico City

Yaqui  for Borderland Beat from: RadioFormula y Infobae
                            “El Perrillas” falls alleged leader of hitmen of the Tláhuac Cartel
                 After the death of "Los Ojos", he assumed leadership in the Tláhuac Cartel.

The Investigation Police (PDI) of the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City arrested Carlos Ramón Hernández Martínez alias “El Perrillas”, identified as one of the leaders of a group of hit men in the service of the Tláhuac Cartel.

Journalist Murdered: Nevin Condés Jaramillo

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AnimalPolitico y Reuters
          The journalist Nevith Condés Jaramillo, in Tejupilco, State of Mexico is murdered
    His body was found in the Cerro de Cacalotepec and he presented with puncture injuries.

Nevith Condés Jaramillo, a journalist for the El Observatorio del Sur portal , was killed this Saturday in the municipality of Tejupilco, in the State of Mexico.

According to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, his body was found in the Cerro de Cacalotepec and he presented with gunshot wounds. Reuters reports he was stabbed to death.

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) initiated in this municipality inquiries to clarify the details of the murder of the journalist.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nueva Plaza video: "El 85 lost Colima and half of Jalisco, Mencho refused to help his release"

The Nueva Plaza Cartel sends a two part video the message goes to El Tanque, El Jardinero, El Mencho, Armando Valencia and Juan Carlos El Patron 3.

They claims El 85  lost Colima and half of Jalisco when he was arrested and Mencho did not help finance his release.

And El 53 [a founder of CJNG] killed in Carls Jr, was working with Erik Valencia El 85, but was summoned to a meeting and executed to render El 85 without power.

Read narrative below; translation by Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat

Uncontrolled and All Around: The Circulation of Firearms in Jalisco

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from

                      Sin control y por doquier: la circulación de armas de fuego en Jalisco

In 2018, Jalisco registered 2,919 victims of manslaughter. This resulted in a rate of 35 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, well above the national average of 29 and the 10 deaths that the World Health Organization designates as the figure to qualify as having an "epidemic of violence."
However, what triggered the alarms of those who analyze these violent events is the increase in bullets. According to the newly structured figures of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), gun killings in Jalisco were the leading cause of death in 2018.
Where do all these weapons come from? Who should regulate their possession, control, and registration? What happens to all the weapons that are confiscated by the authorities and what happens to the people who are arrested carrying weapons that are exclusively used by the Armed Forces?
This report explores the correlation between the increase in malicious homicides and the increase in weapons in Jalisco.
By Jonatha Ávila / Journalist and Editor at | @ joonathanag

CJNG video message for Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato

CJNG has released another video. A platoon of 11 armed sicarios surround an individual by the name of El Conejo (The Rabbit). 8 of those men are standing. 2 are kneeling and 1 man is in the prone position. They’re all holding assault rifles in their hands. The guy in the prone position is holding a Barret .50 cal sniper rifle. Broadcast is 59 seconds long. No torture or actual murder takes place within this film. Video is safe for everyone to see. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

"Comandante Bombón", Head of Los Zetas Sicarias Sentenced to 17 Years

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Sin Embargo
La “Comandante Bombón, head of the Los Zetas Sicarias in NL, sentenced to 17 years in prison

María del Pilar Narro López, better known as the “Comandante Bombón”; Former member of the organized crime group “Los Zetas”, she was an important member of the cartel when she was still collaborating with the Gulf Cartel, under the command of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén.

María del Pilar was as cruel as any Zeta, she had the reputation of being everything but sweet, as her nickname might assume. She and other women members of "Las Panteras" were feared by anyone, and everyone , including members of the cartel itself. 

Update: Another Environmentalist Murdered in Chiapas

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Infobae y televisa y
Murdered:  the environmentalist Nora Patricia López León in Chiapas: they found her body in a hostel in Palenque. The biologist was in charge of the reproduction project of the red macaw, in the Aluxes Ecotourism Park.

The Prosecutor's Office of Homicide and Feminicide of Chiapas, with the power of the detention of her murderer or murders, follows up on the investigation folder for the death of environmentalist Nora Patricia López León, after events occurred on Wednesday in the municipality of Palenque.

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) indicated that the prosecution mentioned it will investigate the case, after the victim was found dead in a hostel on the Palenque-Ocosingo road.

Los Zetas: Overview of events leading to its dissension, split and transformation

By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat - from BB archives originally published April 27, 2018
A republished post from 2018 updated

“El Huevo” CDN Supreme Leader
Los Zetas

As of December 2016 Los Zetas Group Bravo (Groupo Bravo) and Zetas Vieja Escuela (Old School Zetas) formed an alliance with the Gulf cartel to fight against Cartel Del Noreste (Cartel of the Northeast-Trevino group).

Once upon a time it was all so much easier for the Los Zetas cartel.  The group was formed by CDG supreme leader Osiel Cardenas as an enforcer group.  This worked well  under the direction of Cardenas.

It was subsequent to the arrest of Cardenas, and the weak leadership that followed, that Zetas became a power in their own right with infighting resulting in  their independence and  eventual split from CDG under the leadership of Heriberto Lazcano aka ‘Lazca”  or “Z3” in 2010.  He selected Miguel Trevino Morales “Z40” to share leadership, with Lazca taking the enforcement portion of operational leadership and “40” trafficking and diversification.  Folklore has “40” as the sadistic baby boiler and black hearted killer when in fact Lazca was in charge of killings, “settling” of scores and enforcement's.

Nephew for Nephew

Thursday, August 22, 2019

‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ Is a Supernatural Tale About Mexican Orphans Running From Ghosts & Cartels

Posted by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Remezcla


[This is a review of a film I have not yet seen and am posting because of obvious relevance to BB subject matter. I will write my own review upon viewing the film. This review does not reflect views of BB staff members including my own. - El Profe]

Trailer here.

By Carlos Aguilar

With graffiti scrawled on the walls of an abandoned city populated by orphans, Issa López’s poetically haunting fairy-tale Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven) addresses Mexico’s ongoing drug-related violence with an unblinking brand of social realism. Tigers Are Not Afraid finds in dark fantasy the perfect visual vocabulary needed to transmit its pleas for awareness on a visceral level — comparisons to Guillermo del Toro’s sensibilities are entirely deserved.

From our disheartening reality, López took the alarming statistics of thousands of missing and displaced people in her homeland, a phenomenon that has rendered some communities into ghost towns, and formulated a mesmerizing genre knockout where factual dread intermingles with supernatural entities and wondrous visions.

How CJNG infiltrated Cancun

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Infobae

Translated by Cruz

Assault on Paradise: how "El Mencho" and the CJNG infiltrated Cancun and The Riviera Maya

The New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) is the fastest growing criminal organization in the country. Like cancer that metastasized in the body, it has expanded everywhere and the jewel of Mexican tourism has not been the exception.

Yes, the Riviera Maya fell under the tentacles of the group dominated by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes alias "El Mencho".

CJNG's power managed to breakthrough a territory controlled by groups of organized crime like the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas, and the Sinaloa Cartel.

CDN: Tropa del Infierno cell attack Tamaulipas State Police

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas - Yesterday afternoon the Tamaulipas State Police was attacked as they were going about performing their civil duties by CDN. Things quickly escalated into a broad daylight shooting involving a cell from CDN known as Tropa del Infierno (Troops from Hell) versus the Tamaulipas State Police. 

Arrested In Guerrero: “El Chaparro” Another Leader of "Los Rojos"

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
Zenén Nava Sánchez, alias 'El Chaparro', alleged leader of the criminal organization of Los Rojos - who is credited with the situation of violence in the regions of the Montaña Bajo and the center area of the State of Guerrero - was arrested on Wednesday 21 August in Chilapa, by elements of the State Police.

David Portillo Menchaca, head of the State Department of Public Security (SSP), reported at a press conference that “El Chaparro” was arrested with three more people after state police intercepted a suspicious vehicle.

The state official stressed that the detainees did not put up resistance and left the unit, and then were identified as José Luis "N" or Senén "N", 37 years old; José Rolando "N" of 33, Gerardo "N" of 23 and José Alfredo "N" of 20.

Clashes in Tamps: 2 Hitmen Dead 3 Officers Wounded w Video

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y Eldiaro
The elite group of the Secretariat of Public Security of Tamaulipas had a double confrontation with members of organized crime, in the triangle formed by the municipalities of Valle Hermoso, San Fernando and Reynosa, resulting in two alleged criminals killed , three police officers injured , a vehicle and armament confiscation.

The first attack was recorded at 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday on the San Fernando-Reynosa highway, at the height of the La Purísima ejido, near the point known as “La Y” and which separates the route to Matamoros.

A group of elite agents belonging to the Tamaulipas Intelligence and Studies Analysis Center left Victoria City for a base near Reynosa. On the way they were surprised by an armed convoy.

45 Kilos of Cocaine Found in Banana Boxes in Washington State Safeway Stores

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: King5
                     NOTE: You will have to use the link to the source at top to see the Video

Kilos of cocaine found in banana boxes at 3 Washington Safeway stores:
Cocaine valued at more than $1 million was found inside shipments of bananas at three Safeway stores in Western Washington.

The King County Sheriff's Office recovered 22 kilos, nearly 50 pounds, of cocaine at a Safeway in Woodinville. The drugs were valued at roughly $550,000. 

“That’s huge, we don’t see that very often," said King County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryan Abbott.