Thursday, February 28, 2019

Michoacan: CJNG Narcomantas appear in Aguililla

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from Proceso 

AGUILILLA, Mich.- Inhabitants of Aguililla reported the appearance of several narcomantas signed by the CJNG in different points of the town, including a school.

The messages were addressed to Aguililla inhabitants and signed by CJNG.

The one placed in the school Lázaro Cárdenas states that "The problem is not with you but with Los Viagra" and it mentions several leaders of the Viagras cartel of the Sierra Santana brothers.

On February 18 and yesterday other narcomantas appeared in the city of Uruapan with messages against the new Attorney General, Adrián López Solís, and leaders of Los Viagras. 

Chihuahua/Chihuahua: Public Security Director of Cuauhtémoc Assassinated

Oaxaqueño for Borderland Beat from LaVerdad, El Debate, Tiempo

On Tuesday at around 14:00 hrs, the municipal public security director of Cuauhtémoc, Efrén Peñaflores Rodríguez, was shot while traveling in a white Dodge Ram on a main avenue in the city of Chihuahua. While his driver, identified as Leobardo Alejandro López Rivera, died instantly next to him, Peñaflores succumbed to his wounds in a private hospital shortly afterwards. Reportedly, Peñaflores was on his way from Cuauhtémoc to Chihuahua. In the southwestern outskirts of Chihuahua, at the intersection of Calle 120 and Silvestre Terrazas, his car was blocked off by a Nissan Tsuru. Subsequently, unidentified attackers disembarked the Nissan and opened fire on the victims, shooting at least 30 times with AR-15’s.

Veracruz: Oil Executive kidnapped and killed

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from The Broken Chair


Veracruz, Ver.- Ministerial authorities confirmed the murder of Luciano Mezquida Arrambide, Maintenance Director of the oil company Grupo Industrial Pitsa.

The official report indicates that the Executive was kidnapped on February 21, in the municipality of Tihuatlán, north of Veracruz. The 67-year-old man was located on Monday night in the trunk of a car in the municipality of Poza Rica, near the area where he was held by armed men.

Due to confidentiality, there are still no indications to know if they asked for a ransom for him, if there was payment, or the motive of the murder. What is known is that Mezquida died due to a blow he suffered in the head, and was then hid in the trunk of a car.

Execution of "El Puma" of the CJNG

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat From PuntoNorte

In charge of beheadings and suspected of murdering the family of  Sinaloa Cartel's"El Güero Leches"

One of the main cell leaders and chief hitman of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) in Tecate, José Jovany Ortiz Covarrubias aka "El Puma" was executed after a heavy shootout involving several vehicles and a group of armed men.

In the confrontation that involved  at least 3 vehicles and a motorcycle,  ended up in a chase in the town of El Hongo.

The body of "El Puma" was found outside the vehicle after the Silverado pick-up where he fled suffered a rollover and went off the road. Several impacts of high-powered weapons were left in the windshield of the pickup and on the body.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sinaloa Cartel: Police find meth smuggled into Canada through new Ford cars built in Mexico

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat Thank you 'Tu Fren' from The Canadian Press

Police find meth smuggled into Canada through new Ford cars built in Mexico.  Police bust international meth import operation.  The investigation started when OPP received reports from Ford dealerships in Ontario about odd spare tires found in Ford Fusions. 

VAUGHAN, Ont. -- Police say they have busted an alleged drug smuggling operation where methamphetamine was being hidden in new cars built in Mexico that were then transported by rail to Canada.

Ontario Provincial Police say employees at four Ford dealerships discovered the drugs stashed within spare tires that didn't match the cars.

They worked with the car company in December and found vehicles that had been dispersed to Quebec and New Brunswick.

Tijuana: Drug shipment from Culiacan packaged with shrimp seized at airpot

Drug shipment from Culiacan packaged with shrimp seized at airport

It is the nature of the city.  The bodies appear with cartulinas, mensajaes, the drug loads cross, the drug loads appear in the local press, flanked by Policia Federal, or the SEDENA, or PEP, whomever.  Yesterday the product was seized at the Tijuana airport.  The dried shrimp boxes, originating from Culiacan, Sinaloa contained 922 kilograms of methamphetamine, 39 kilos of cocaine, and 10 kilograms of heroin. 

Guanajuato: 'Go Pro' footage by El Marro's enforcers of armed attack in CJNG [video]

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from youtube and twitter

This event occurred on February 5th but video was released this week on social media. The footage was captured by one of the Santa Rosa de Lima enforcers who used a Go-Pro camera. One of the cartel enforcers has a green laser sight on this weapon.

The aggression was against members of CJNG. In the recording the aggressors are heard shouting "El Marro !, El Marro!",  the name of the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, who is in a violent war in Guanajuato with El Mencho and CJNG relating to  "huachicol" in the state.

The attack occurred in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, in which 5 men were killed.

Interesting Interview with Ioan Grillo on Mexican Drug War

El Jesse James for Borderland Beat from YouTube Joe Rogan Experience

Great find!  A Joe Rogan interview with one of my most trusted and favorite journalists, Ioan Grillo.  An interesting point in the interview, is the possibility that hash or marijuana may trigger psychotic episodes or Schizophrenia.  I personally know of two people, brothers, who began heavy use of marijuana in high school and both experienced an onset of schizophrenia with severe paranoia. The brothers have different fathers but share a genetic predisposition from their mother. Now one could say that that may have experienced the onset without marijuana use, and I can’t argue against that notion but I hope there are studies and conclusion on the subject.  

View interview below

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sinaloa state law in the making to defend journalists and human rights defenders

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from RioDoce


Violence against human rights defenders and journalists is not a recent issue in Mexico. It did not begin with the murder of Javier Valdez, but many years ago, with the case of the death of Sinaloan lawyer Norma Corona Sapiens.

This statement was made by Balbina Flores Martínez, representative of the organization, Reporters Without Borders, in the forum organized by the State Congress, to formulate a bill to protect human rights defenders and journalists from the State of Sinaloa.
During the forum, which included discussion in three panels, the participants expressed their concern about the situation of human rights defenders and journalists, and therefore stated that local governments should assume their responsibility immediately concerning mechanisms of protection, prevention of aggression, the establishment of effective measures in cases of emergency, and emphasized that the best prevention measure is the cessation of impunity.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Guerrero: Crime silences newspaper in Zihuatanejo

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from BajoPalabra

Acapulco, Guerrero.- Due to violence that has affected several areas in Zihuatanejo, the regional newspaper "Despertar de la Costa" confirmed the suspension of it's activities.

Last Thursday night guns were fired outside the offices of the newspaper Despertar de la Costa, and some of the shots hit the offices.

The newspaper confirmed it's fears and detailed that due to the situation the workers abandoned the property and are currently living in uncertainty

"There have been hours of uncertainty, of concern, but also of many people who have extended their hands, authorities, organizations to protect journalists, as well as media of state and national circulation," the newspaper said.

They also denied that the newspaper was going to completely close its activities, however they did discreetly mention the need for some censorship for their security.

Cuernavaca: Teen murders parents as a test to join organized crime

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from Infobe

First he reported the disappearance of his parents, then he fell into contradictions and finally confessed to the crime

At the end of January a 16-year-old boy appeared at the Morelos Prosecutor's Office to report the disappearance of his parents, said mortified that he had tried to contact them on several occasions to his cell phone without success.

On January 21 were located in the Old Road to Santa Martha, Colonia Cerritos de Garcia in the town of Ahuatepec, the Municipality of Cuernavaca, the bagged bodies of Alejandro "N" and Martha "N".

The corpses were wrapped in black plastic bags with cinnamon tape around them. They had wounds by a knife.

After conducting various expert reports and collecting testimonies, authorities began to suspect the couple's son who had originally reported the disappearance.

The brother of Dámaso López Núñez gunned down

SteveCtpa for Borderland Beat from Rio Doce

The brother of drug trafficker Dámaso López Núñez, El Lic , named Alfredo, was murdered on Sunday in front of the sidewalk located in the Union Quilá, Sinaloa [apx an hour south of Culiacan]

Alfredo López Núñez, 52, lived in the area where the murder occurred in the Los Girasoles neighborhood, where an armed group arrived aboard three units and shot him with heavy weapons.

According to testimonies, the brother of El Lic tried to flee towards the back of the house, but died in the backyard.

Dámaso López Núñez was sentenced to life imprisonment recently in the United States for drug trafficking and testified in a federal court in New York against his compadre Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Santa Rosa Cartel headquarters blockaded by citizens

Throw Away Borderland Beat Proceso

Guanajuato, Gto. .- Inhabitants of the community of Santa Rosa de Lima in Villagrán, headquarters of the so-called Santa Rosa Cartel, blocked the passage of elements of the Army and the State Security Forces that intended to enter the town to carry out a patrol.

Men, women and even children placed tires on the access roads to Santa Rosa and set them on fire.

They also followed the vehicles in which the military and the Fuerzas traveled, to whom they shouted insults, until they were expelled from the area.

Sinaloa Cartel: "The Kings of Meth" (Crystal)

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Translated by "Cruz" for Borderland Beat

The Arzola Campos brothers, Manuel, Francisco and Gerardo, the first two, killed in the last few days and the third was recently sentenced 20 years in prison. They were known as the "the kings of meth" because they practically controlled all of the sales of this drug in the state's capital, with 100+ "puchadores"(dealers) at their service.

Originating from the state of Durango and allies of the Sinaloa cartel, the Arzola Campos brothers were sent to the entity so that they could introduce methamphetamine on a large scale, a designer drug for which several criminal organizations have opted for since it is less expensive.

They are also called "kings of the blue crystal", because this drug has been cataloged by colors for less than 5 years ago, according to the criminal group that distributed it. The Arzola brothers extended their business in cocaine retail sales for the Sinaloa cartel and under its protection, they dabbled in the theft of fuel to Petróleos Mexicanos, with the "milking" of ducts that cross through the city and the theft of vehicles with by violent means.

5 "El Mayo" mantas appear in Jalisco with same message as those in Sonora and other states

BB Follower for  Borderland Beat

GUADALAJARA, Jal. (appro) .- At least five narcomantas were hung in different points of the city with a warning message to the criminal groups and signed presumably by Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, member of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The blankets printed on white canvases with black and red typography contain the same message: "The cleaning  begins in the country, we come with the support of the Federal Government, the old school returns. We welcome dialog with all cartels. If cartels do not align, they will be aligned."

Three of the blankets appeared in the vicinity of the Nueva Central Camionera, in Tonalá. In detail,
one on the pedestrian bridge of the Free Highway to Zapotlanejo, at the height of Las Torres, and the other pair in Patria and Las Torres.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Morelos: Samir Flores, activist against thermoelectric plant, murdered

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Animal Politico

                      Asesinan a balazos a Samir Flores, activista que se oponía a la termoeléctrica de Morelos

Samir Flores Soberanes, opposition leader to the La Huexca thermoelectric plant in the municipality of Cuautla, Morelos, was shot dead on the morning of Wednesday the 20th.
According to the news agency Quadratín, Flores Soberanes was attacked around 5:30 in the morning outside his home, located in the town of Amilcingo, in Temoac, Morelos.
After the attack, Samir, 32, was transferred still alive to the Community Hospital of Jonacatepec but half an hour later he died as a result of the injuries. Witnesses to the events reported that Samir's assailants fled in two cars after firing at him.
The Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala Peoples Front in Defense of Land and Water (FPDTA), reported that Samir was shot twice in the head.

Friday, February 22, 2019

El Chapo Trial: Chapo letter to the court regarding possible jury misconduct [Vice interview]

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Update from the courtORDER granting Defense Motion for Extension of Time until March 28, 2019 to file a motion for new trial as to Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera. Ordered by Judge Brian M. Cogan

Because the Rules of Criminal Procedure require a motion for a new trial to be filed within 14 days of the verdict, this letter simply requests 30 days to file the motion. 

Below click on hyperlink to enlarge

Hermosillo Sonora: Narcomantas alledgedly from El Mayo

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Radar Sonora and Facebook

At dawn on Wednesday a narcomanta was hung in this capital city under the alleged authorship of Sinaloa capo  Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, who vows to undertake a criminal cleanse of the country with the support of the Federal Government.

The message says:  The cleansing  begins in the country, we come with the support of the Federal Government, the old school returns. We welcome dialog with all cartels. If cartels do not align, they will be aligned

Sincerely,  Mayo Zambada "

The last of these narco-messages posted in Hermosillo, was against Célida Lópezon the morning of September 15.

The warning was brief and clear: "We do not want cartels from other states, or Hermosillo will get worse than (Ciudad) Obregón."

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Michoacán: 8 Los Viagras Sicarios Killed while covering leader's escape

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from La Silla Rota

Eight members of Los Viagras, were killed in a clash with soldiers and police in Michoacán.

The State Prosecutor’s office reported that the confrontation occurred at 12:40 local time in the town of Pinzandaro, in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán.

Police and the army surprised the group as they travelled in a convoy of trucks armed with assault rifles and grenades.

The suspects attempted to flee by opening fire on the soldiers, seriously injuring a soldier and a police commander.

Eight of the aggressors were killed and 12 were arrested.

Xochimilco: "El Chicatronik", leader of Sicario group for Los Coti, captured

Throw Away for Borderland Beat source La Silla Rota

Since last year In Xochimilco, a wave of homicides had something in common: they were committed with a .40 caliber pistol, "matapolicías", because it perforates armored vests. Experts, informants and investigative agents led to a suspect: Édgar Aníbal "El Chicatronik" or "Tío Chato", leader of assassins of the criminal organization of "Los Coti". At 21 years of age, "El Chicatronik" is already linked to at least five murders, including that of a federal police officer.

He was arrested this weekend by PDI of Xochimilco, in possession of drugs and the weapon linked to the crimes. A fan of in fast motorcycles and jewelry, "El Chicatronik" was one of CDMX's most wanted and some of its homicides were recorded on video, the copy of which La Silla Rota has. According to investigation CI-FXH / XO-2 / UI-3C / D / 0094 / 02-2019, the alleged gunman was captured in Guadalupe I. Ramírez and Callejón de San Bernardino, Potrero de San Bernardino colony, in Xochimilco.

He had cocaine and a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol.

A judge issued an arrest warrant against him for the homicide of Axel Misael, 21 years old, perpetrated on January 3 in Southern Residential Forests.

Sons of El Chapo Ovidio and Joaquin unsealed indictment for arrest and extradition preparation

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 
Ovidio is the son of El Chapo and Griselda.  Joaquin has the same surname
but has never been listed as one of Griselda’s offspring, 
Some in the Mexican press say they are brothers

On Valentines Day, the indictment and arrest warrants against the sons of El Chapo, OVIDIO GUZMAN LOPEZ, 28, and JOAQUIN GUZMAN LOPEZ, 34,  have been partially unsealed, along with the arrest warrant in the case.  They have been unsealed for the purposes of requirement in the extradition application process, so details are omitted.

From request to seal the documents on 4.2.18 [motion to seal]

This case involves two cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana traffickers who are responsible for conspiring to distribute large quantities of narcotics. The defendants are charged with conspiracy to distribute five kilograms of cocaine, five hundred grams or more of methamphetamine, and one thousand kilograms of marijuana for importation into the United States. The defendants are citizens of Mexico. While it will be necessary for law enforcement officials to disclose the existence of the Indictment and arrest warrant to foreign and domestic law enforcement officials as part of the extradition and investigative processes, public disclosure of such information could jeopardize the investigation and put law enforcement officials, their sources of information and their families at risk.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Narco message appears showing the person responsible for the murder of six people in Iztapalapa

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from Noventagrados

For backstory read Oaxaqueño's post using this hyperlink 

Mexico City, February 19, 2019.- 

Last weekend there were 5 men and a woman killed in the streets of the Los Reyes Culhuacán neighborhood. In the city hall of Iztapalapa, a manta appeared in which the alleged perpetrator is shown, who is assured that he is protected by federal and capital agents.

According to the manta, Gerardo M., "El Yayo", leader of the criminal group "Los Rodolfos", is responsible for the crime at dawn on Sunday.Mexico City, February 19, 2019.- 

The manta is signed by "Pueblos Unidos" and in it they accuse that "El Yayo" is protected by federal agents, from the SSP (Delegation of the Public Security Secretariat) of Coyoacán, and the Public Prosecutor's Office of the sale of illegal drugs.

Oaxaca: A couple is executed in their home, CJNG returns to leave narco manta

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat

“The cleansing has begun; this morning is a warning to those who owe commander “R8”

Sincerely, CJNG

The case of a couple who was brutally executed in their home is causing a sensation on social medias because, through social networks, it was announced that moments after the crime a narco manta signed by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) appeared at the scene.

The events occurred around 08:20 hours this Monday in an address located on Second Private St. and Ninth North in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, in the municipality of Santa Rosa Panzacola, in Oaxaca.

The victims were identified as Soledad, 28, and Fredy, 30, who are presumed to have only lived for six months at the address where they were executed.

According to El Imparcial de Oaxaca, a group of strangers knocked on the door of the building, so Fredy, who allegedly was waiting for a delivery from a postal worker, opened and was shot several times at point-blank range.

El Chapo Trial: Juror claims during trial, 5 jurors followed Vice's Trial coverage

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Juror says he also checked press trial coverage

“A lot of people were having difficulty thinking about him being in solitary confinement, because, well, you know, we're all human beings, people make mistakes, et cetera,” the juror said. A handful “talked about whether or not he was going to be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, because if he was, they wouldn't feel comfortable finding him guilty.”…Chapo Juror

A juror has spoken out to Keegan Hamilton of Vice news and has made the stunning claim that at least 5 jurors, during the trial, followed news coverage including Keegan’s coverage. 

The juror also defied court instructions and kept his/her notes taken during trial

Topolobampo: 630 kilos cocaine seized from a boat

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Riodoce


Six hundred and thirty kilograms of cocaine were seized by Navy elements from a boat in the port of Topolobampo.
The Secretariat of Navy-Armada of Mexico reported that in addition to the seizure of the drug on Sinaloa's coast February 18, they also detained 15 crew members from the small speedboat type vessel with four high-powered engines.
"This action was carried out after an air and maritime surveillance patrol operation, in which a Mexican Navy plane sighted a suspicious vessel sailing at high speed, which led to the establishment of a joint operation between aeronautical units, personnel of the Marine Corps and surface units (ships) under the concept of trinomial, in order to intercept the vessel and inhibit the alleged criminal action," he details.

Chihuahua: West Zone La Linea leader arrested

Stevectpa Borderland Beat republished for VXT

He threaten then attempted to bribe arresting officers

On Sunday  an alleged leader of the criminal group "La Línea" was arrested by elements of the State Investigation Agency in the municipality of Guerrero.

Through a statement, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) reported the arrest of Jorge Luis "N", brother-in-law of Julio César "N", alias "El Sixto", who is also a prisoner and was leader of "La Linea "in Temosachi, Matachi and Guerrero.

Agents of the Model Unit of Attention to the Crime of Kidnapping implemented an operative in coordination with the Intelligence Unit of the State Security Commission in the Magisterial colony.

There they intercepted a white Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD pick up vehicle that was driven by Jorge Luis "N", 38, on Joaquín López Ulloa street.

House arrest denied for "El Padrino" (El Jefe de Jefes)

Steve-ctpa for Borderland Beat from excelsior

A federal court denied amparo to Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who was the leader of the Guadalajara cartel, to serve his sentence of 37 years in prison at his home

The Second Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters of Mexico City denied an amparo  of federal justice to Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who was the leader of the Guadalajara cartel, to serve his sentence of 37 years in prison at his home, and will continue interned in the maximum security prison of Puente Grande, Jalisco.

The federal magistrates explained that the granting of the domiciliary prison, by age, constitutes a
facultative power of the Judicial Power, depending on each case and is not a right of the person.

"Although due to his age he has a deterioration in his health, the suffering he presents does not show an unnecessary notoriety that he will comply with the sentence imposed".

In his lawsuit, Felix Gallardo argued that he is over 70 years old and his health condition is precarious, so he could reach the benefit of house arrest and in case of not granting it, a case of discrimination would be incurred.  The capo known as "The Boss of Bosses", was convicted for participating in 1985 in the murder of the agent of the Drug Control Administration (DEA), Enrique Camarena Salazar and the Mexican pilot Alfredo Zavala Avelar.

Guerrero: Auto-defense leader and businessman disappear after threats

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from El Diaro

Autodefensa leader and private security entrepreneur disappear

CHILPANCINGO. GRO.- The leader of the Coahuayutla self-defense group, Eleazar "El Chay" Mercado Rodríguez, as well as Leonel Vargas Mata, private security entrepreneur and former escort chief of the former PRI governor, René Juárez Cisneros, were reported missing by their relatives for two weeks.

Mercado Rodríguez and Vargas Mata were candidates for the Mayor's Office of Coahuayutla during the last electoral process. The first was nominated by the PRI-PVEM alliance, and the second by the Social Encounter Party (PES).

Mercado Rodríguez's wife, María Montaño Herrera, told the newspaper El Sur that on the 6th, the two former candidates left the Coahuayutla to hold a meeting with the leader of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG), Bruno Plácido Valerio, in El Ocotito, municipality of Chilpancingo, but they never arrived and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Michoacan:: CJNG Narcomantas appear in Uruapan

Throw Away Borderland Beat  from noventagrados

It was Monday morning that police authorities were alerted on one of the pedestrian bridges of the industrial boulevard, on the Benito Juárez road, in front of the Don Vasco University and General Gabriel Cervera Street, in the Mexican Army neighborhood, east of the city, there were "narcomantas".

The narco mantas read:
"for the people of Uruapan, receive greetings from ‘Senor de Los Gallos’, we are already here countrymen

CDMX/Iztapalapa: Targeted Attack Leaves Seven People Dead

Oaxaqueño for Borderland Beat from Animal Political images from Sol 

On Sunday morning at around 03:45 hrs, seven people were shot dead while four others were wounded (two of them seriously and two others minorly). The armed attack occurred in Iztapalapa’s Los Reyes Culhuacán colonia, at the corner of the streets Benito Juárez and Cuitláhuac, situated about ten kilometers southeast of Mexico City’s Zócalo. Most reports indicate that the attackers, said to be up to ten people (reportedly at least three people), were travelling in two vehicles and immediately opened fire upon arrival. The victims, who were gathering next to vehicles and drinking alcohol at the time of the assault, were shot at more than 20 times with three different caliber weapons. Out of the deceased victims, six (five men and one woman) died on the spot, including local neighbors identified as one 18-years-old and two 24-years-old men, while the seventh’ victim, a 25-years-old woman, later succumbed to her wounds.

Graphic images on following page

Michoacan: In one year, PGJE opened 320 investigations against it's agents

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from Quadratin

Morelia, Mich.- The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) opened 320 investigations against its agents for complaints and complaints from citizens; of these, in 92 cases liability was found.

According to official figures from the Attorney General, from January 1, 2018 to January 25 of this year, the result of the investigations led to 40 officers being suspended for their actions and another 12 were dismissed from their jobs.

Officers of the Ministerial Police have also been identified by organized crime groups to engage in acts of corruption, among the most recent is the case of the ministerial command Felix Hernandez Hernandez, whose name appeared last year on two narcomantas in Morelia.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Veracruz: Kidnapped and decapitated woman's husband is accused of Zeta ties

Sol Prendido borderland Beat 

From CJNG manta

What happened to thewife of Luis Manrriguez was for supporting the filthy Zetas of Mr. Pablo Herrera, El Mamito and El Pana. The deal was to deliver those two dogs. But since he didn’t here are the consequences. This goes for all white-collar entrepreneurs who support Mamito and Pana. You’re next Luis Manriquez. We are already locating you. The war started.

Commander 20 Commander 50

Veracruz: Federal Police Sub-Inspector kidnapped on video

Throw Away Borderland Beat translated from Vanguardia

On social networks videos circulated showing the agent taken by force by armed men.

The sub inspector of the Federal Police, Gabriel Pulido Noguera, was kidnapped over the weekend on a highway in the state of Veracruz.

Although the authorities of the Cuitláhuac García Jiménez Morenista government have not spoken about the incident, videos appeared on social networks where the agent is taken by force by armed men.

Sonora: Journalist killed another injured in Hermosillo -3rd in Mexico in 2019

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from CNN Espanol and Animal Political

Journalist Reynaldo López was killed by armed men while driving his car in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, in northern Mexico. Lopez was traveling with reporter Carlos Cota, who was also injured. The authorities ruled out that the incident is related to the journalistic activity of the victims. Authorities are actually saying it was probably related to illegal activities by “someone close” to the two men.

The Committee to Protect Journalists to classify Mexico as the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere for media workers, and second for the most dangerous in the world. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

GTO: Violent Weekend In Guanajuato, 11 killed

Throw Away Borderland Beat republished from Proceso thank you Sol for images

GUANAJUATO, Gto.- Eleven people were killed in different events in Salamanca, Pénjamo and Abasolo in the course of Saturday, including six men who were executed inside a house in black work in a colony of Salamanca.

The multi homicide was committed almost simultaneously with another homicide in the community of Recuerdo de Ancón also in Salamanca, where a taco street vendor was riddled with bullets.

The Municipal Police of Salamanca received several reports for gunshots in several points of the city. One was referring to a house allegedly abandoned and in black construction on the corner of San Marcos and San Carlos in the San Francisco de Asís neighborhood. It is unknown how the events occurred. The bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service and a investigation was initiated. Simultaneously, in the community of Recuerdo de Ancón, another man was killed; his body was lying face down on the side of a car of blocks; the motive of the aggression is unknown.

Graphic fotos next page

BLO: "El JJ" sentenced to 20 years in prison for organized crime

Throw Away Borderland Beat from Proceso

Narcotrafficker José Jorge Balderas Garza, alias "El JJ" ", who shot former player Salvador Cabañas in 2010, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for organized crime.

"El JJ" was convicted by the First District Judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the State of Mexico.

This is the second sentence against Balderas Garza. In September 2011, he was sentenced to three years in prison for using a false document and has an open criminal trial case for the attempted murder against Cabañas.

He was arrested on January 18, 2011 in Mexico City by officers of the Federal Police, in compliance with an arrest warrant derived from his participation in the Beltrán-Leyva Organization, as an operator in the Valley of Mexico.

Cuernavaca: Car Thief Dismembered

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

The brutal murder of a young man in Morelos was recorded and disseminated through social networks; his corpse was scattered in several streets of the entity. Last Friday, February 8, at around 11:00 p.m., a human trunk without limbs was located in Paso Exprés in the direction of Vicente Guerrero Avenue, in the Maravillas neighborhood, Cuernavaca.

On the morning of Saturday, a human head was placed next to the genitals in the Tabachin Street of the Bella Vista neighborhood, a few blocks from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), where cardboard was found with the following message:

"Commissioner, given that your team has not worked and, on the contrary, they only receive money from all the criminal groups, here we give you the clue of some of the groups that are extorting money and stealing cars in the city."

Avocado Businessman killed in hospital

Throw Away Borderland Beat republished from Proceso

URUAPAN, Mich., .- A heavily armed group forcefully entered the Hospital del Ángel, in the La Magdalena neighborhood, to finish off a person who had survived an attack.

Reports say a commando group arrived at the El Angel Hospital to attack a person who was being treated as a victim of firearm injuries.

 The victim was a motorist who had been assaulted last Saturday in the La Joyita neighborhood in this city. According to the information provided by the Michoacán Police, the now deceased was an avocado entrepreneur, whose identity was not provided. The authorities referred to the arrival of some assassins who went to the offended room and then shot him to death to escape immediately.