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Graphic: Killing wasn't enough, stealing body wasn't enough, now CDN publishes video of Z12 after death

Chivis Martinez -thank you Sol Prendido- from Loba Indomaable and Luisa

Graphic images includes Z12 Zetas founder made up as a female
They leave narcomensaje with human head even side of the Church in front of the Tamatan Prison; it is possible that it is the head of Luis Reyes Enríquez alias "El Rex or Z-12, who recently were left parts of his remains in the penalties

CDN killed Zetas founder, Luis Reyes Enríquez alias "El Rex or Z-12. This occurred shortly after he arrived at the Nuevo Laredo prison.  Nuevo Laredo is a strong hold of CDN.  They then stole the body from a funeral parlor, after being released to the family from SEFEMO. 

Family members are reported to have been at the funeral parlor when the body snatching occurred.

Next they dismembered the corpse and spread the body parts at three prisons, with cartulina messages and leaving the decapitated head at the side of a church.  The final atrocity is a vile slide show video released by CDN [Cartel del Noreste], depicting his dead body, later in the slide show his decapitated head is on display in a foam chest, with his head in full make up and a ladies pinkish headband.

These sicko psychopaths have a level of sociopathy that goes beyond revenge killing, or settling of scores.
WARNING GRAPHIC: Death, mutilation and sexual images on following page.  No further text. 

Dámaso López Núñez, "El Licenciado" sentenced to life

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Life in prison

Dámaso López Núñez, "El Licenciado" the man who got El Chapo out of prison in his laundry cart escape has been sentenced today to life in the federal court of Alexandria, Virginia, after pleading guilty.

López Núñez apologized to the people of the United States in his court statement. 

His pre-sentencing report recommending life was filed on Wednesday. 

In his previous plea agreement he was given a possible offer of a three level down grade.  [Both documents are posted below]

On its face the life sentence mean just that, that the 51 year old will leave prison in a pine box.

2 Tons of Drugs Busted in El Golfo de California

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElSol

                                                 One ton 826 kilos were "just" marijuana

Mexicali.- Staff of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), attached to the State Delegation in Baja California, secured One Ton, 826 kilos , 435 grams of marijuana; 139 kilos ,544 grams of crystal meth; 12 kilos, 304 grams of heroin; 53 grams ,700 milligrams of cocaine and 62,505 tablets of fentanyl.

Derived from a complaint made by elements of the Navy Secretariat of Mexico, elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), after using investigative techniques, seized the narcotics, in a beach area of ​​the Upper Gulf of California.

2 American Teens and Mexican Friend Tortured and Executed in TJ

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LA Times

Christopher Alexis Gomez, 17, and Juan Suarez-Ojeda, were reportedly killed execution-style in Mexico. (GoFundMe)

Thanks to Wilkie for Sending this in ! By: Alex Riggins, San Diego Union Tribune

Two California teens and their Mexican friend were reportedly tortured, stripped to their underwear and killed execution-style early Sunday at an apartment complex in Mexico -- and authorities have no idea why.

Two San Diego teenagers and their Tijuana friend who set out for Ensenada for a Friday barbecue were shot and killed execution-style early Sunday at a Tijuana apartment complex, according to family members, school officials and Mexican media reports.

The victims were Christopher Alexis Gomez, 17, a football player in his senior year at O’Farrell Charter High School in Encanto; Juan Suarez-Ojeda, who graduated from Ingenuity Charter School in Encanto earlier this year; and an 18-year-old Tijuana man whose name was not available, according to Gomez’s cousin Katheryn Garcia.

The trio had gone together to a party in Ensenada on Friday and were supposed to return that same night.

Busted: Gilberto “N” from CDS w 84 Kilos of Meth PLUS

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Informador

Detained : Gilberto "N", presumed  member of the Sinaloa Cártel............
Federal Police secured 84 kilos de methanfetamine  y 2 kilos of heroin which were hidden in a secret basement.

The Federal Police stopped the presumed member of the Sinaloa Cartel in Culiacán and searched the premises where they found the secret basement with the drug stash. They had a Search Warrant.

According to their estimate the confiscated methamphetamine had a value of approximately 25 Millions Pesos; and could have been as many as 252,000 doses.

The Authorities reported that as they carried out their search they found the sophisticated secret basement, designed especially for the hiding , storing and packaging of drugs; it also had a hydraulic mechanical system which could be activated from the exterior of the building with an electronic key.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

El Chapo Trial: Chupeta, the man with two faces

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-With material from, BB's Mica, Pacer, transcript, BB archives 

Who is Chupeta?

Colombian drug trafficker Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía, aka Chupeta,  takes the witness stand as the third cooperative witness.

Arguably he is best known for the plastic surgery.
 Oh yes, the surgeries.  He has undergone four aesthetic operations that, after changing his nose, cheekbones, eye contour and chin, he is rendered unrecognizable, from his former self... except for the fingerprints.  He was left unrecognizable in a horrific way.  What remains is a grotesque mass of flesh, occupying where his handsome face once was.

I always wondered if the surgeon lived much longer after the surgery.

The 55 year old Chupeta was arrested in Brasil in 2007.

El Chapo Trial: Prosecution not liking defense tweets and facial expressions

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-Op Ed

Today the prosecution filed a complaint, docket number 472, complaining about defense attorney’ Eduardo Balarezo’s tweets, and the facial expression by defense attorney Ms. Mariel Colon-Miro, during her Spanish language interview with Telemundo.  She was describing the difficulties Chapo is experiencing with no contact consultations or visitations, even with his attorneys.  She apparently used a “forlorn expression” while speaking about the emotional hardship of these special measures and how he misses his family.

What’s the problem?

Sure, probably not a great idea to vent on twitter, and I myself said that Balarezo reminds me of his nemesis Trump, his favorite target, but is it wrong?  I don’t recall Judge Cogan saying it was.  And his tweets have no negative impact on the case, or the jury that I can see.

As for Colon-Miro's, forlorn expressions, that would sort of be expected,  when speaking of forlorn issues and circumstance, a reasonable person would figure as much.

El Chapo Trial: "Secret" Memo Unsealed-Martinez testimony ends-Chupeta on deck

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
Thus is first part of trial report for today

Secret Memo 

Ordered unsealed today is the “Secret Memo” regarding El Rey Zambada paying bribes to government officials.  Some have reported this means current, by a couple of days, and past presidents.  But in the memo no president is mentioned, just “government officials”, and no names provided.

Prosecutors insist that the defense’s “offer of proof is incorrect” but there is not an explanation.

They also say that the government itself disclosed that Zambada paid bribes—but not to whom.

The secret memo document is at bottom, but is heavily redacted; therefore it remains a “Secret Memo”.

Cross and redirect of Martinez

Sicaria kills 5 in Veracruz?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat thank you Abogado Div G for the heads up-from AM.Com Mx-SinEmbargo-Daily Mail

This story was sent it.  It was published on Daily Mail, the title read:

“Police hunt female assassin who stepped off motorbike and EXECUTED five young men at a wedding anniversary party for one of the victims in Mexico before disappearing”

I had not seen the story.  I began checking and found a tweet on Cronica Oaxaca “In social networks circulates a video, which in seconds, a hit man and a man run on the street to 5 young people [shoot] and flee quickly on two motorcycles. The event occurred last Monday in Minatitlan, Veracruz.

The story: A sicaria murdered five
A video circulating on social networks shows a woman arriving on a motorcycle driven by a man. She leaves the motorcycle while in the street, she was driven by a man.  She began shooting six times hitting 5 young men.

Another man who seems to accompany her approached the bodies lying on the ground and kicked one of them. Then, like the woman, she got on a motorcycle driven by another person and fled .

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

El Chapo trial: Witness says "Yes I hate him"

Chivis Martinez - Material from Pacer Gov Docs-Molly Crane NYT-Mica-BB archives

Today testimony continues from Chapo’s former pilot, Miguel Martinez.

I was a good friend,  says cooperative witness Martinez

Miguel testified that he took care of Griselda and her children who she had with Chapo, after Chapo was captured in 1993, letting them live in one of his houses, giving them money, and “making sure they were always taken care of."

“I never failed Mr. Guzman, never stole from him, never betrayed him, I watched over his family, and the only thing I received from him were four attempted [murder] attacks.”

Well, he did get something.  For starters a million dollars pay per year.  He received countless expensive gifts, trips and about those houses of his.  Chapo had properties placed in Martinez’ name.  By Martinez’ own admission he sold one as he needed the money for his attorneys.  Problem is….that was Chapo’s property.  It would appear the statement of never failing, betraying, or stole from Chapo fails on that one act alone. He says he only sold the house after an attempt was made on his life.  Not a smart move for a guy in fear of being murdered.

CDN steals body of Z12 from funeral home, dismembers and leaves body parts at prisons

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat material from Valor Tamaulipeco Loba Indomable

A CDN 15 vehicle convoy arrived at Valdez Funeral home in Nuevo Laredo and stole the body of  Zetas founder Luís Reyes Enríquez, alias "El Rex" or "Zeta 12".

The body was dismembered and the body parts left in black bags and an ice chest at three prisons, Cadereyta, Apodaca, and Topo Chico. A message was left with some of the body parts, 

Reyes was stabbed to death only 2 days after his transfer arrival at the prison in Nuevo Laredo.

He had completed his sentence in the Federal Social Readaptation Center of Mihuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, in the state of Oaxaca when an arrest warrant was activated in N.L. Tamaulipas.

Message text translated by Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat
This how this traitor Z12 founder of The Zetas and the Old School ended. This is for all the traitors and ungratefuls who bit the hand. Here I leave you a gift for you to enjoy. So you can see that this is not a game. You did all your chaos for this dumbass. And you weren’t worth a fuck. The purge continues bitches. You will all end up in pieces like this bitch. Don’t let those over you guide you in the prisons anymore. Otherwise you will all end up like this. Old School here lies your boss. Just imagine what awaits you once you leave prison. 
Sincerely,Operative GAFE CDN Special Forces
Graphic images on following page

El Chapo Trial: "Chapo ordered me killed four times"

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Just before trial there was a mysterious filing by the prosecution regarding two witnesses. The redacted motion asked that hyper security be given for two witnesses, who expressed fear of testifying. Apparently, one witness is living a new clean life “where no one knows of my past” or “who I used to work for”. 

Special security measures were granted for these two witnesses, and based on what Miguel Martinez testified to on the stand today, I believe he is one of the two cooperative witnesses addressed in the filing. [see ruling at bottom]

Says Martinez; “When I was fighting for my extradition,  I never mentioned Mr. Guzman  and I never failed him, never stole from him, never betrayed him, I watched over his family, and what I received in return from him, was four attempted [murder] attacks against me. ”Speaking with respect to the 4 murder attempts he continues; “Can you imagine how many more I will receive?”

I understand he looks far different than the 28 years ago when the image was taken that I have posted.  Apart from being older, supposedly he is no long “Gordo”.

Chihuahua/Ignacio Zaragoza: State Police Leave Village Abandoned Following Cartel Clashes

Oaxaqueño for Borderland Beat

According to residents, repeated clashes and shootings took place in the course of last weekend in the municipality of Ignacio Zaragoza, located some 200 kilometers northwest of the city of Chihuahua. The violence broke out on Friday when a clash between criminals and police elements was reported. Consequently, the state police forces allegedly abandoned the village. As a result of that, repeated encounters between sicarios of rival criminal groups operating in the region took purportedly place over the weekend. However, there are no reports on the number of killed people in the clashes available. Reportedly, state police did not return until Monday afternoon when the clashes were over. State officials denied that clashes took place, stating that they have no information supporting those reports.
Oaxaqueño Analysis:

Although the reports of the locals surrounding the clashes cannot be independently verified, it can be almost taken for granted that these clashes took place.

Captured: "El Greñas", Jefe de Sicarios of "Los Aztecas" Hiding in Aguascalientes

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: BiNoticias

Captured: Chief of Sicarios, "El Greñas", from "Los Aztecas",  who hid in Aguascalientes, Ags.

Nov 27, 2018 By: Juan Luis Díaz w/ Extra Material from Proceso

Agents of the Ministerial Police led an operation this morning in which they managed to capture a subject that has been identified as the Chief of Sicarios, ie, Head of the murderous hitman team of the criminal organization "Los Aztecas" and which has its headquarters of operations in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

This is David Velasquéz Ramírez alias "El Greñas" or also known as "El Grandote" and which is known to have his address on Napízaro street of Fracc La Ribera, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.

The ministerial agents detected at 06:00 in the morning on the avenue 16 de Septiembre in the Colonia Puertecito de la Virgen a blue Ford Mustang in blue with  Mexico City license plates.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

El Chapo Trial: Code Names, Witch doctors and The Extravagant lifestyle of El Chapo

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 
Cooperative witness Miguel Martinez with El Chapo
Continued testimony from Miguel Martinez, Chapo’s former pilot

Money in Samsonite

From 1990 Chapo began paying Martinez a million dollar a year.

Martinez says he would walk into banks with money packed into Samsonite briefcases.  Martinez, said this caused problems, as it raised red flags.   

“I was asked if I was laundering money. I said, no.  I said  I was exporting tomatoes.”

Once the money was secured in a banking system, Martinez said he would begin making payouts on behalf of Chapo.

“Mr. Guzman had a large family.  He had four or five wives, we had to pay them all.” [Chapo was only legally married once, to his first wife who he never divorced.]

"La Linea" vs "Los Aztecas" War = 979 Homicides 2018

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario

Pls SEE our new reporter’s Oaxqueno’s  Post from Yesterday !

A part of the executions in Ciudad Juárez is due to a break between the groups ''La Línea'' and ''Los Aztecas'', according to researchers from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE). 

Narcomenudistas of Ciudad Juarez fight new territories after ''squeezing'' their clients with the sale of ice or crystal meth. 

Data revealed by the Attorney General's Office (FGE) reveal that users of this drug shorten their life span and this results in the market shrinking. 

Journalistic information, indicates that according to the centers of Primary Care in Addictions (CAPA) and the Subsystem of Provision of Services (SIS), 77 % of users who request attention for problems with the " crystal'', are  between 12 and 17 years old. 

A report published by El Diario on June 28, 2018, states that in its first stage, addicts spend around 500 Pesos a day to consume glass. Figures from these institutions report that consumption among children under 12 and 14 years old, rebounded 60 % last year. 

Hot on the Heels of "El Mencho"; Search is on in Mexico City After Confrontation in Jalisco

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from Vanguardia

Nov 26, 2018

On heels of ''El Mencho'', leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, with special operations in Jalisco and CDMX:

On November 22, authorities in Jalisco reported that there was a shootout in the municipality of Tonalá . Although no details were given, it is presumed that the capture of Nemesio Oseguera , alias "El Mencho" , was planned ; however, only one day later a simultaneous operation was carried out in Mexico City, which is speculated to be related to the capture of the leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

The first confrontation took place on the Cihuatlán-Puerto Vallarta highway, at the height of La Cumbre, where elements of the Mexican Navy were attacked by a group of individuals dressed as civilians traveling aboard several trucks.

Destroyed: 12 Tons of Drugs, Arms and Slot Machines

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol

By:Uriel Saucedo

Tijuana.- The Attorney General's Office (PGR) carried out a ceremony to destroy firearms, drugs and slot machines at the facilities of the 2nd Military Zone.

The delegate of the PGR, Victorino Porcayo, reported that eight tons of marijuana, two tons of methamphetamine, as well as heroin and other narcotics such as clonazepam, of which he did not specify quantities, were destroyed as well as the destruction of 59 slot machines.

On the subject of slot machines, he indicated that they are waiting to transfer 110 more machines. He stressed that it is a phenomenon that has arisen in the tables of coordination and in the tables of citizen security committees, since it is a complex situation, which has led to debates between the municipal and federal authorities about who would have to address the issue.

Emma causes courtroom drama as El Chapo trial continues

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

In opening statements, El Chapo defense attorney Jeffery Lichtman described a cooperative witness as a coke addict having a 4 gram a day cocaine habit that caused his “nose to fall off”.

The man he was speaking about, Miguel Ángel Martínez, took the stand Monday in the El Chapo trial. 

Yesterday, the court opened without the jury for some legal housekeeping.  

Emma Cell Drama: The government and Judge Cogan have gone to great measures assuring that Martinez’ likeness is not for public consumption.  And no electronic devices are to be used or in the courtroom except by attorneys.  The courtroom artist has been ordered to draw the witness with a “blank face”.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Chihuahua / Ciudad Juárez : Leader of La Vieja Guradia, "El Roñas", Executed

Oaxaqueño for Borderland Beat

On Sunday afternoon, Juan Carlos Balderas Contreras, alias "El Roñas", was assassinated in Ciudad Juarez 'northwestern colony Luis Echeverria. "El Roñas" was considered one of the leaders of La Vieja Guardia, a group within Los Aztecas. Two months ago, on the 4 th of September, “El Roñas” was wounded but survived an attack in a restaurant in Ciudad Juárez. In the course of this assault, one of his companions, identified as Joel René Roque Flores “El Renato”, was killed. Two days before the latest assassination, on Friday afternoon, 53-years-old Felipe Lerma Amezcua, alleged Los Aztecas sicario, was shot dead in colonia Niños Héroes, also located in the northwestern part of Ciudad Juárez. Reportedly, there is a link between the two killings. However, reports have not revealed the possible relationship between “El Roñas” and Lerma so far. Furthermore, the killing of “El Roñas” is according to the Attonrey General’s Office related to the ongoing conflict between La Línea and Los Aztecas.

Busted: 484 Kilos of Methamphetamine in Sugar Sacks

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario

Mexico City:  The Federal Police detained a subject in Sonora who transported half a ton of methamphetamine in 12 bags of sugar in a tractor truck from Guadalajara, Jalisco, and bound for Tijuana, Baja California. 

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that a federal control judge linked the process and ordered Fernando "R" to be remanded in custody for his probable responsibility in the crime against health, in the methamphetamine transportation. 

"According to what was stated in the investigation folder, elements of the Federal Police reported that on federal highway 1040, Hermosillo-Nogales stretch, Fernando" R "was arrested aboard a tractor trailer, which transported bags with sugar.

"The delegation of the PGR in Sonora announced that the federal elements reported that by conducting an inspection in that unit, they located and seized 12 sacks of methamphetamine, with  a weight of 484 kilos," the Attorney General said in a statement. 

The methamphetamines were available to the PGR delegation in Sonora, while the processed driver  was detained in the federal prison of Hermosillo.

El Chapo Trial

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

It appears Hunting El Chapo author Andrew Hogan will not be called to testify, but his partner will. Government asks that racially charged transcripts not be allowed, prison escapes, murders, mental health....and other filings and rulings.

Government moves to restrict cross examination of a pending witness in the El Chapo case.

In opening statements the El Chapo defense alluded to an agent that has stated in the past via email his opinions and characterizations of the defendant that were favorable to the defense.

On Sunday the government filed a motion to prevent any cross examination or introduction with respect to these opinions or characterizations. Further stating they are “irrelevant, and “self-serving” to the defendant.

Ruling: The Government now asks the Court to confirm that defendant will also be precluded from introducing this evidence. The Court will not preclude defendant from introducing this evidence; however, if defendant elicits information about to show the witness’s bias, the Court will permit the Government to introduce rebuttal evidence that the witness participated in the cartel’s alleged illegal activities in part because of  _____________________ last part redacted.

Another motion from the government, asks to be able to admit information about Chapo’s prison escape.

What is interesting, in Mexico it is not a crime to escape or attempt escape from prison as it is seen as a natural instinct.  As long as no one was harmed, then there is no crime.  So by allowing this evidence to be used as evidence against Chapo, they are using evidence that is not unlawful in the nation in which the act occurred.

Motion Granted; “it is necessary to include to present the entire story of crime at trial”

BLO: La Barredora leaves narcomessage in Acapulco "we are already here"

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat- from fr4nci5c0 l4nd3t4-twitter

Armed Civilians set afire a Taxi in the entrance to Real Hacienda ...Leaving a  Narcocartulina Signed x "La Barredora" from "Los Beltran Leyva" Announcing More Deaths and Blood ...
“We are already in Acapulco’s port. Once again we come to do away with every scum that kidnaps. Come out to the confrontation. We are not about your bullshit. This is the first warning. We will provide the names and aliases in the following days. The intelligence gathered will be put to use. We already have many located. We will not respect your families, if we have to kill one bitch. Arm yourselves with all the weaponry you have. Because we want you to come out and play. We will be in your neighborhoods bitches. And we expect to clean up.”
La Baredora 
You faggots already know who’s in charge. Pure Beltran Leyva

Murdered two members of musical group "Norteños de Río Bravo" in Tamaulipas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-thank you BB follower

The members of the group "Norteños de Río Bravo", Cuitláhuac and Elías, were abducted on Saturday night. Hours later, during the morning of Sunday, they were found shot to death. The bodies were found inside a vehicle in a section of the junction of Libramiento Sur II Matamoros-Reynosa.

Cuitláhuac Ruiz and Elías Hernandez, are the names of the executed members of the musical group.

Gabriel Zamora, Mich: 7 Executed, 5 Women + 2 Men and More

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

In a first attack, four women and one man lost their lives when they were located outside their house, on the outskirts of Lombardy.

Morelia, Mich. Seven people, five of them were women, were murdered in the town of Lombardía, in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, reported the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) of Michoacán.

In a first attack, four women and one man lost their lives when they were located outside their house, on the outskirts of Lombardy, when an armed group on board a vehicle shot them with high-powered weapons. They lost their lives almost instantaneously.

Minutes later, on the way to the exit to Nueva Italia, the attackers fired on a young woman and a man who was on board a SUV. The Uruapan Regional Prosecutor's Office initiated the investigations to try to arrest those responsible for the homicides.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Puebla/Puebla: Violent Day Leaves Several People Dead

Oaxaqueño for Borderland Beat

A narcomanta was left, signed “Cártel de Sinaloa”

On Thursday, a total of four people were killed and two corpses were dumped in the city of Puebla. The first incident took place in the south of Puebla, in the park Centenario Laguna de Chapulco, where a man was shot dead at around 8:30am. The second violent act was registered in the north of Puebla, in Mercado Unión, located in close vicinity of the Central de Autobuses Puebla (CAPU), at about 10:30am. At least ten armed aggressors conducted a targeted attack, leaving two men and one woman shot dead. Additionally, at least four people were wounded. Shortly after the attack, security forces were able to arrest four presumed attackers in a nearby house in colonia La Loma. Reportedly, weapons and drugs were also seized. The last incident took place late in the evening after 9:00pm, when the bodies of two men were dumped some 600 meters northeast of Mercado Unión. Reportedly, one corpse was wrapped in plastic bags while the other was wrapped in a blanket. In addition to that, a narcomanta was left, signed “Cártel de Sinaloa”.

Tamaulipas: Association finds 50 Narco-Camps in 6 years while searching for missing persons

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from Reforma

The association ‘Milynali de Tamaulipas’, dedicated to finding missing persons, revealed that in their travels through the state they have found at least 50 narco-camps  in the last six years.
Graciela Pérez Rodríguez, president of the group and of the Citizen Science Forensic Network (CFC), indicated that these sites are used by organized crime to bury or burn the bodies of victims with the intention of eliminating any trace of identification.

"We are faced with finding a lot of places with graves, for example, only from what I have done in these six years,  I have discovered more than 50 sites, where camps and remains have been found," said the activist.

A report from the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) reported the existence of 280 graves in Tamaulipas between 2006 and 2016, a figure that at the national level,  places Tamaulipas second only to  Veracruz with 332.

Veracruz Reporter Shot when Arriving Home

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior
 Reporter Rodrigo Acuña is shot in Veracruz
Reporter Rodrigo Acuña is shot in Veracruz

The Mexican journalist Rodrigo Acuña Morales was attacked by gunshots in the municipality of Tepetzintla, Veracruz; police sources report him seriously injured. It was at 8 o'clock on Friday night when he was shot twice, when he arrived at his home.

The director of the newspaper Tepetzintla and collaborator of the Voice of Tantoyuca, specialized in "red, ie crime reporting, was wounded in the town of Tepetzintla, in the north of Veracruz.

The journalist, who has almost 25,000 followers on his Facebook account, was taken to a hospital in the port of Tuxpan, where he is reportedly seriously injured.

The Colectivo de Periodistas of that region condemned Acuña's attack and regretted that authorities have not spoken out.

Lilia and Celia: “ El Chapo’s “ Trusted Cooks [Video ]

 Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

The cooks of "El Chapo": the women he trusted who were arrested with him ... could spend their entire lives in jail. Lilia and Celia worked with the narco chief for 8 years, until the day of his last recapture in Los Mochis, where they were also apprehended.

Their names are Lilia and Celia, of 33 and 40 years , respectively. For 8 years they were the "trusted" cooks of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán , and with him they were arrested on January 8, 2016, when federal forces recaptured the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel for the last time .

Today, the two women are imprisoned in the federal women's prison of Coatlán del Río , Morelos state, accused of organized crime, carrying a firearm exclusively for the Army and carrying a weapon without a license.

Chihuahua, Chih: 9 Police Officers Arrested for Extortion

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario

Only Seven names have been revealed so far. The arrested Federal Police Officers are: Gelacio B. H ; Eduardo Francisco PF; Rafael BR; Pánfilo MH; Octavio CM; José Luis N. O and the sub-officer of the FGE Víctor GR, who presumably belongs to an intelligence group under the command of the director of the State Investigation Agency, Alberto García Ocaña.

Chihuahua, Chih:  The nine police officers that were arrested last night accused of extortion, eight Federal and one State Prosecutor, wanted $60,000 dollars in exchange for not arresting a citizen that is allegedly wanted by the US authorities, sources inside said the State Attorney General's Office.

It was announced that at the time of the arrest of the eight federal police officers and an agent of the State Attorney General's Office, when they were subjected to a search they  had in their possession 13 portions of marijuana, nine of cocaine and three of crystal meth. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Fr. Solalinde blames Without Borders NGO for migrant mess, "It was done to provoke Trump"

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Frontera and SinEmbargo
Solalinde accuses NGO of deceiving migrants;  He says  that he was deceived along with the Central American and Mexican migrants, the caravan brought polleros and armed persons to the city. Here the negative actor is the organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, says Fr. Solalinde.

There is no greater champion for Central American migrants; Alejandro Solalinde Guerra is a Mexican Catholic priest and human rights activist. He is the coordinator of the South Pacific Human Mobility Ministry of the Mexican Bishopric and director of "Hermanos en el Camino", a shelter that provides Central American migrants with humanitarian aid and education.

The priest and activist Alejandro Solalinde Guerra accused the civil organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Town Without Borders) for bringing the Central American migrant caravan to Tijuana to provoke the anti-immigrant policies of US President Donald Trump.

"They ( Pueblo Sin Fronteras)  are going to cause problems, as they are causing it internationally between the United States and Mexico, when in reality there was no need.

"But also something very cagey: they played Donald Trump, they do it, and the proof is the impact, how they arrived; it was irrational, taking them to where there is no solution, where right now you cannot fix papers, " he told the journalism portal SinEmbargo.

In an interview, Solalinde Guerra criticized that he was deceived along with the Central American and Mexican migrants, the caravan brought polleros and armed persons to the city.

"Here is a negative actor is Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which has been dedicated to hauling people through caravans, they caravanned this migrant exodus.

GNTO : Wave of Violence Leaves at least 18 Dead

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo

SinEmbargo Nov 23, 2018

18 people were killed in less than 24 hours  in municipalities of Guanajuato such as Irapuato -where 9 homicides were registered-, Salamanca, Abasolo and Pénjamo. Among the cases is the execution of a family in the Loma de Flores community.

The municipality of Irapuato is the one that until yesterday had the most violent deaths , where nine people executed, the last incident occurred in the Colonia Copalillo, where armed men killed four men and injured a fifth.

Yesterday afternoon, in the Colony Bajada de San Martín, armed men entered a barber's shop on Calle Vergel and murdered a client and two employees.  Friday afternoon Blanca Estela, 44 years old, who was in charge of a building and her son Erick, 20,  her employee were murdered.  The third victim was identified as Juan Francisco, 28, a friend of both. In the place they were short and long caliber bullet casings. The motive for the murder is unknown.

Guerrero: Impoverished youth recruited as cannon fodder are fighting back [video]

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"We are fucked, we shouldn't have come", says a young man to his colleague that is also under 20 years of age, both are carrying low caliber rifles, wearing a navy blue shirt that reads "Community Policing General Heliodoro Castillo". Together, they run towards a dozen combatants that seem to be overcome by a wave of a powerful blast and they manage to escape in the bed of a truck.

Salamanca Guanajuato: After a soccer game team was fired upon, 3 dead 3 injured

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An armed group fired point-blank at players of an amateur soccer team, after playing a friendly game; the motive of the attack is unknown.

Three dead and three injured after an armed attack against an amateur soccer team made up of taxi drivers in the municipality of Salamanca , Guanajuato.

The events were recorded in a football field located on Mercurio Street in the El Eden colony, Salamanca, where the players of the "Taxi Express" team were  together after playing a friendly match.

Crime Affects 7 Out of 10 Children in Mexico

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     This sexennium, 7 out of 10 missing are children , making them a very vulnerable population.
               NGOs warn that crime has affected nearly 40 million children and young people.

By: Fernando Damián and Carolina Rivera

Of the 6,330 minors that make up the National Registry of Missing and Missing Persons, 73.9 % occurred during the term of  government of President Enrique Peña Nieto. Civil organizations agreed that the situation of crime, impunity, violence and insecurity in the country has impacted nearly 40 million children and young people. 

In a joint conference, NGOs defending the rights of children and young people denounced the poor compliance that the State has shown to guarantee the rights of this sector. Rafael Castelán, counselor of the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico, said that the seriousness of the problem affects one of the most vulnerable populations and illustrates the need for the development of a comprehensive care strategy.

A clear example, he added, is the data from the National Registry of Missing Persons that reveals that to date there are 6,330 missing children, of which 73.9 % occurred during the presidency of Peña Nieto.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Hector Beltran Leyva, suffered heart attack when hearing he was being extradited to testify against Chapo

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Eduardo Balarezo, El Chapo’s lead defense attorney, tweeted that he was told by a source, that Hector Beltran Leyva, was told he was being transferred to the airport to be extradited, and he would be called to testify in the trial.  

It was after he was told,  that he suffered the heart attack that killed him.

Balarezo, was once representing “El H”, and represented H’s brother Alfredo “Mochomo” Beltran Leyva.

Tomatlán Jalisco on high alert, operation to capture "El Sapo" CJNG 2nd in command

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The internal war between CJNG and Cartel Jalisco Nueva Plaza (El Cholo) keeps on raging in the metropolitan areas of Guadalajara. El Cholo’s group have now published two interrogation videos of captured CJNG members. On both videos CJNG members say they have been ordered to bomb the USA embassy in GDL so the U.S. can “respect Mencho”.

The alleged regional leader of the CJNG has evaded up to five attempts to capture him, all ending with shootouts.

The shootout with blockades which occurred in the municipality of Tomatlán, was due to elements of the Ministry of the Navy attempting  to stop a regional chief of the Cartel Jalisco  Nueva Generación

Military personnel had information that he would pass through the federal highway 200 Cihuatlán - Puerto Vallarta, and is  identified as Hugo Mendoza, alias "El 90", who previously was in charge of operations in Puerto Vallarta, but was reassigned to lead the criminal group in the states of Veracruz and Puebla.