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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guerrero: No room in morgue freezers, bodies left in parking lot

The bodies of the 10 men executed yesterday found in the Chilpancingo area,  remain lying on the parking and entrance area of the Forensic Medical Service of the capital (Semefo), because there are no room in the morgue freezers. The weather in the city is averaging 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

The storage capacity has been exceeding capacity because of the runaway violence that has  plagued the region and reflects the failure of the federal security strategy that directs the Army to gain stability in the  state and assist municipal authorities to combat drug trafficking. All three government entities, have long been accused  of corruption and being in collusion with organized crime.

In the Semefo of Chilpancingo, which depends on the state Health Department, there are two cold storage units with the capacity to store 100 bodies each  and both are typically near or over capacity.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tijuana: "Chapito Trejo" armed wing of Los Chapito Uriarte executed in front of his family

Original article available at ZETA
Prior recommended reading: Chapito Uriarte arrested in Tijuana and Threats against Los Chapito Uriarte
Translated by El Wachito

Members of the Security Council of the State of Baja California confirmed that Juan Jose Trejo Gutierrez "El Chapito Trejo" known by the authorities as a criminal that belongs to a cell of drug traffickers from the Sinaloa Cartel identified as "Los Uriarte" was executed in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

 According to information from Sinaloa Press, the authorities from the State informed that last Saturday, November 26, around 11AM, Trejo was traveling in a Jetta with car plates from Baja California, in the Colonia Jardines de Fatima when we was executed.

The victim was traveling with his wife and three kids. The car stopped in front of a store, when an armed man unloaded his gun against him. In regards to the hit man , there are two versions, one that the sicario stopped in front of the vehicle and shot him, and another one that he shot him from car to car, however the authorities are still investigating.

Monday, November 28, 2016

'Only two powerful cartels left': rivals clash in Mexico's murder capital

Posted by DD republished from The Guardian

DD:  Most of the events and incidents included in this story have been reported in detail previously on Borderland Beat, but this story encapsulates the activity in one story.

 Amid a 10-year crackdown on cartels, the drug trade continues and factions have splintered – leaving Sinaloa and CJNG facing off in Colima state
Mexican soldiers walk next to the site of the incineration of more than 20 tons of cocaine in Manzanillo. Photograph: Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images 
Standing guard at the scene of the crime, the two police officers surveyed the shattered glass and bullet-pocked bodywork of the Mercedes Benz hatchback and offered their analysis.

Nuevo Leon: 5 and 7 year old killed in baby shower gun attack

The government of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, offered a reward of one million pesos to anyone who provides information to assist locating those responsible for an attack with firearms against guests attending a "baby shower", where three people were killed, including a five and  seven year old.

Spokesman security and corruption, Aldo Fasci Zuazua, he said that according to initial investigations, problems from drug sales, provoked the attack which happened  at a home located between Mercurio and  Marte streets, in colonia Puerta  del Sol in the metropolitan municipality of Santa Catarina.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Culiacan: "Mayo's" Compadre Olegario Chaidez executed

Original article available at El Debate
Translated by El Wachito

A man that was standing next to a pick up truck by the entrance of the Asociacion de Charros of Culiacan, was executed by high powered assault rifles.

The unit where the man was killed at the moment of receiving gunshots was a Ford Lobo Raptor, gray color, with car plates FT-30-749 of the state of Durango.

More phantoms found in Duarte’s dealings

Posted by DD Republished from Mexico Daily News

 After uncovering phantom companies they're now finding phantom projects 

 First came the accusations that Veracruz governor-on-leave Javier Duarte had embezzled public funds through the creation of phantom companies.

Now the Federal Auditor’s Office (ASF) and the state comptroller have uncovered phantom projects.

In 2012 the state’s Finance Secretary obtained two loans valued at 1.3 billion pesos from the federal development bank Banobras and the infrastructure and security financing program known as Profise.

But an audit has found that of the 17 projects for which the funds were intended, four do not exist. The state reportedly spent close to 400 million pesos on them.

One was the Periférico Sur beltway in the state’s capital, Xalapa, whose completion was certified in 2012 by two state comptrollers.

Reported on paper as a 100% complete, construction of the 142-million-peso project never even began, reported the newspaper El Universal.

Sinaloa Cartel: Juarez Valley Leader “El Águila” arrested

The alleged leader of the Sinaloa Cartel operating in the city and the Valley of Juárez, identified as Rogelio HF alias “El Águila”, was arrested  by members of the State Preventive Police.

The Chihuahua state prosecutor, César Augusto Peniche,  said the arrest Friday night transpired while the suspect was  riding in a Chevrolet Trail Blazer, gray in color, model 2004, with registrations State of Durango, in the streets Sierra de Moncayo and Cordilleras Vienticas in Colonia Villa Bonita, in the border town.

He said there, the police officers secured a .308 mm caliber weapon, and  a box with 20 rounds of ammunition caliber .223 millimeters and four transparent wrappers containing a chemical with the characteristics of the drug known as crystal.

Peniche said the subject, 47, has investigations  on charges of murder, kidnapping and robbery in Durango.

Bloody Dawn in San Jose del Cabo, BCS

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat Material from El Sudcaliforniano, Colectivo Pericue,
BCS Noticias and  Zeta Tijuana

On Wednesday, Nov 23 the citizens of San Jose del Cabo, BCS awoke to the sound of gunfire and large weapons fire beginning at approximately 3:30 am. Loud explosions could be heard which turned out to be from machine guns and grenade launchers with M32A1 50 ammunition.

When it was over the toll stood at 8 dead, including 2 minors and a mother and child felled by explosive gunfire that hit their home. The initial report said 6 dead, however, 2 others died in a simultaneous attack nearby. The attacks appear to have been a premeditated, coordinated attack carried out by factions of rival drug cartels, which included a decoy incident that took the local security forces out of town by 35 kilometers. Security Forces responding to the Emergency Response Network chased a vehicle north on the road to Mireflores, which was shooting at them with a Cuerno de Chivo (AK47) and subsequently arrived at a scene with a vehicle engulfed in flames which had a plastic mannequin in the drivers seat.

Meanwhile, back in the town of San Jose del Cabo, gunmen fired what were apparently large automatic guns , (Cuernos de Chivos or AR15’s) and pummeled a two two story houses with 50 caliber mortars fired from grenade launchers as was ascertained later in the El Zacatel neighborhood. The two houses were known as drug trafficking locations.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tamaulipas: 11 Year old boy creates a "Bulletproof backpack" for school science project

Original article available at ZETA
Translated by El Wachito

During the "Creativity and innovation state contest: ExpoCiencias Tamaulipas 2016",  organized by the Secretary of State Education, an 11 year old boy, named Juan David Hernandez Rojas, presented a project named "Security backpack", which was inspired on the violence that Reynosa currently suffers.

The kid assured that his creation could help his classmates and other kids to survive a firefight or prevent them from becoming victims of a crime, because "there is a lot of criminal activity" in his city, said the sixth grade student of the Lazaro Cardenas del Rio Elementary School.

Former Allende Mayor Arrested, agreement with Zetas not to Intervene in Massacre

Javier G. for Borderland Beat

A criminal judge of Piedras Negras issued formal arrest of the former mayor of Allende, Sergio Alonso Rodriguez Lozano, for crimes committed in the Los Zetas slaughter that occurred in that municipality, in March 2011.

The former mayor of Allende,  Coahuila, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and complicity in the massive disappearance of inhabitants of the municipality.

He is also charged with having knowledge of the crimes that "Los Zetas" were going to commit in later days, as he and another official attended  a meeting with the group and agreed not to intervene to facilitate their actions.

He was arrested last Thursday November 17, in Piedras Negras.

According to the Attorney General were 28 people killed during the slaughter, although eyewitnesses who have filed lawsuits in the United States, claim they were about 300 people from different families, men, women and children, who were kidnapped and killed.

To date 15 people have been detained for these crimes resulting in nine arrest warrants and two convictions with sentences of 75 and 80 years.

To read the backstory of this massacre link here

Texas State Trooper Hit by Bullet from Tamaulipas Shootout

A Tamaulipas shootout was the point of origin, of a bullet travelling across the Mexico/U.S. border and hitting a Texas State Trooper.

Lt. Johnny Hernandez of the Texas Department of Public Safety says the trooper suffered a leg wound.

The state trooper was hit about 1 p.m. Friday while on foot patrol with the Border Patrol agent in Fronton, on the border about 105 miles upstream from Brownsville. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection statement says the federal agent also was hit but was protected by body armor.

The trooper, whose identity hasn't been released, was in stable condition at a McAllen hospital.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Authorities found 32 bodies and 9 severed heads at an outlaw camp in Guerrero

Posted by DD from material at CNN, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Borderland Beat archives

On Thursday, Nov. 24, soldiers and police fanned out Friday across Guerrero state in a new security operation , chasing a wounded gang leader,“El Tequilero,” and trying to quell a wave of violence that included the discovery of hidden graves holding dozens of bodies in a camp where gunmen also stored the severed heads of nine rivals in a cooler.

A drug gang's camp had been found by the authorities on the previous Tuesday near   a hill in the village of Pochahuixco, part of the municipality of Zitla, a region beset by turf wars between drug cartels.. 
view of hill where drug gang camp was found.  Screen capture CNN Video

Acting on a tip, soldiers and police found a man who'd been kidnapped and held captive at the camp. During their first sweep, investigators found seven bodies buried in several hidden graves. They found a cooler with human remains inside, several abandoned vehicles and AK-47 and AR-15 ammunition clips.  By Thursday, the tally had grown to 9 severed heads in coolers and 32 bodies found in at least 17 graves.

screen capture  from CNN video

The Search for "El Carrete" of Los Rojos

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat From El Debate

The Mexican Army and the PGR are searching homes in the center of Amacuzac, Morelos looking for Santiago Mazari Hernandez, “El Carrete”, considered by the federal and state governments to be leader of Los Rojos Cartel.

 Search on for “El Carrete” Leader of Los Rojos

The Municipality of Amacuzac is adjacent to the State of Guerrero. One of the houses searched is located across the street from a local church. The two story house is owned by Mazari Hernandez and according to police reports he has escaped arrest for the sixth time.

Eyewitnesses report that the search operation began around 6:00pm when soldiers arrived in the southern municipality of Morelos , encircled the central neighborhood and searched several houses belonging to “El Carrete”.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Plenty of complaints but no action

Published by DD Republished from Mexico New Daily

Chief auditor Portal
The Federal Auditor’s Office (ASF) has filed 270 criminal complaints as a result of its investigations into state government spending, but no one has been held responsible for mismanaging federal funds.

Most of the complaints, 260, were filed between March 2014 and September 2016.

The ASF’s list has the state of Veracruz at the top with 56 complaints, 53 of which correspond to the administration of its governor-on-leave and on-the-run, Javier Duarte.

Sinaloa Cartel: Most wanted Sinaloa operational leader arrested

Material from; MVS

Elements of Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) arrested Luis Arellano Romero, 'El Helio' or 'El  Bichy'" in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua,  considered one of Mexico 's most wanted criminals by the DEA Agency for Drug Control of the United States of America.

The elements of the AIC, completed the arrest warrant for extradition issued against Arellano Romero for  crimes of conspiracy, organized crime, money laundering and trafficking of firearms.

Arellano Romero is considered as one of the operational leaders of the Sinaloa cartel and close aide of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman and Ismael El Mayo Zambada.

Since 27 September 2014, the accused is required by the Federal Court of Texas, USA, and was transferred to Mexico City by members of the AIC, where he will continue the proceedings against him.

"El Benny" Head Hitman for Beltran Leyvas Captured in Acapulco

Yaqui for Borderland Beat translation from  Zeta Tijuana by Carlos Alvarez

( SEDENA ) detained Benito Escalante, "El Benny", (right) in the area of Lomas de Chapultepec, Acapulco, Guerrero, the presumed head of the hitmen for the Beltran Leyva Cartel (DTO); who is considered the right arm of Victor Leonel Piza, "El Erizo", boss of the plaza.

According to the preliminary reports by national press outlets, "El Benny" attempted to avoid detention while shooting bullets at the security forces, but was ultimately detained and put under arrest by the Public Ministerial Forces of the Federation.

"El Benny" was detained along with Victor "N" and Navidad "N"; confiscated in the process was a large gun, a short gun, a vehicle, along with 800 small packages of a substance appearing to be marijuana.

Contradicting the first reports, the spokesperson for the Coordinated Group of Guerrero, (GCG), Roberto Alverez Heredia, assured that the capture of the suspected criminals at 3:00PM near Barra Vieja, on the east side of the port city was accomplished without guns fired by the security forces.

On Sept 12, 2016 the Federal Police detained Clara Elena Laborin Archileta, "La Senora", who was at that time the head of the plaza of Acapulco, Guerrero for the criminal organization, (DTO) that carried the names of her husband. Her husband is the Sinaloan drug trafficker: Hector Beltran Leyva, "El H", who was arrested in February, 2014 while eating in a seafood restaurant in San Miguel de Allende,   Guanajuato. He is currently in Altiplano Prison.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

'Los Tequileros', the Terror of the Mayors of Tierra Caliente

By: Paris Alejandro Salazar | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

(July 26, 2016)—Los Tequileros are an organization that operate in the Tierra Caliente region in the state of Guerrero.  It has a hallmark of threating and extorting mayors in the region, and they do it through an armed cell called Fuerzas Especiales Tequileras.
Raybel Jacobo de Almonte “El Tequilero”
Guerrero’s District Attorney’s Office has identified Raybel Jacobo de Almonte “El Tequilero”, as the leader of the criminal group that bears his nickname.  There are 15 arrest warrants against him for crimes such as: extortion, kidnapping, and homicide.

 The criminal organization, Los Tequileros, emerged as one of the armed wings of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel in northern Guerrero.  It seeks to dispute the control of the Tierra Caliente region with La Familia that borders the State of Mexico; La Familia is supported by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).
Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga “El Pescado”
La Familia, led by Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga “El Pescado”, and Los Tequileros, led by Raybel Jacobo de Almonte “El Tequilero”, are disputing for the control of the drug corridor that connects the sierra and the Tierra Caliente region of Guerrero with Michoacán and the State of Mexico.

San Antonio de la Gavia, in the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, is considered to be the center of operations of Los Tequileros.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Unstoppable Violence in Guerrero: 8 Decapitated, 10 Executed During the Weekend

By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

The bodies of eight men were found decapitated and tortured in the municipality of Tixtla, Guerrero, located in the center region of the state.

Meanwhile in the port of Acapulco, 10 people were found executed in different events, among them two members of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR).

Official reports indicate that the bodies of the eight men were found at around 11:00 pm yesterday, along a freeway that connects the town of Tixtla with the municipality of Chilapa.

The victims were decapitated, had visible signs of torture, and the sicarios left an extensive message which the authorities decided to hide the content.

On the case of the two members of the Mexican Navy executed in the port of Acapulco, the authorities reported that yesterday afternoon, the honest soldiers were shot up in the adjacent area next to the main tourist destination of the state.

The events occurred in the strip considered to be the most violent in the resort.  The navy personnel were identified as José Luis and Casimiro, both 27 years old and assigned to the 8th Naval Region, located in the neighborhood Icacos on the port of Acapulco.

Extremely  Graphic photos next page..

Torture haunts Mexico despite laws meant to eliminate it

Posted by DD republished from The Washington Post


This July 2, 2016 photo, shows the front entrance of Juan Carlos Soni Bulos' house in Tanquian de Escobedo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Soni says that when he was taken by Mexican Marines, he knelt before a wooden figure of Jesus outside his front door, kissed its feet and prayed: "Lord, only you know where they are taking me. Help me return well." (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)
TANQUIAN DE ESCOBEDO, Mexico When Juan Carlos Soni Bulos heard his front door being smashed in one November morning, he frantically scrolled through his phone to call for help.

Outside the human rights activist's bedroom window, a Mexican marine in a black mask and helmet trained a rifle on him. "Drop the phone or I'll shoot," he said.

The marines blindfolded him, bound him and took him with four relatives and friends to a dimly lit, windowless warehouse. Then hours of torture began, Soni says — beatings, electric shocks, asphyxiation, sexual abuse. He heard his teenage nephew scream as they applied electric shocks to the boy's ribs.

Soni's tormenter said, "This is going to make you not want to defend rights anymore."

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Teloloapan: 3 Missing Blacksmiths Found Dismembered

By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Three blacksmiths, who had been missing since the beginning of this month in the municipality of Teloloapan, were found dismembered and with messages written from La Familia directed to the government of Héctor Astudillo Flores and the criminal group, Guerreros Unidos.

The finding occurred at the municipal seat of this municipality on the north, a week after the autodefensas of the northern area called La Tecampanera, pacted with the Secretary of Government in the area, Florencio Salazar Adame, a cessation to the violence in return for the investigation of the narco PRI mayor, Adolfo Torales Catalán, to detain the leaders of La Familia (the brothers Johnny “El Mojarro” and José “La Fresa” Hurtado Olascoaga), as well as Ramiro Bahena Urieta “El Güero Pelayo”, and to release the three blacksmiths kidnapped on Friday, November 4, in the town of Totoltepec.

In what is considered as the answer to the agreement between the autodefensas of Teloloapan and the government of Astudillo, the three dismembered bodies of the three men who are presumed to be the blacksmiths were found this morning, according to official reports.

The sicarios left two narco-messages on the victims that read:

The Truth about the Supply Chain of Illegal Drugs *Video*

Posted By Stanford University

What is really going on before illegal drugs get into the US? 

In this talk Mario Berlanga, a student at Stanford GSB, pulls down the curtain so that we all know the answer to this question. As he shares his personal experiences and stories growing up in the north of Mexico, He raises awareness about the direct connection between the consumption of illegal drugs in the US and the horrific violence affecting Mexico and other countries in Latin America.

Tijuana: PEP Commander detained by US Federal Agents

Original article available at AFN Noticias
Translated by El Wachito

Jesus Moralia Gaxiola, a Policia Estatal Preventiva (PEP) commander in Baja California was detained by US Customs and Border Protection Agents while trying to cross the border into the US and was later on turned over to the Procudaruria General de Justicia del Estado of Mexico.

Moralia Gaxiola, was in charge of the "Area of Intelligence" and supposedly, due to a lack of a Commander, he acted as the Commander of the unit, however the PEP agency informed that he was just another commissioned officer from the "Technical Area".

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Damaso Lozano "El Masa" Executed in Durango *Graphic Content*

Original article available at El Siglo Durango
Translated by El Wachito

This morning a man was executed in Boulevard Guadiana, in the residential area of Lomas Del Parque, after two vehicles intercepted the SUV while the victim was accompanied by his wife, the hit man opened fire with AK-47s, according to investigators at the crime scene.

According to the information provided by the Fiscalia General del Estado, the victim was identified as Damaso Lozano Rocha, who was 37 years old and had residency in Loma Dorada.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Narcos Disgusted and Complaining in Altiplano

Translated from Zeta Nov 16, 2016 by Luis Carlos Sainz

Main Capos of Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) Demand Changes in Family and Conjugal Visits and Access to their Lawyers....

Measures implemented to restrict the number of visits prisoners can receive and regulate access to their lawyers have caused discomfort among prisoners incarcerated at the maximum security prison, Almoloya of Juarez, and some have filed formal requests demanding that their rights be reinstated.

The "guaranteed judgements" are being promoted by: Hector "El Guero" Palma, Miguel "Z-40"Trevino Morales, Servando "El Tuta" Gomez Martinez, Hector "El H" Beltran Leyva, Edgar Coronel Aispuro, Gastelum Orso Ivan " El Cholo Ivan" and Mario Cardenas Guillen, among others.

"Z-40", Trevino Morales was one of the first to voice dissatisfaction with the administrative changes at the Federal Center for Social Readaptation No 1 Altiplano drawn up by the Technical Committee of the prison establishment. "Z-40" complains that written orders restricts his access to his concubine.

San Diego: 90 kilos of cocaine seized in traffic stop

90 kilos of cocaine seized in Oceanside

As the shadow of an election looms over us all, and a slight chill in the air, Thanksgiving a week away, a single man is arrested with nearly 90 kilos of cocaine, and 68 kilos of crystal in Oceanside, San Diego.  Oceanside and Vista are meth and heroin trafficking hubs, with many shipments arriving for retail distribution, as the cities spirals in meth addiction.  Shipments are also bound over for further points norther, runners using the city as base, screening the San Clemente checkpoint for warning signs.

 Many federal cases begin at the checkpoint, as runners are detained, and large amounts of narcotics found hidden in their vehicles.  That is only the beginning.  They are debriefed, interrogated, and their case begins to wind through federal court, as those entrusted with millions in product, have to answer for their mistakes, and make good, or leave their live behind.   27 year old girls in nondescript rentals, marijuana smoke billowing out of their vehicle, with 27 kilos of cocaine in the trunk, soft spoken non citizens with millions in crystal hidden in trap compartments. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A football game (American football) was the spark that brought about the Tlatelolco Massacre

Posted by DD Material  from Bleacher Report  Some material republished.  
Photography by Photography by Rodrigo Cruz (except where noted)

American style football may again become as popular or even more popular than soccer in Mexico.  And it may have been the spark that ignited a student movement that led to the Tlatelolco Massacre   Now don't start screaming that I am crazy until you  read the rest of this story. 

When the National Football league (NFL) announced in February of this year that the game between the Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders would be played on Nov. 21 in Aztec Stadium in Mexico City, the NFL Commissioner said "“We have a tremendous, passionate fanbase in Mexico.”  It will only be the second regular season NFL game ever played in Mexico.   Fans of "American football" as opposed to "futbol" (soccer) went wild. 

In July the price of the tickets was announced  and the response by Mexican fans was amazing considering the minimum ticket price was $50USD  (925 Mx. pesos) and prices  went up to $326USD (6,050 Mx. pesos). It sold out in a matter of minutes even though fans were limited to 4 tickets each.    Keep in mind the minimum daily wage in Mx. last July was a little under $4.00 US.

The few people that know that American football was at one time the most popular university sport in Mexico probably were not surprised.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mexican ex-governors wanted by the DEA

Original article available at ZETA
Translated by El Wachito

The new government of Tamaulipas, headed by Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, found that 12 ministerial cops were commissioned as the bodyguards of ex governors, Tomas Jesus Yarrington Ruvalcaba and Eugenio Javier Hernandez Flores, who are currently wanted by American authorities, including the DEA, for organize crime, drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering, amongst other crimes.

Current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto hanging out with Tomas Jesus Ruvalcaba
Ex governor Edigio Torre Cantu was the one that authorized the bodyguard service that was provided to the ex governors of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), both wanted, and both generated a monthly expenditures of 400 thousand pesos, and a total of 30 million pesos during their 6 years of governance, for travel expenditures and salary.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Maria's Ordeal: A Woman of "Los Zetas"

 Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat  Material from El Debate and El Universal

A Kind of Hell that Mexico Gives its Women

His name was Guillermo. He married her and then prostituted her with Mexican immigrants in Chicago. "That is where everything started to go wrong", recalls Maria.

Maria came into the office after a series was published in El Debate, a Mexican News outlet, about the oldest sex slave trade on Sullivan Street.

Her eyes were round and clear, her hair short and tinted, her body robust. Now, she was staying at a luxury hotel in Mexico City being helped by The Street to House Foundation, while they worked on her complaint that had been filed against several people who had sexually exploited her for more than 20 years in the US, Monterrey, Queretaro, and Reynosa.

Maria did not know about this street: The Zetas exploited her in the " Tolerance Zone" of Reynosa.

Maria had arrived in Chicago from Cuba, she came to the US with a group of lesbian women who were persecuted in the 80's by the Cuban Regime. Perhaps she decided to leave Cuba because she liked these women." Cubana" , they called her.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The mysterious end of El Gross

Original article available at ZETA
Translated by El Wachito

Arturo Gomez Herrera was murdered at a barbershop in the capital of Jalisco. The drug trafficker linked to CJNG was unarmed and alone. His body was immediately returned to his wife one day after his assassination. According to intelligence reports, his replacements will be his second in command known by the alias of "El Charmin" and "El 50". Authorities expect that his assassination will decrease to murder rate in Baja California.

Arturo Giovanni Gomez Herrera "El Gross" was murdered in Guadalajara, a city where he moved for three reasons:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Javier Carrasco, nephew of ‘Nacho’ Coronel arrested

Federal Police (PF) arrested Javier Carrasco Coronel, aka "El Seis", who was considered target # 104 of the 122 priorities of the Mexican Government, according to the general Commissioner of the Corporation, Manelich Castilla Cravioto.

"El Seis" was known as the head of the criminal group known as "La Corona" according to reports, he emerged after the death of "Nacho" Coronel.

“El Seis is linked to a criminal group with presence in the State of Sinaloa, In addition to coordinate other groups in the States of Jalisco and Colima".

Castilla Cravioto said that the investigation on this man allowed them to knowto know that the accused was allegedly engaged in trafficking of drugs into the United States, as well as kidnappings in tort of entrepreneurs and traders in the State of Jalisco, as well as of members of rival groups".

Carrasco Colonel is charged with organized crime with the purpose of committing crimes against health and kidnapping, and is linked to a criminal group with presence in Sinaloa, In addition to coordinating other groups in Jalisco and Colima.

Michoacán: Assassination planned against Hipolito Mora founder of autodefenas

Javier for Borderland Beat

A commando of gunmen led by César Ochoa Mendoza "El Morisqueto", attempted an assassination on Monday of Hipolito Mora Chavez, founder of the  self - defense groups in Michoacán.   Ochoa is one of the leaders of the cartel originally initiated as  fake autodefensas, calling itself H-3, he is also a partner of El Americano, and is the  brother of former professional footballer Carlos Ochoa.

The H-3 staged two 'narcobloqueos " (narco blockades) on the Buenavista-Apatzingán highway, in retaliation for the alleged disappearance three gunmen occurring on Sunday,  in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán.

Chavez Mora confirmed that "El Morisqueto" entered the community of La Ruana, in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, in a convoy of four trucks with gunmen who managed to reach the house of the autodefensa founder.

The drug trafficker, with his gunmen, went to the home of Mora, finding the autodefensas leader was not at home, but his family was. The gunmen left threats at the door of Mora.

Los Antrax and its fallen leaders

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from an El Debate article

Subject Matter: Los Antrax
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

This past 30th of October, the second in command of Los Antrax, El Sargento Phoenix, was killed with gunfire in Culiacan. This past week, a confrontation between armed civilians and the Military in Miguel Hidalgo colonia cost the lives of three people, three injured and six detained, as well as the confiscation of various weapons.

According to Military sources, those taken down were Rene N known as Sargento Phoenix or el Gato Negro: among the other El Chuy y, and a third without identification. The last two, their real names are unknown.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Information from the PGR to "Z-40" unleashed the massacres in Coahuila

Jose Vazquez, the man responsible for receiving narcotics in Dallas from Los Zetas, decided to collaborate with the US Drug Enforcement Agency and gave them the cell phone numbers from Miguel Angel Trevino Morales Z-40 , his brother Oscar Omar and other capos.

The Agency's sent the numbers to Attorney General's Office (PGR) for them to locate and arrest the brothers. However, that agency leaked confidential information to Z-40 , warning him that "someone on his organization was betraying him."

In revenge, the Trevino brothers ordered the slaughter against families of the Allende, in Piedras Negras, Monclova and other municipalities in northern Coahuila.

Jose Vazquez testified twice before the Court of Texas about what happened in the state of Coahuila. First, on April 16, 2013, in the trial of Jose Trevino Morales, brother of the Z-40 and Z-42 , and against veracruzano businessman Francisco Colorado Cessa.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Special ops team raids drug cartels in Northern California

Posted by Chuck B Almada, Republished from an ABC 30 Action News article
November 6, 2016


SAN FRANCISCO -An elite law enforcement team is battling foreign drug cartels operating in
Northern California. The cartels wreak havoc on the environment and produce pot tainted with toxic chemicals; they are not medical marijuana growers trying to do it right.

No matter what happens with the vote to legalize marijuana, law enforcement sources say the drug cartels will continue to be a serious problem. They pose threats on several fronts.

It's dawn on the Delta. The Department of Fish and Wildlife's special ops unit, and the Marijuana Enforcement Team infiltrates a Mexican drug cartel's marijuana grow.

A signal - a game warden hears someone talking and they land.

1st Game Warden says: "Nothing's going to be good."

2nd Game Warden replies: "This is good and thick swamp land."

Sunday, November 6, 2016

2015: 80 Homicides of U.S. Citizens in Mexico, 260 deaths

by Chivis for Borderland Beat
Ann Devert at the New York memorial of her son Harry.  Harry disappeared in Michoacan
in January 2014, his body was located in July 2014.  Although many U.S. deaths go largely
without much reporting in news outlets, because of Ann's advocacy his disappearance 
became news in Mexico and the U.S..  He is known as "The traveler", in Mexico   

n the year of 2015, there were 20,916,000 Americans that visited Mexico.  Another million legally reside full time in Mexico, and an estimated 1.5-2 million reside in Mexico illegally.

The total of U.S. citizens who died in Mexico in 2015 was 260.  260 represent the culmination  of all deaths, homicide, suicide drug and accidents.

The statistics below are murders of Americans in Mexico for the year of 2015.  These figures are from the United States State Department. 

The records reflect a total of 80 homicides of U.S. citizens while in Mexico.  These are homicides that differentiate from what the state department classified as “Drug Related” and other types of deaths.   

"The Engineer " Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Trafficking in the US

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat  from  Zeta Nov 6, 2016

by Carlos Alvarez

Mexican businessman Antonio Reynosa Gonzalez, 72 years old, also known as " The Engineer" , who was extradited to the US in October 2015, pled guilty  to cocaine trafficking Wednesday in Federal Court in San Diego, CA, 21 years after being accused of organizing shipments for the Sinaloa Cartel.

According to the LA Times, the now confessed drug trafficker, was also accused two decades ago of managing the first cross border tunnel found in 1993 near Otay Mesa and San Diego. "The Engineer" was extradited to the US after being arrested in Playas Tijuana.

The criminal faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for conspiracy to import cocaine and possession with intent to distribute. However, US prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of about  8 years, asking the judge to take into consideration the age, health and the acceptance of responsibility, among other factors of Antonio Reynoso.