Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brother of Candidate for Mayor of Coyuca, Guerrero Arrested, Wanted by U.S.

As reported by Proceso

The National Commission of Security (CNS) informed that Ramiro Montúfar Burgos, arrested last weekend along with five men in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, has an arrest warrant in the United States for drug trafficking.

The brother of the PRD candidate for mayor, Cuauhtémoc Montúfar, and cousin of the sub-delegate of the SEDATU (Secretary of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Growth) in Guerrero, Erit Montúfar, is noted by the federal government for his alleged nexus with a criminal gang known as "Las Moscas", led by the Ramiro brothers and Ricardo Torres, who are accused by the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) of being in charge of the collection and transfer of drugs from the Tierra Caliente region to southern United States.

The criminal gang "Las Moscas" forms part of the structure of the group of "Los Caballeros Templarios", who has under their control five of the nine municipalities of the Tierra Caliente of Guerrero: Pungarabato, Coyuca de Catalán, Zirándaro, Tlapehuala y Ajuchitlán del Progreso.

The rest of the territories are dominated by the group "La Familia", which has their bastion in Arecelia and the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, seated in San Miguel Totolapan.

In the communication emitted on Tuesday, the CNS confirmed the detention of six armed suspects in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán.

Although they did not specify the location and time of the operation, official reports consulted by Apro mentioned that the police action took place before dawn on Saturday the 27th in a cock fighting arena in the town of Tarétaro, belonging to the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, located along the highway that connect to the resort of Zihuatanejo.

During the action, the federal agents decommissioned four firearms (two rifles and two pistols), as well as 11 ammunition clips, 205 rounds of ammunition and three vehicles, two of which were armored.  They also secured 22 IOUs of "victims of extortion", eight cellphones, six packets of marijuana and six bags of a substance with characteristics similar to heroin, the official communication indicated.

The six men arrested are: Zaqueo Peñaloza Gómez, Amadeo Domínguez, Rodolfo Díaz, Isaí Iturbide, Francisco Madero Benítez and Ramiro Montúfar Burgos, who is wanted by the United States.

"Ramiro Montúfar has an arrest warrant in the United States of America for crimes against health", the bulletin of the CNS pointed out.

The detainees and the seized objects were put at the disposition of the Agent of the Ministery Public of the Federation ascribed to the Deputy Attorney Specialized in the Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO).

Yesterday, Apro made known that the an internal report of the federal government indicated that another alleged criminal known as Euclides “El Quilles” Camacho Goicoechea, brother of the former mayor of Coyuca de Catalán and current local representative of the PRD party, Elí Camacho, escaped the federal operation.  The Camacho Goicoechea brothers have been pointed out on repeated occasions for their alleged nexus with the criminal group "Los Caballeros Templarios".

Additionally, Elí Camacho has publicly declared that in his path for the municipal administration he had to pact with drug traffickers to be able to work.

The federal operation was conducted after the substitute governor, Rogelio Ortega Martínez, inaugurated the XXVI edition of the Feria del Oro in the municipal seat of Coyuca de Catalán on the morning of Friday the 26th.

Ortega Martínez was with politicians connected with drug trafficking in the Tierra Caliente Region, such as the current federal representative of the PRD party, Catalino Duarte Ortuño.

The former mayor of Zirándaro and former local representative is signaled by the federal government as a cousin of María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa, wife of the former mayor of Iguala, José Luís Abarca Velázquez,, both accused for their alleged responsibility in the massacre and disappearance of normalistas of Ayotzinapathree months ago in Iguala.

Also present at the popular festival was the now detained Ramiro Montúfar and Euclides "El Quilles" Camacho, both going about mounted on imported horses that have a market value of over a million pesos, in front of a group that interprets corridos.


  1. SCUM. Worthless friggin' scum. Family who doesn't know what other family members are into. Always denying complicity but always in contact. Worthless politicians and the criminal families they protect. SCUM, all of them. Box of bullets saves a lot especially right before they 'can' be arrested. Settle for funeral arrangements and not arrest and bookings.

  2. Came across this, the essential current and historical actuality is true, thought it was funny. Just click on the link >>>> A Mexican Ambition

    1. Is that baby la Tuta or a young EPN? jejejeje

  3. Las Moscas ? Should be Las Cucarachas. But of course, moscas son comedores de mierda.

  4. Que Carita !!!
    Mas Bandito Que La Chingada!!

  5. Happy new year to all on borderland beat.........from Ireland.

  6. Cacaroaches all, they do deserve attention, but don't lose sight of the bigger game, all the way up to pena nieto, his generals, governors and of the pyramid trophy grade nalgas!!!

  7. Gotttttttttt daaaaaaammmm if i was him i would offffff killlleeeeedddd my self long time ago..... uhly ass mother ffffffnnnnnn.

  8. Pero el bigote nunca se les cae. Hijo de don Cheto lol

  9. What is it with these majors that run with relatives with ties to criminal gangs?Im surprised this is allowed.Should have a holier than though record.Boy if this was Canada the reporters would have a field day like they did with Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto.

    1. That is how they get to their positions! with the "help" from other criminals. Sometimes the same criminals are in the same family!

      How the hell do you think they end up controling entire towns.? or sometimes entire states.? come on now

    2. That's exactly my point.Candidates with relatives with crimal ties should not be allowed to run but who writes the bylaws,let me guess guys with ties to criminals and hey maybe the criminals have never been convicted of anything their whole criminal life so would have no record thanks to widespread impunity.

    3. Exactly.. Not a space science

  10. Bunch of Savages all those "Cochos"

  11. Ese cocho le robo el bigoton a don Cheto lol


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