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Reports of new confrontation in Guachochi 10 killed

 Borderland Beat

There is confusion regarding a reported new Confrontation in Guachochi, read the following published in Proceso and translated by JLopez:

A new confrontation in the Santa Anita ejido, municipality of Guachochi, left 10 persons dead.

The confrontation took place Sunday afternoon, but the information has just been confirmed by municipal authorities.  

In one of the confrontations that took place near Santa Anita, eight people were executed, four of them incinerated.

Nearby, in another community, two other bodies were found.  Three other persons were seriously injured and were transferred to hospitals in the area.

Residents of Guachochi indicated that four incinerated pickups were also found, which has not been confirmed by official agencies.

"We are terrified, we don't know what's happening", said a person who lives in the area.

Just last Friday, in another confrontation, eleven men were killed that have not yet been identified, but several of them are tied to the Sinaloa Cartel, specifically with the Salgueiro brothers and cousins. 

State Authorities' denial
The Attorney General of the State through the Attorney South Zone categorically denies there was a violent confrontation  in the community of Santa Anita in Guachochi, Chihuahua .

They  say the only registered confrontation transpired in  Tonachi, last Friday. in which 11 were killed.

Information from State, is in conflict with that of  municipal authorities and residents via facebook.


Federal Government Investigates Iguala Mayor for Ties to Guerreros Unidos Cartel

Proceso (9-29-14) 

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez, Mayor of Iguala

MEXICO, D.F. (proceso.com.mx).- The federal government is investigating alleged ties that the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez, has with the criminal organization known as Guerreros Unidos, operating in the northern part of the state, where this Friday, several municipal police and gunmen murdered six people in separate armed attacks, among them three teaching student from Ayotzinapa, a teenage soccer player and two civilians.  

Official reports consulted by Proceso state that the wife of the PRD mayor, Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, is the sister of Alberto Pineda Villa, "El Borrado", former operator with the deceased capo Arturo Beltran Leyva, and of  Salomon Pineda, "El Molon", the current boss of a cell working for the Guerreros Unidos group.

In the criminal investigation PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/0241/2008, initiated during the administration of former president Felipe Calderon, "El Borrado" is named as the liaison between high level officials with the SIEDO -- now SEIDO -- and the Beltran Leyva cartel, "who would receive information about investigations against them in exchange for payments in excess of $450,000.00 per month," Proceso published in 2009. [SIEDO is the federal agency charged with investigating organized crime. --un vato]

Alberto Pineda Villa, who was murdered along with his brother Mario Pineda on orders of Arturo Beltran himself, was originally from the municipality of Zirandaro de los Chavez, located in the Tierra Cliente region, and was related to the current PRD Federal congressman, Catalino Duarte Ortuno, the federal reports point out.

The death of Arturo Beltran in 2009 caused a break-up in his organization, which had maintained absolute control of the Acapulco-Cuernavaca corridor under the protection of authorities in all three levels of government.

These past few years, several groups led by former Beltran Leyva operators have formed, which, through a strategy of terror, death, impunity and corruption, are now claiming space in the kingdom of the deceased capo known as "El Botas Blancas" in Guerrero.

The criminal organizations that operate in the northern part of Guerrero and the south of Morelos broke up with the gang of "Los Rojos", and this is how the group "Guerreros Unidos" came about, led by drug trafficker Mario Casarrubias and established four years ago in Iguala, federal reports state.

In conference, the national security commissioner, Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia, reported that Mario Casarrubias had been arrested in the early hours on April 29 of this year in the city of Toluca, Mexico State.

Rubido Garcia stated that the Guerreros Unidos "are linked to a criminal cell led by Salomon Pineda Villa, "El Molon", the younger brother of the wife of the PRD mayor of Iguala, who [Pineda Villa] was in prison in the federal penitentiary of Tamaulipas and released just last year.

Despite the fact that the federal government has evidence of the ties that the mayor's brothers in law have, governor Angel Aguirre Rivero and the PRD's state leadership have undertaken an all out defense of the mayor, a prosperous businessman who is a member of the New Left tribe. This despite ongoing public accusations made against Abarca Velazquez, who has been accused of murdering PRD leader Arturo Cardona and two activists in 2013.

In fact, last week the local PRI congressman Omar Jalil Flores Majul publicly denounced the atmosphere of terror that Iguala lives under, claiming that it is not safe to travel at night in that city, which is controlled by criminals.

Flores Majul's warning was evident on Friday night and early on Saturday morning when municipal police and armed civilians murdered three students from the teachers' school in Ayotzinapa while the students were trying to seize a bus. After that, the bus in which the Third Division soccer team "Avispones de Chilpancingo" was traveling was attacked, during which a teenager and the bus driver were killed.

Both attacks left left six people dead and at least 21 persons injured.

At this time, 22 Iguala municipal police officers are detained in the offices of the local prosecutor in Acapulco to determine responsibility for the massacre. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tuta needs a new studio as PJGE confiscates infamous meeting place

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
Did you ever wonder where the location was featured in the Tutateca?  Or why the government hadn't moved in on the location?

Well now they have...perhaps a little late to be of any real consequence, but the place with the square tiled floor, white Costco folding chairs, white table,  the camera, and the parade of motley characters, has been found, and confiscated. 

 Tuta will have to relocate. Which no doubt he long has.

The PGJE chief, José Martín Godoy Castro, said properties secured were in the town of Tumbiscatío:

A warehouse located on Calle Cuauhtémoc on the corner Benito Juárez, in the colonia Centro.  aka Tuta's studio.

A hotel, which is close by the warehouse.  It  served as a dormitory for members of the Caballeros Templarios, and was used for Tuta’s interview with Fox Mundo.

At both the locations authorities also found bags of marijuana.

And about 1 mile away, on Tumbiscatío-Arteaga road, a fueling station was seized, that had been forcefully taken by the Temaplarios from the rightful owners.


Abuses by the Marines in Guasave

RioDoce (9-28-2014)

By Luis Fernando Najera, translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Marines in Guasave


Ariel Carbajal Gutierrez could not find a way to stop the torture that Marine troopers were inflicting on him to force him to reveal the codewords and names of his accomplices in the Guasave Cartel. 

He had been stripped naked out in the woods and hung by his neck. He was beaten on the back, the chest, the abdomen, and on whatever undamaged part of his body they could find. His buttocks were purple with bruises.

After the physical torture, with could not tear a confession out of him, except for his cries of pain, came the mental torture. "We already killed the skinny guy. Now it's your turn."

He couldn't see anybody because his eyes were blindfolded. His head was hurting and he was about to urinate and defecate in his own pants.

The torturers wanted passwords, names, passwords and names. And he didn't have any of those things.

So, to stop the torture, he offered to give the marines a million dollars.

He told them he had hidden the money in his wife's house. He gave them the address: San Jose de las Delicias, known by the locals as Calabacillas.  

When they heard that, the marines (he assumed) went on alert, because they stopped torturing him. Calabacillas was one of their targets, because their intelligence information said this was the home of Mario Calabazas, known as the leader of gunmen working for Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, El Chapo Isidro.

It's Saturday night, June 28, and after a few hours in the hills near the Chumares ejido, Ariel, better known as "Azul", nickname that his friends on the ranch gave him because of the color of the plastic packaging on a certain double action detergent, had a few minutes of peace. They put him on a compact pickup and he only stopped swinging back and forth during a short, "technical" stop that the marines made in Bamos to stock up on water and other basic products they needed to go back up the mountain.

They began to climb and when they got to the town, he was made to point out the house. He did that. Some time passed until a marine, furious, came back and told him he had gone too far. "El Azul" didn't know this, but the marines had mobilized their helicopters and their quick response group which had for months been hunting the leader of the Guasave Cartel, Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, El Chapo Isidro.  

And in that mobilization, they broke into the home of Flora Olivia Cuevas and that of another neighbor. They asked them for the weapons and the money. They answered that they had nothing like that. They interrogated the young people, and the response was the same. They gave her a name: Ariel Carbajal Gutierrez, and she answered that he had left her and their children four years before.

That's why the marine, pissed off, had threatened El Azul with that thing about having gone too far.

That's when he figured it out; he assumed that in the mountains, he most probably would be murdered.

Time went by, and nothing. The beating stopped. He stayed awake all night. He only saw the light of day when a female doctor stripped him and searched even his butt. She certified that he was unharmed.

Next day in the afternoon, Sunday, June 29th, Ariel met with his friends Cesar Alberto Coronel Corrales and Francisco de Jesus Moya Quinonez. All of them were beat up, and now they were being held in a fresh building.

They didn't know it, but the marines reported that they had been stopped on the Los Mochis-Guasave highway, close to Las Chumares ranch. They were driving an old green Jeep. They were carrying rifles. A total of seven AK-47 rifles, grenade launchers, thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of magazines. They also had tactical equipment, including boots.

They went through a ministerial investigation and said nothing. They reserved their right to make a statement.

When they were in the Seventh District courtroom, testifying on Case No. 113/2014, the three laborers denied the accusations, but the marines insist on repeating their report. 

Witnesses contradicted the marines' version and testified that the three young men were arrested in front of the La Mision Hotel, on Guasave's south exit, while they were getting drunk. That the only pursuit involved a motorcyclist who chased the convoy that took the three young men into the hills, among other things. 

To this day, the three friends are still in prison. They are charged with carrying firearms and ammunition intended for military use exclusively, as well as criminal conspiracy.

The arrest of Ariel and his friends was never reported to the media.

The federal case is still developing the evidence.

Azul's wife never went to testify.

And in his head he still hears echoes of that million dollars that he invented to get out of being tortured. And it was that torture that brought him, four years after abandoning his wife and children, back to his motherland; Calabacillas, land of gunmen and murderers for hire, according to the official police narrative. 

And the hunt for Chapo Isidro goes on.

Guerrero PAN Party Chief assassinated

Borderland Beat posted by Spike

Braulio Zaragoza Maganda Villalba,  was in a meeting with other politicians, at  8:30 AM on Sunday morning, when three gunmen approached his table, seeing what was occurring Zaragosa jumped up from his seat and began running.  He was shot in the back by the assailants. 

He was the general secretary of  the conservative opposition National Action Party (PAN) Guerrero state.

Several politicians have been targeted by drug cartels operating in the area.

Police say an investigation is under way but no arrests have yet been made.

Mr Zaragoza, 35, died before paramedics arrived at the El Mirador Hotel, located in the tourist area of Quebrada.

He was having breakfast with two local politicians before a meeting with regional leaders from his party in Acapulco's port area.

Last week, a member of the Chamber of Deputies for the governing PRI party, Gabriel Gomez, was kidnapped south of the city of Guadalajara. 

His burnt body was found a few days later in a car in the central state of Zacatecas.
Gomez, 49, was a pediatrician who previously served as the mayor of the town of El Grullo in Jalisco state, also plagued by gang related violence. 

 chronica and reuters

The 57 students missing after the Iguala attack, are feared in the hands of organized crime

Borderland Beat posted by Pepe

 "Mondragon's face had been flayed and his eyes removed, the kind of mutilation typical of underworld killings."

The students attacked over the weekend in Iguala, a city in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, said Monday they feared that the  57 young people reported missing in the area are in the hands of an organized crime group.

The incident started on Friday night when "a group of police officers tried to cut off the buses" carrying the young people, a student at the teachers college in Ayotzinapa who witnessed the violence told Efe.

"After a struggle, the (municipal) police officers used their arms against the students, who had just finished taking up a collection to cover the expenses of the boarders at the Normal (School)," the student said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Mexico's normal schools train future primary-school instructors.

More than 20 classmates were taken away in patrol cars with the numbers 017, 018, 020, 022 and 028, the student said, adding that since then "nothing has been heard from them."

A group of armed civilians attacked the students just before midnight Friday as they held a press conference, killing two young people.

"We all ran away from there, it was very dark and all you heard were the blasts, the comrades dispersed and we have not learned of the whereabouts of at least 30 others who are still missing," the student said.

Authorities found the body the next day of Julio Cesar Mondragon, lying 500 meters (about 1,640 feet) from the scene of the second attack.

Mondragon's face had been flayed and his eyes removed, the kind of mutilation typical of underworld killings.

Three people, including a minor, were killed in another attack on Friday night targeting a bus carrying the Third-Division Avispones soccer team from Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero.
15 year old futbol player killed in team bus attack
Relatives fear that an organized crime group may be holding the missing students and called on army and police commanders to speed up the search.

Classmates and relatives have been searching for the missing students, who range in age from 18 to 25, since Saturday, contacting hospitals and the morgue in Iguala, a city located about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Chilpancingo.

The disappearance of the 58 students reported by the Ayotzinapa Normal School's Student Committee is being investigated and a search has been launched, the Guerrero state government said Sunday night.

Protests were organized Monday at the nine normal schools in Guerrero to demand the safe return of the missing students.

The demonstrators plan to demand the resignations of Gov. Angel Aguirre and Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, who are both members of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD.

Abarca told MVS radio that he was informed on Friday night of disturbances involving the students, who allegedly beat and robbed people attending an official event in Iguala's main plaza.

Security Secretary Felipe Flores was given orders to monitor the situation but "not touch anyone," Abarca told the radio station on Monday.

The mayor said he learned about "the deaths of some people" via social networks and media reports early Saturday.

Twenty-two police officers have been arrested in connection with the wave of violence, which also left 17 people wounded, the Guerrero state government said. 

Meanwhile, president Peña cancelled his scheduled trip to Guerrero, his visit was scheduled for today.
2000 Normalistas march on the capital of Guerrero
At least 2,000 normalistas-students studying to become primary school educators) their families, and teachers, marched at  noon  through the main streets in the capital of Guerrero to demand justice for the violent events recorded on 26 and 27 September in Iguala, which took a toll of:

six dead, including three normalistas
17 wounded 
and 57 missing

In mobilizing the protesters decided to march to the headquarters of the local Congress to demand a meeting with MPs. 

At the main entrance of the compound burned in effigy two figures  with the face of the governor Angel Aguirre.

When the group was ignored, they began throwing stones at windows and set afire the library building.   

SDP-Latino Fox-EFE

Was the Mayor of Aquila at a La Tuta conference against his will?.....Maybe

The latest star of Tutateca, the PRI mayor of Aquila, Juan Hernández Ramírez, may truly have met with Servando Gómez Martínez aka La Tuta against his will..

Today he sent a letter to the media, it is unknown if Agencia Esquema is one of them,  but he says the reason he met with Tuta, is that  he  threatened to "kidnap one of my sons".

"I was required to meet with Mr. Servando Gómez Martínez, that was to be held at an elementary school in the town of Tumbiscatío,  I went against my will, if I did not comply, he would kidnap one of my children. "

Hernández Ramírez says that indigenous communities Pómaro and El Coire, belonging to Aquila were with him that day.

Teachers Calvillo Ray Montes, Victor Palacios Lugardo Hector Arroyo Ramirez, Efrain Arroyo Chavez Chavez Rumuel Flores, Noah Avila Méndez and Narciso Mendez, among others, he says are  with him. 

"And they can testify what happened with Mr. Servando Gómez Martínez in this public meeting, in view of all the community."

The PRI mayor added that his administration, which ends in 2015, has had to confront new situations and nobody can blame him that he stood up for his people, and the struggle that began with the issues of the indigenous community of San Miguel Aquila and the mining company agreement  granting royalties to the nearly five hundred families in the Nahua people.

 Hernandez may be truthful in what he has said.

The meeting place was not at Tuta's man cave, it did appear to be at a school, and that there was an audience or group he is speaking to.  It was a structured meeting, Tuta is using and or taking notes.

Tuta has not provided a video that narrative is heard.  He has only provided two screenshot images.It is possible Tuta wanted to frame Hernanadez, and  assumed people would believe in Hernandez' willingness to work with him by seeing a couple of photos, because the video demonstrated otherwise.  Hernandez does not seem to be excited to be there, based on the two photos.  The video would be helpful but as it stands, Hernandez may have met with Tuta under duress.

If that truly is the case, Hernandez better move his children far away from Michoacán.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

At least 11 dead after Juarez/Sinaloa gun battle in Guachochi Chihuahua

Two opposing groups of Sinaloa (Gente Nueva) and Juarez (La Linea) cartels,  fought a fierce gun battle, lasting multiple hours,  in the city of Guachochi in the Sierra Tarahumara, leaving 11 people dead.  Although local witnesses insist there were 18 dead.

Yesterday the state attorney general confirmed that in the aftermath of the battle, 11 people were dead.

The gunfight broke out Friday night at the junction of the road to Tónachi, in an areas known as "Cerro Grande", about five kilometers from Guachochi.  Tónachi is an indigenous community, having a small population of 200 people, that is located an hour away from Creel.

In a statement, Arturo Figón  Sandoval, a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, confirmed that four of the victims were incinerated.  The confrontation occurred in the ongoing struggle for control of harvesting and drug trafficking in the area.  2 tons of marijuana were left at the scene. 

Several of the deceased subjects were wearing tactical uniforms and vests.

Some reports, and authorities initially reported, that among the dead were innocents.

At the scene the prosecution investigators,  recovered four torched vehicles, of which inside contained the 4 incinerated bodies..  The spokesman also reported that a massive amount of shells were in the area of the clash,  from various calibers including 50cal and 40mm grenade shells.

During the gunfight, several grenades were launched.   According to the report of the Attorney General, investigators discovered apx 1000  spent shells.

The main activities of the two groups in the mountainous regions are  the harvest and sale of marijuana and poppy .

Diario Cambio de Puebla reported that a CDS “leader” was killed in the action, but had no name,no details and is the only source that is reporting the death. The Puebla newspaper was  tentative in their reporting, saying “supposedly”.

update:  Pedro Salgueiro González, was killed in the confrontation.  He is the cousin of Noel Salgueiro Nevárez alias "Flaco" [above left].  This is probably the person reference to in reports.

Mural-El Diario-Facebook 

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Chivis Editorial:The apathy of Mexicans-Tutateca's new segment

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
"I have a lot of people here, those who don't work with me,....I will fuck"   La Tuta

The newest star on Tuta TV is Juan Hernández Ramirez, PRI mayor of Aquilla, Michocán.  This is a different location than the previously released videos.

Two images were sent anonymously to the press, both appeared to be screenshot images, although no video accompanied  the images.

This is the fourth Michoacán mayor featured in wither videos or images with the man most commonly known as La Tuta, whose legal name is Servando Gómez, the premier leader of Los Caballeros Templarios.  

The other mayors who starred in a Tuta production were arrested and are in prison.

Recently, a video surfaced in which  Eliseo Caballero (journalist of  Televisa) and  José Luis Díaz (owner/director) of  Agencia Esquema news agency.

The men have insisted they had no choice but to cooperate with Tuta.  They report that Tuta began the first meeting with "I have a lot of people here, those who don't work with me,....I will fuck".

I think few will doubt that he may have said that.  But the argument that they were forced, is an overplayed, stock answer.  Each person in these meetings, gained something.  It went far beyond being forced into helping Tuta, it was a business arrangement.  A governorship, a seat in state government, a Municipal presidente seat, new cameras,  a new truck, or money, etc..  Give and take.  both sides criminals.

Forced is a 12 year old migrant child, kidnapped and imprisoned into the sex trade.

Few dare being a hero in Mexico, apathy is the norm.  Problems are for others to solve.  and therein lies the main reason, the true autodefensas,  had my respect and admiration.  They were willing to die to create a better Michoacán.  Fear entraps people and alters a society.

Would it be amazing if one reporter, politician, or  mover and shaker, would set Tuta up?

In the case of the Televisa and Esquema cowards, I have zero sympathy for them.  I hope they are arrested.  Seeing them ask for cameras and a truck, was stomach-turning.

When I see these videos, I feel defeated.  I feel I have wasted a decade of my life, and a chunk of money, spinning my wheels. 

I have worked side by side with those who stink to high heaven from corruption.   I have been betrayed by good people ,who have been conditioned to think that a certain amount of cheating is acceptable.

How can they not?  They are surrounded by corruption and crime being not only the norm, but perpetrated by those in fiduciary positions of power, complicit with criminals.  This directly impacts the thinking of Mexicans , to feel little responsibility or motivation,  to fight for and protect the good not only for themselves but for others.

Apathy, the greatest cheat of Mexican society.

Largely, the indifference towards the problems and issues of others.  Taking care of oneself, "my family, my house, my life".  A protective mechanism by those who have lost hope and feel helpless to cultivate change or demand better, so an acceptance forms,denialism forms. 

I don't regret my time in Mexico.  I was naive  when I landed and set up my offices.  and I knew zero of the cartel wars.  Proof is in picking a  "hot area" location, where two shootouts occurred outside my office.  I have been cheated and betrayed, by "good" people,  one expects to be robbed by criminals not people that know you are helping others without personal gain.  I can honestly say, it is the betrayal of those who portray themselves to be honorable people, that slams in to the heart and mind the hardest.

My best work has been in indigenous areas.  I have never encountered dishonesty helping the Zapatistas, or other indigenous groups.  We are partners on projects, I provide the materials for the schools, wells, electricity, they insist on doing all of the labor.  Another area of success,  has been working on projects directly, one on one,  with medically fragile, disabled children or poor children. Parents only want good for their child, they are not interested in ripping off my foundation.  If I had it to do over, I would only have projects, one on one, and with the indigenous peoples.

There have been times I have made a huge difference in the lives of special children.  My most incredible moment was funding the first cochlear implant (in Mexico) for a 3 year old deaf/blind child (at left).  I was in the room with the parents and doctors, when the implant was activated, a magnificent, emotional  indescribable experience. It was a cherished honor to be a part of the miracle.

She is 10 today.  She is happy,has  learned braille at my center, and learned to use a cane by one of my volunteers.

A second all time favorite case, was that of Lucia, when I met her she was 9.  At that time, she was one of 45 children in the world that had progeria, is is an ultra rare disorder.   It is a escalation  aging syndrome, which a child ages 7 years or so each year of life.  It  affects them both externally, and internally, heart, lungs, severe arthritis  etc.

They lose their hair, have stunted growth, appear to be elderly.  Lucia never grew past 2 feet and 14 pounds.

I was able to have her accepted into the only place treating progeria in the world, Boston Childrens Hospital.  Oh how she loved our trips to Boston. For Lucia, not having care for so many years, it was too late.  She died at the age of 13.  She is one of 12 children I have buried in Mexico.

But she was my most special child.  She was so strong, so forgiving of the stares and the bullying.  Much more so than I.  But that is another story, for another day.

I took the foto below just before our last trip to Boston about 5 mos before her death.  her hand is in that of my assistant.  Her bones were deformed by this time and she could no longer write or walk.

Corruption and apathy.  Mexico's grand cheaters.  Not narcos.  They are opportunists, and don't hide in a shroud of  pretense, as Tuta says, he is a criminal, he never hides from saying what he is. "Teaching wasn't satisfying".

It is all the others, the press, politicians, educators, people that should protect society, but greed intervenes.

And lets be clear, it is greed, that allows Tuta to reign, not fear.  Oh sure fear is an element that cannot be denied, but it begins with greed.  Tuta did not rise to power without first tapping into mans greed. Power came later.  I am speaking in terms of those in positions that have the expectation, they will help not harm, being true to society. 

I did not plan to make this into an editorial, and to step up on my soapbox.  But these videos have hit me in the gut like nothing before.  Being aware, and visual conformation  are two entirely different animals.

If I am asked if I have compassion or forgiveness for these people. 

My answer would be ...never.

PGJE Investigates Municipal Police for 6+ killed in Iguala Guerrero

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

On my previous post I included information about the shootings in Iguala, but it was with much confusion by Pepe and myself.  I began reading reports from people on the ground, and that is where I found photos of the buses, riddled by bullet impacts.  No where previously, was the bus attacks mentioned in the media, or government.  Residents of the city were blaming the government, police and the mayor,  José Luis Abarca (at left) as being responsible for the killings.

It appears municipal police began the violence with the first attack, but later a armed commando also attacked.  

Residents and witnesses are reporting a higher number of both dead and injured.  The State is saying 6 dead and 17 injured.

Today at a press conference, Attorney General of the State, Iñaky Blanco reported that around 21:30 pm yesterday, members of the Municipal Preventive Police had an "incident" with students and teachers of  Ayotzinapa at the bus station of Iguala.

The shooting involved 3 buses.  One bus with multiple broken windows,  hurriedly fled to the  Palacio de Justicia, where occupants exited the bus. Another bus made it to a convenience store, it was riddled with AR-15 bullet impacts, On that bus 2 people had been killed.

Later around 30 minutes past midnight, people began giving their account to reporters.  They were   at the junction that leads to the municipality of Santa Teresa,  when an armed group began shooting expending hundreds of shots.  

Among the vehicles shot at was the Chilpancingo Hornets Futbol team bus, multiple deaths were within the bus.   Bullet impacts were also from AR-15s.  It was at that site the woman in a taxi was killed.

I appreciate the fact this story is so confusing.  However, that is precisely why the state has moved to investigate and that was the purpose of this post, to inform readers that an investigation has been initiated due to complaints and eye witness accounts.  

The state attorney said the investigation is focused primarily on the municipal police.  Municipal police are notorious for corruption and ties to organized crime. (all fotos are from facebook)

Hotspots in Guanajuato and Guerrero: 26 killed in 48 hours

Borderland Beat, Pepe and Chivis

Guanajuato and Guerrero border Michoacán, where CJNG has been making a power move in. 

León: There's been almost no coverage of the execution of four retailers just outside León Guanajuato early Thursday morning.

Four Leon merchants were executed and their bodies abandoned in an area of the community Mesa de la Virgin of the León-San Felipe road. They were apparently killed with the coup de grace.  Caps found near the bodies indicate the victims were murdered at the scene.  Their hands tied with shoelaces, behind the back, tee shirts were used for hoods, and they were gagged.  

All four were males, two were brothers, and all four of the men were merchants of auto parts and salvaged vehicles

Celaya: Meanwhile, in Celaya, five people were executed in various places.

Thursday night two bodies were found near the road to San José de Guanajuato, near colonia Gran Hacienda, which allegedly were executed with bullets and were not identified.

Also, in  the colonias Arboledas and  Rancho Seco  two deceased men, killed by gunshot were discovered.

in the colonia Independencia  the body of a young women was found, also with gunshot wounds. Authorities, reported she was killed by a group of armed men.
Salamanca: Another other killing was in Salamanca, an armed group attacked two people in the colonia Cuatro de Altamira , one of them is  identified as Pedro Herrera Lopez, who was a mechanic, died at the scene, while his assistant is in serious condition.

A person came to the workshop of Herrera Lopez and asked him to inspect a disabled car when he did he was captured by an armed commando.

The mechanic was accompanied by an assistant; both were tied up, blindfolded and shot at close range.

In Guerrero, eight bodies have been found since Wednesday in separate incidents. 

Ajuchitlán on Thursday five bodies were found in Ajuchitlán, Guerrero,  after an apparent shootout between civilians the night before. Ajuchitlán is in LFM territory in N.W. Guerrero (not too far from the recent Army massacre of 22 in Edomex).

The five were found at a basketball court and had signs of torture.  The confrontation was near the area the bodies were found.  Reports also indicated that there were injuries in the clash but the injured persons fled.  The deceased were young men in their 20s.

Ajuchitlán is also very close to where the body of a Catholic priest was found, with signs of torture, a couple of days ago. All signs point to extortion from LFM. 

Altamirano The body of the priest of San Miguel Totolapan, was found murdered, floating in el río Balsas, after days of being missing. The diocese confirmed it was the body of Ascension Acuña Osorio, priest of the Diocese of Ciudad Altamirano.He had been severally tortured.

Zihuatanejo: Thursday night two were killed when a commando opened fire on a group of people in a street near the center of town. 

Iguala Friday: There are reports of shootouts in several points of Iguala, leaving at least 8 dead, 20 injured and 25 arrests.

Clashed between armed groups, lasting several hours,  rendered the city a virtual ghost town.

Of the dead; an attack on a bus carrying the Hornets soccer team 3 players and a coach dead.  

3 student teachers were killed. it is unclear where at this time.  Also, a woman  traveling in a Taxi.