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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Missing Journalist in Zacatecas, Feared Kidnapped

Borderland Beat

One Week Missing:

The Parents of Zoila Edith Chiu, who disappeared last Saturday in Zacatecas, indicated that the president said would redouble efforts to locate his daughter. 

"There is no report, no evidence or witnesses in the case, the problem is that many days have passed and no answer," he said.

They explained that the street where she lives is made up of businesses, so it was considered that in that area possibly there could be witnesses, however they regretted that neither has there been witnesses or evidence of it.

The parents of the journalist  Zoila Edith Márquez Chiu, originally from Zacatecas and who disappeared on Saturday December 7, when she went to return a video to a store, reported the commitment of President Enrique Peña Nieto to redouble efforts to locate his daughter.
Secretary of Human Rights, Lia Limon Garcia brought the matter of the missing Zacatecas journalist to EPN's attention, asking for help from the journalist's parents. in Mexico City through a statement, the family reported that after seeking the help of Peña Nieto, they were called and attended meeting at the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry). The family was informed that "the government of Mexico and specifically President Enrique Peña Nieto, is committed not only to redouble efforts, resources and specialized in kidnapping staff but to locate and return expeditiously our beloved daughter. "

It was also reported that the governor of Zacatecas , Miguel Alonso Reyes, in a coordinated with the Interior Ministry,Federal Police, the Attorney General of the Republic to locate the whereabouts of the reporter.
Task Force to find Zoila Edith Márquez Chiu:  Zacatecas, the state government announced a Local Coordination Group has joined forces devoted unanimously to solving the disappearance of journalist Zoila Marquez Chiu and even, the staff of the Federal Police of eight entities of the republic is available to search for the young journalist/mother of two..

Information on the work of this panel came about in a statement after Ivan Pastor, husband of journalist, revealed that there was only an investigation by the authorities in terms of finding his journalist wife. He even said that he received pressure by the ministerial police trying to frame him.

This task force, which met Thursday night,  emphasizes that state and federal authorities are consolidating actions to find Marquez Chiu. The first meeting was made possible with resources from Rodolfo Saab Automobile, Regional Coordinator West Federal Police (PF), who offered the support staff of eight institutions free of charge charge to join the search for Zoila Marquez Chiu.  This was reported by Arturo Nahle García, General Attorney of Justice the state, who said that so far all the information has the support from family and friends since knowledge of the disappearance is all that has been addressed.  Meanwhile, Jorge Alberto Pinto Perez, executive secretary of the State System of Public Security revealed that already did a search on the surveillance cameras of the state capital. 

Sergio Martínez Escamilla (PGR) and Héctor Sánchez Moreno, Commissioner of PF in Zacatecas affirmed they have offered all the technical support available for this investigation

Original Story-Missing Journalist
MEXICO CITY - Organizations of defenders of freedom of expression warned about the disappearance of the reporter for Agency TV Hotline (, Zoila Edith Márquez Chiu, whose whereabouts are unknown since Saturday December 7.

Article 19 and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reported in separate statements of the disappearance of Márquez Chiu, who was last seen midday on Saturday the 7 in zacatecana capital. 

The organizations demanded local authorities,and eventually federal authorities take into account the practice of journalism as the line of investigation.
Article 19 called for the intervention of the Special Prosecutor for  (FEADLE) the Investigating of Crimes against Freedom of Expression, which depends on the Attorney General's Office (PGR), while RSF noted that the Zoila Edith case should be added to the Sergio Landa Rosado of Diario Cardel, whom nothing is known about him since January 22, and Gerardo Blanquet, of Radio Grande of Coahuila, whose whereabouts remain unknown since April 30.

RSF, an organization based in Paris, France, said that in the past 10 years, 18 journalists remain missing, one woman María Esther Aguilar Cansimbe, of Diario Cambio de Michoacan, disappeared on November 11, 2009.

"None of these cases have been solved, in which, by their nature, could involve corrupt police officers," said RSF.

“We hope enough resources will be deployed to find Márquez safe and sound as soon as possible,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The authorities must respond to her family’s appeal. There is so far no proof that she has been kidnapped but the police should investigate the possibility that her disappearance is linked to her work.”

"Even thought there is no direct indication that it is a kidnapping, December 7 being the last time the journalist was witnessed driving her car, RSF called for appropriate actions be undertaken by the authorities "as soon as possible to find the reporter safe and sound "an appropriate investigation is one that takes into account the professional activity of Márquez Chiu as an online investigator.."

Article 19, based in London, England, explained Zoila Edith was acting as a reporter and was the also the editor of Hotline, providing area coverage of general information and surveys of citizens. One  of the last topics she covered was the student strike at the Normal School of Zacatecas.

Lineainformativa, director Omar Hernández Herrera, gave the information that prior to her disappearance, the journalist, had not received any threats or in an incident that would jeopardize her integrity, a situation that also has occurred with the local media.

"The journalist had been working the weekend before her disappearance on a report on the conflict in the mining town of Loreto, explained her boss,Omar Hernandez."  He does not believe that the fact has to do with the type of information that was assigned to Zoila Edith.

According to information gathered by Article 19, the last person who had contact with Zoila Edith Márquez Chiu, was with her husband, Ivan Pastor,  a broadcast employee at television NTR Zacatecas. Ivan Pastor is also the brother of the local PRI deputy Pastor Héctor Alvarado.

Article 19 called Zacatecas state authorities, as well as the FEADLE and PGR to investigate the disappearance of journalist Zoila Edith Márquez, and not to discard it as part of her work," the organization said in its statement.

Recalling that the disappearance "effects the fundamental rights of individuals, including economic and social issues" Article 19 urged authorities to "take all measures necessary protection and investigation in this case."

Details (Cont.)

According to La Jornada online, four people took Chiu Marquez on Saturday afternoon, as she drove her vehicle-a silver Pointer plates ZHL 9684 - by Ave San Marcos, apparently bound for a video rental store to to deliver a rented movie.

Witnesses reported to the newspaper that two men and two women in a black SUV Ecosport blocked the journalist's way at the intersection Minera and Las Palmas in the capital of the state, and forced her into the vehicle, after which it fled in an unknown direction.

The Zacatecas prosecutor, Arturo Nahle García  confirmed the unfortunate disappearance of the journalist. He is concerned but has dismissed it as a kidnapping because her family has not received calls for any ransom. He did reject the version of an armed group blocking her car.

The prosecutor told local media Zoila's husband reported her missing to the States Attorney, so  investigations are being carried out.

Family, friends and colleagues of the mother of two young children have mobilized social networks to spread the word with signs photographs, asking for support from the authorities for her search and localization.

Through Twitter and Facebook have reproduced photographs of the journalist and the vehicle she was driving at the time of her disappearance.

The latest word is Mexican authorities have launched a joint operation involving police, police prosecutors and members of the Army to search for journalist  Zoila Edith Chiu. The search was ordered by the governor of Zacatecas Miguel Alonso Reyes.The surrounding states of Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Coahuila and Durango were alerted as well.

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    1. Boy, this does not sound very good. But just cause there isn't a ransom note doesn't mean she wasn't kidnapped. Good solid job on this post BB reportero Havana.

      1. We know all Zacatecas is a dump, what else is there to report???

    2. She also was a film maker, pretty well known and respected. I hope by some miracle they are able to find her. Just tell the police to let her go.

    3. Such tragedy in father came to the U.S. years ago and I could always remember him singing Mexico lindo. that song still gives me goose bumps when I hear it, it reminds me of how much he loves Mexico and how proud he was to be from there. I wonder if now he still feels the same as then now. as for me being an American I feel for the people of Mexico and what's going on over there does affect me. congrats to all of you fighting the good fight over there. hopefully enough people will stand up and fight and win this fight over evil and restore the love, courage, and pride in Mexico lindo

    4. She looks like a nice journalist. I hope they release her soon. I guess I'd surely prefer her kidnapped than anything else. Well, I prefer that she is free, happy and having fun with her husband and two kids.

    5. this seems like an appropriate time to remind the reporters here at BB - there are certain extra precautions you should take to avoid this type of frightening outcome. I'm sure you are take basic precautions - but sometimes these are not enough, especially when you are covering stories that could arouse anger amongst criminals. there are better steps - but these need to be discussed privately. I hope very much that this journalist Zoila Edith Marquez Chiu is found alive. The loss of so many reporters in Mexico in recent years is deeply troubling. P, CA

    6. Uruguay became the first country to legalize the growing, sale and smoking of marijuana on Tuesday, a pioneering social experiment that will be closely watched by other nations debating drug liberalization.

      1. 7:15 so much for a dream come true,now the farmers are going to become millionaires...N O T !
        as for the reporters,their Jobs demand sacrifices,one of them is to keep their face off the media,at least until the business of exposing all of the lords crooks,big and small is done,the governor and Mahler,will not fix anything in the stare of zacatecas,Amalia la pedorrista Garcia left the state broke, bankrupt,and deeply in debt,a la moreira,before her,Ricardo monreal Avila did the same thing as a pedorrista governor,as a priista municipal mayor,as a pedorrista federal Senator, now as a pt federal congressman,he and his brothers have been stealing even the toilet paper,while selling the state to the zetas,when Amalia came in,the zetas were already there,the new governor has to sell the state to all comers now,to Make it worth his while,if the people suffer,that is THEIR problem,of course.
        Still no legislation in progress about the death penalty,at least for the murdering sicarios,the legislators are too busy taking the money from selling pemex and approving all the necessary legislation that will say the deal is done and permanent, and legal,and that if the people lose,that is their just desserts por pendejos...
        noroña,aal ataque,reexpropriation,no indemnization,no recognition of any debt, and the "privatizers"that get caught,to the cerro de Las Cruces,where maximiliano de habsburgo met his firing squad...
        I don't think the transnationals'guardias blancas are going of much use again,even if they are ex gaffes,ex police,or ex sicarios that have been training for exactly that kind of job,Mexico better brace up for the pinochetazo-halconazo that is sure to come...

    7. This abduction is just one of many that go on daily in Zacatecas... if you dont know ask somebody from Zaca. They will tell you the horror stories that will never make the papers. .. Frkn sad

      1. The sicarios have been warned to stay out of the main cities,but it's like "hey I paid,shut the fuck up"and the popoliticians say "si siñor patruncito,lo que uste quera, lo que uste mande su merce,si siñor"
        The Mexican police of old, without computers,radios or the mierda accords always knew what was up,of course they were corrupt and took kickbacks, but had more order and control.
        This all points bloody fingers at all the high level of people of quality and very corrupt...

    8. They better work hard on tracking her down. This is just despicable and shameful.

    9. Prayers for this young reporter and others mentioned missing .
      Add this reporter to the list .

      Journalism still prevailed even during the turbulent years of 1910-1920


    10. Superior, important post, Havana. Gracias!

    11. That dog has a HUGE face, cara de puerco.

      1. Spain's biggest pimp,cabeza de marrano/youtube

      2. @12:30am

        wow thanks

      3. 7:31 someone paying attention,thanks Santa! Yer welcome...

    12. Breaks my heart to say this, but she's screwed, if she's okay, I pray she's released without further harm, but knowing these filthy animals...

    13. I'm praying for this young correspondent that she makes it back home. I feel sad. I hate hearing she has two small children.
      So tragic.

    14. Thanks for the info. It is good to spread the word.

    15. What a sad, heartbreaking story. Such a talented and beautiful journalist. Please God, let her be o.k.

    16. Terrible, just terrible. Mexico is truly the Devil's playground.

    17. Fuck man that's some bullshit. Let her go you sorry ass pieces of shit. Fucking cartels; that's all they did was open the floodgates for bastards who kidnap extort and rob people to have a fucking field day. And with that joke of a fucking government there's no end in sight.

    18. I know Mexico has its problems, but we need to go and visit friends and family. Mexico still a wonderful place and great people

    19. Wish I had the power to bring her back to her family. There should be a big outcry over this but as usual just a ripple and no justice - just criminal acts and impunity. What is left out of the equation is JUSTICE!

    20. Frustrating to see this happening again and again-you all, I think- all you guys should always proceed with caution.

    21. The constitunional garrantees and the protection of the law are reserved for proven assassins like the Salinas de gortaris,their narco-sicarios,their priista brethren, not for the people,ever!

    22. Anonymous @ 8:30 AM writes that "Zacatecas is a dump." Zacatecas is a beautiful city with an overwhelming majority of good and kind people. Perhaps Anonymous has never visited, which could explain the ignorance.

    23. December 11, 2013 at 1:52 PM Oh yes it is / was .... with sounds of gunfire all night . You running some kind of tourist agency or something?
      Your years too late . This Anonymous has visited Zac but because of the violence will not return . International Intervention WILL arrive. I guess you do not live in Mexico like a regular struggling Mexican for dollars /euros a day. Ken & Barbie are waiting for you in the Zocalo coffee shop. Dream on mofo

      Still don't get it after all the blood sweat and tears and missing journalist people still have the ignorance to post comments like the one


    24. Hey @ December 11, 2013 at 1:52 PM ..... google violencia Zacatecas , Cuerpos, There exist plenty of bad people in Zacatecas . Duh, a journalist is missing . When a person vacations there its different than living there. There are many good hearted , helpless people throughout Mexico. However, the truth is the truth and it must be exposed to the world.

      Firmado y Sellado : Roughrider 1898

    25. what doesn't seem to make sense in the case of Zoila Edith is why she was taken? why? it doesn't look as though she was working on anything that affected narco's. maybe this disappearance is not narco-related ... could be a regular crime and she was victim of rape/murder. never enough facts.

      1. This happened in Zacatecas.. not New York or Miami. Find out whats happening in Fresnillo to young girls. They get picked up by a cartel, interrogated(tortured) then killed. The citizens are in the middle of a cartel war in that state.

    26. I never understood why these guys target reporters when their own people's mouth's are flapping so much that everyone knows who they are anyway, and in most instances these guys have pages on media pages, what brains takes I don't know, but in the end it's not reporters who are doing them in, it's their own people who don't mind singing at the drop of a hat. The writing is on the wall anyway, I've always said when you target the ordinary man you are going to tern someone who normally lives and let's live into a dire enemy, and as most unpopular governments have found if the population hates you, you will go and it's only a matter of time. Groups in Mexico are finding out they have pushed people to a point to where they are willing to give their own lives to stop them, there are more ordinary people then those in any organization and that's why they never should have gotten so arrogant.

    27. "Find out whats happening in Fresnillo to young girls. They get picked up by a cartel, interrogated(tortured) then killed. The citizens are in the middle of a cartel war in that state."

      I suspect there is much more going on that just interrogation and torture. There is some kind if very sick exploitation happening - a for-profit activity. Maybe blood-porn being sold on internet blackmarket. This is not just random, and it needs to be stopped cold. P, CA

    28. Has Broly found her yet??

    29. I like that update-can you believe the task force is paid sponsored that is the only way they could get the police to look for her. Really, tell me, how pathetic is that?

    30. still no word on this girl. it's not looking good.
      Que Dios ayude a las almas de los narcos ... porque cuando llegan al Día del Juicio será una pesadilla.

    31. very good follow-up on this story Javana. but pay attention to your emails. you make the same mistake as many young people ... you assume that if you know what's on the internet then you are a smart person. that's wrong. the important stuff is never there. the commitment to improve yourself has to come from within - work harder on your own safety.hacer un voto con uno mismo -

      Javana - very good follow-up on this story. it is a touching one. but at the same time ... aprender una lección muy importante aquí. asegúrese de que usted no tiene resultados como Zoila Edith. aprender a ser más inteligente, mucho más inteligente. por lo que su vida como jounralist estará a salvo.. best wishes, P, CA

    32. El dia de jehova is coming,and All bad people.who hurt others Will be killed and None of them will escape.the creator of the universe is going to strike soon.
      The victims will be resurected with no memory of their pain,while their murderers will never exist again.these bastards will be forgotton and peace will return to the earth under the Christ.


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