Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in Cancun

The Christmas season in the beach resort area of Cancun is open season in the deadly hunt by organized crime groups against rivals. Two main groups operate in Cancun; Los Zetas and a late arrival known as Los Pelones.

There are also reports that La Familia Michoacana has made inroads into Cancun and they may now control the drug trade in the tourist resort area of the city.

The tourist areas facing the Caribbean are safe for visitors but the same cannot be said for the mainland city where the low wage tourist industry workers live, and a high crime rate persists.

The latest victim of cartel warfare was Domingo Jiménez Pérez, 34 years old, and originally from the state of Chiapas.

Jimenez's decapitated body was found Thursday night in the interior of a taxi that had been carjacked earlier that afternoon. The head was also in the taxi's interior.

A narco message was placed next to the body that included a drawing of a christmas tree and read:

“Esto le va a pasar a toda la gente del Mosco, Enrique Salinas Espino alias El Papaya, Homero Figueroa Meza alias El Tripa, El Burro y todos los que lo ayudan. Feliz Navidad, Jo, Jo, Jo”

This will happen to all the people of el Mosco; Enrique Salinas Espino, El Papaya; Homero Figueroa Meza, El Tripa; El Burro and all those that help them.
Merry Christmas, jo jo jo

The Quintana Roo media did not mention a signature on the message.

El Mosco has been identified as Dámasso Antonio Lanché Avila, a bulk used clothes salesman that has been linked to Los Pelones and is said to be a cell leader of that group.

El Mosco survived an attempt on his life last month and may have been seriously injured.

Two other men were executed in Cancun last week . They were identified as Alfredo Arciga Paniagua and José Diego Morán Favila, both used car salesmen.

Their bodies were found inside a vehicle that was abandoned behind a private school in Cancun. Both had died from gunshot wounds and may have been executed by the same killers as Thursday's homicide.

The men's relatives stated that both victims were killed by Los Zetas for being unable to pay an extortion "cuota".

Another explanation for the killing is that both men may be linked to Los Pelones and El Mosco.

The Christmas themed message found in the vehicle read:

“Por extorsionadores y por ratas. Feliz Navidad Jo Jo Jo Jo”.

For being extortionists and rats. Merry Christmas Jo Jo Jo



  1. For those who don't know spanish; “ratas/rats” when used in mexican slang it means thieves not snitches like it does in english. Just thought thought I'd put it out there.

  2. As long as these folks are Narco's that's fine with me.

    Keep em' comin.

  3. Cancun!!!Dam is there any city or town safe in Mexico????? Wut about Bahia de Banderas??? IS THE VIOPLENCE GOING ON DOWN THERE 2??? -FEEDBACK IF YALL HAVE ANY, NO HATERS THOU....@ H-TOWN @

  4. I would like to decorate my xmas tress with the heads of these worthless sicarios, keep them coming, I can't wait till the U.S. military takes out every damn dope pusher in Mexico. Let's not forget how influencial Pablo Escobar was in Colombia in the 80's. Where is here now???

  5. December 11, 2011 11:17 AM ,
    LOL the U.S. Military?
    why not deploy them in alabammy and let them take out its inbred toothless meth users,
    that would be a wonderful start.

  6. Do you know how Escobar was taken down? By the ruthless killings perpetrated by Los Pepes who later became the paramilitary AUC - they killed everyone connected to Escobar until the point was reached that no one dared even talk to him. Exactly what has to be done with the Zetas - ruthless extermination - kill them, kill their families, kill their dogs!

  7. Many people are naive to what goes on behind the scenes in Cancun. Every one is connected to the Z there bus drivers, cab drivers, hotel staff, bar tenders, ect. I'm Mexican and go to cancun every year and stay away from the "centro" at all times following the advice of a cab driver who was very truthfull with us a couple years back. He told us that they all worked for los Z and that no one was authorized to rob, extort, or cause any mayhem in the zona hotelera. Once you step out that zone they can do whatever they want to you and with me being Mexican I probably would be killed.

  8. im tired of mother fuckers talking about the U.S. military on this shit will one of you explain how they will do it? its a war against the drug cartels not the Mexican gov vs American gov they cannot go into mexico and use air support to blow up city blocks because one narco lives on the street. in all honesty a police swat team would probably fight better against cartels because it would be door to door combat. I got news for all Americans who say that u.s. military will soon go to mexico do u really think your gov wants to stop the cartels from bringing in drugs?... no if they did why dont they have rug test for welfare its just like if they really wanted to stop dui's why dont they breathalyzer people on the way out of bars? because they want the money from the charges. oh and im an american too i do not support cartels but i do not have my head up my ass like most of u and think my country can do no wrong no matter what we do or say or that we can always better a situation by getting involved in other nations problems! remember only god is perfect the usa is a great place but we have more blood on our hands than any other country some in the name of good and some bad ask your self who does your gov really work for? u or themselves?

  9. The cartel fight is Mexican. Experts say that seven years is the magic number when organized crime fills the power vacuum. It took 7 years for the Capone syndicate to burn itself out. It took 7 years for Russia to gain control over the Mafia there. It took 7 years to take down Escobar when Colombia took him on.

    That gives 3 or 4 more years of this shit til the Mexican gvt regains control.

    Many people in the USA want the US government ( AKA we the people) weakened. This is foolish because a weak central government is what gives rise to this shit.

    Mexico has a weak central government which causes a power vacuum that is filled by criminals. Historically this ALWAYS happens when a central government is weakened. The resulting power vacuum is always filled by Organized crime. I am amazed by the ignorance of many of my fellow Americans.

  10. To answer the question if any town in Mexico is safe, NO its not. I have inlaws in Tamaulipas Mx and havent been able to go see them for 2 yrs because its not safe for american nor mexicans anymore. While I was down there a kids pizza place (like chuckie cheese) got shot up with kids in it. They have Mexican soldiers everywhere to help protect but they are just as dirty. No where is safe and seriously on a weekly basis our town gets shot up. There were 3 shoot outs this week and the bombed the pharmacy. And its all over territory, they dont want people in there part on the state and its ridiculous, the sad part is they destroy innocent people, hard workers, and people wanting to better their lives and kidknapp them and make them their slaves whether they do it or not eventually they die. No one and No where is safe in Mexico anymore!! And theres Not a damn thing that anyone can or will do about it!

  11. Is Puerta Vallarta still safe?

  12. On the 2nd pic ppl do really crap there pants when they die !!! Lmao !!!

  13. I'm planning a trip to CABO in July of 2012. Is that place safe?

  14. Regarding Cabo:

    About 3 weeks ago, a bunch of people including tourists were trapped in a shopping mall for several hours because there was a gunfight in the parking lot.

    Apparently this was in the tourist district.

    I would say the majority of times you can visit certain parts of Mexico and have a wonderful, uneventful time. However, if the shit hits the fan, it is totally not worth it!

  15. @H TOWN: look bro, I had to leave to Mexico for a year and a half a couple of months ago and can tell you that Cholula, Puebla is a safe place, it is a student town basically because of the Universidad de las Americas that they attend (I went to that school durring my time there) and I am originally from michoacan so I traveled frequently and got to know pther places as well, from my point of view, if you want to be completely safe then I suggest living in a pueblo and not a city, in a pueblo people can tell you who and whko to stay away from whereas a city you have to constantly watch your back, either way, its like moving into any new place, its new at first but eventually you know your way around and can pretty much detect a good person from a bad one. hope this helps man, let me know if you want to know anything else


  17. @December 12, 2011 3:54 AM

    You will not laugh when you'll get your moment of understanding that this is the end. Pretty sure you'd shit yourshelf too in that guys position, you stupid arrogant fuck.

    It's common to shit or pee in your pants when you're suffocated or hanged. Or scared of the true death.

    It's easy to laugh behind the keyboard.

  18. I can't believe what I am reading. Nowhere is safe in Mexico? Do you live there? I do, and travel all over. This is NEWS, don't think that because you see it here it's everywhere. If you live here, as I do in Cabo, you just can't believe what is out there in the media and how people believe what they see in the news is the face of a destination. To whoever asked about the incident here....SO blown out of proportion. Mexico haters will say what they want. Don't deny yourself a beautiful experinece because someone posted a gross bloody scary face. It won't happen to you, you won't see it, you won't here about it here. And I bet if you were in CUN, they only way you would have known about this guy is if you picked up a paper and read it. Maybe not even then.


  20. @all with questions of safety: sorry i was a bit upset posting from my bberry. Is anywhere/everywhere in the world safe? You can make yourself unsafe in your own back yard.

    If you don't get drunk and go down dark alleys, do drugs, sell drugs, etc. you are as safe in 2/3 of Mexico as anywhere else in the world that is considered "safe". Not talking Middle east.

    I don't hide in my house. I have lived here for 18 years and my last trip to mainland was last weekend for a gymnastics competition with a busload of moms and kids. CSL - GDL - SLP and the last part via 7 hrs in a bus. We had an amazing trip. I saw military convoys and we got pulled over and searched but none of it was scary or out of line.

    18 years living hear in cabo and the first thing i have heard about an incident was the plaza sendero "shooting". look at earlier post "cabo heats up" for the final truth on that. it was no big deal and it was forgotten quickly. in a city this size, in the 18 years I've been here and this is the ONE incident that made news?

    One word: COMPTON

    Don't be afraid to travel and don't think that what you see published in the news is all there is to's a little tiny perspective of what really exists and you owe it to yourself to realize you are being spoon-fed and deserve to be able to explore all opinions, even the ones that aren't in the news.

  21. I have now lived in Mexicali baja California for 6 months, and I feel very safe here. I have not had any problems here nor have I seen any violence. I am sure that does happen, but I have not seen any.

  22. Puerto Vallarta is still safe

  23. I agree with some of the posters, I travel all over Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta 3 4 times a year, never had a problem, they do exsist!! if you go out looking for drugs,get drunk off ur ass and start trouble you will find it quick.
    Just like any city in the US they have their hands full with crime and drugs, the appitite for drugs in our country is incredible, that is called supply and demand, can blame Mexico only
    there is tons of money to be made, and our own citizen are fueling it, a little weed doesn't hurt anyone right, so we say. Look at the drug problem now, 10 years ago it was small and under control of a few cartels, now everyone is in line to be the next drug boss, just need a few guns and big huevos, u start ur own group.
    sad but true.
    all about Money.....

  24. just legallize marijane here in the united state and the drug cartel can do nothing no money flowing so they will have to find a new country to sell to


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