Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Mexican Drug Gangs Take War to the Streets

Saturday, October 29, 2011 |

Residents in the towns of Huejucar, Florencia and Bolanas are getting caught up in the crossfire.

By: Aljazeera

Rival Mexican drug cartel groups are taking their turf wars to the streets of northern Mexico.

Residents in the towns of Huejucar, Florencia and Bolanas are getting caught up in the crossfire during street battles between the Zetas and Sinolas gangs.

Adam Raney reports from Jalisco.

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6 Borderland Beat Comments:

Capo said...

This video claims that Los Zeta's control all of Mexico's eastern shore states. Claiming as much territory as the Federacion to the west. If this is accurate, this means that the Gulf Cartel is pretty much obsolete. A powerful cartel just a few years back, now belittled to the scraps of Los Zeta's. They are dealing with a whole different monster in La Federacion. Expect alot more barbarism in the next year! Who will reign supreme?

Anonymous said...

Yes,the battle has begun,we are here.

Anonymous said...

Didnt borderlandbeat call this one already????

Looks like Zetas are already moving in to Guadalajara.

Anonymous said...

How sad narco terrorism has taken over Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I think this video is not accurate, also I think the Zetas are running out of people.

Anonymous said...

its a shame that we are in this situation, I don't know how someone could be proud of this narco culture. I feel more anger than sadness and I think the people shouldn't take this anymore I rather die on my feet than to live on my knees. In my humble opinion I think we should free our people revolutionarily and violence won't kill violence unles is inspired by true feelings of love. Someone give me a more complex opinion on the idea of a revolutionary attack against organized crime.

att. M.N.

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